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A watercolor of the view from the hill overlooking Trafalgar Square Farm, by David Walser.

Small Business, Privately Owned

HorseandRiderBooks.com is the storefront for Trafalgar Square Books of North Pomfret, Vermont—a small, privately-owned publisher of fine equestrian books and DVDs, craft books, and selected other titles. Trafalgar Square’s owners, Caroline and Ted Robbins, moved to a farm in North Pomfret—a rural community of around 200 residents, nestled in the hills surrounding the better-known (and larger) town of Woodstock—in the early 1970s, and established the Trafalgar Square offices and warehousing facilities in part of the farmhouse and the barns on the property. The publishing company still thrives, along with horses and Scottish Highland cattle, on the farm today.


Horse Books by Horse People

Trafalgar Square published its first horse book in 1985. That book was Centered Riding by Sally Swift—a book that helped start an organization and revolutionized how to learn to ride and teach others to ride. Caroline and Ted had received lessons from Sally on their farm, so Caroline—who had spent many years prior in the publishing worlds of London and New York—was the natural choice to help bring Sally’s book to life.

Horses are still an integral part of Trafalgar Square Farm. They graze in the fields outside the office windows, and they are housed in stalls in the walk-in lower level below the offices. In addition, all others involved with creating the horse books and DVDs are still or have been involved with horses. They are owners, trainers, pleasure riders, and competitors. They’ve driven horses, jumped them, and ridden in Western, hunt seat, dressage, and saddle seat saddles. They’ve owned Morgans, Minis, Thoroughbreds, Hanoverians, Lusitanos, Appaloosas, and Quarter Horses, to name just a few.


Top Authors, Great Teachers

When you buy books and DVDs from HorseandRiderBooks.com, you buy from the source. You can trust that we believe in what we publish, and we sell what we feel is top-quality equestrian education. We take great pride in our string of motivated, talented authors. These individuals are the movers, shakers, and hard-working professionals—riders, trainers, behaviorists, vets, practitioners, therapists, farriers, and sometimes, just ordinary horse-lovers—who inspire us to include horses as part of our own life and who teach us how to be better friends, caregivers, and educators when interacting with them.

Although rich in history and one that has stood the test of time, the horse-and-rider relationship is constantly challenged by our lack of common language, by our instinctual differences, and by the sources that serve to motivate human beings—money, prizes, and fame, for example. Goals and desire are in general positive characteristics, but when taken in concert with the care and training of another living being—in this case, the beautiful and complex horse—we must be constantly aware of the impact of our choices upon him. It is our belief that the Trafalgar Square authors remind us of this responsibility and provide us the tools we need to “reach for the stars” while keeping our feet planted firmly in a grassy field! With their help, we can ride better; teach our horses to perform better; feed them and house them more in accordance to their needs; care for them when they fall ill and help them recover from injury; and above all, treat them in a fair and just manner, as they deserve.


We’re Honored to Serve You…and the Horse

It is our honor at Trafalgar Square Books to serve the horse industry to the best of our ability, and to provide horse lovers the world over with beautiful, highly illustrated, well-written books and engaging DVDs to supplement their growth and development as horsemen and women. We hope our books and DVDs help you in your pursuit of a joyful life with horses.



  1. martha cook · February 10, 2010

    Looking good.

  2. enlightenedhorsemanship · February 19, 2010

    Excellent that you now have a blog! I’m looking forward to reading your posts. I will link to you. Would very much appreciate a link back, if you have decided to link to other like-minded bloggers.

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  4. Melinda Field · September 12, 2013

    Hello! I have written a novel about horsewomen titled TRUE you can peruse my reviews on Amazon and goodreads and visit my site melindafield.com…can I advertise on your wonderful page or do you review books..

    • horseandriderbooks.com · September 12, 2013

      Hi Melinda,
      Congratulations on writing a novel! I’m afraid that as a book publisher, Trafalgar Square Books only sells books and DVDs that it originates or for which it has an exclusive distribution deal. We wish you the best of luck in your venture and hope you continue to enjoy the writing process.

  5. aHorseForElinor · April 25, 2016

    Enjoying your posts! Looking forward to read, and learn, more!

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