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  • Horseman Tik Maynard on Loving Strong Women

    Horseman Tik Maynard on Loving Strong Women

    We’re celebrating moms this weekend. Thank you to¬†eventer, trainer, horseman, and author of IN THE MIDDLE ARE THE HORSEMEN Tik Maynard for this original essay.   Mum My mother walks into the bank, where she has banked since she was six years old. She waits in line, shuffling her feet. She studies the patrons, alert […]

  • TSB Wouldn’t Exist without These Amazing Moms

    TSB Wouldn’t Exist without These Amazing Moms

    It is difficult to avoid sounding platitudinal when praising moms in honor of Mother’s Day. But in a time when our very survival—as healthy individuals, as equestrians, as teachers, coaches, competitors…as a business—is being tested, it only seems fair to acknowledge how support and sacrifice for one person ultimately impacts many. Here, four of our […]

  • The Horselife: Moms Who Made All the Difference

    In his book HOW GOOD RIDERS GET GOOD, author Denny Emerson details the success stories of 23 top riders. And it is perhaps no surprise that when asked to name some of the reasons they “got good,” many of these equestrians listed “Mom” way up near the top. “My mom was my first teacher,” says […]

  • Be Like Black Beauty: Never Forget Your Mother’s Advice

      We never forget our mothers’ advice… Thank you to all the mothers out there who read us horse stories, held ponies in the dust, heat, chill, and rain, and still remind us to lift our feet up when we trot. Happy Mother’s Day from Trafalgar Square Books. http://www.HorseandRiderBooks.com Photo of mare and foal by […]