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  • Thoughts on Horses, the Miraculous, and the Divine

      From DRESSAGE WITH MIND, BODY & SOUL by Linda Tellington-Jones with Rebecca M. Didier Miracles surround us, on a large and small scale. It is on a personal level that we ascertain whether an occurrence qualifies as miraculous. My life has been full of what I consider miracles—from the simple unexpected to the extraordinary. […]

  • Become Part of a Dressage Revolution

    Introducing a dressage book like no other. TSB is thrilled to announce the release of DRESSAGE WITH MIND, BODY & SOUL, the unique and thought-provoking new book from internationally recognized trainer and animal behaviorist Linda Tellington-Jones (books ship February 5, 2013). Today, we are faced with numerous challenges as we try to train, ride, and […]