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  • Horseman Tik Maynard on Loving Strong Women

    Horseman Tik Maynard on Loving Strong Women

    We’re celebrating moms this weekend. Thank you to eventer, trainer, horseman, and author of IN THE MIDDLE ARE THE HORSEMEN Tik Maynard for this original essay.   Mum My mother walks into the bank, where she has banked since she was six years old. She waits in line, shuffling her feet. She studies the patrons, alert […]

  • Busting the Myth of the Perfect “Rider’s Body”

    MYTH: “If you don’t have a ‘rider’s body,’ you’ll never ride well, no matter what you do.” TRUTH: Regardless of how you’re built, riding well takes work and dedication. This is one of the big myths Melinda Folse, author of the bestselling SMART WOMAN’S GUIDE TO MIDLIFE HORSES, makes sure she busts well and good […]

  • Is Barbie Built to Ride?

      It’s no secret that if the traditional Barbie doll was a real woman, she would be 5’9” and weigh 120 pounds, with approximate measurements of 38″-18″-34″. The average woman’s measurements, on the other hand, are about 41″-34″-43″. In the US, most little girls grow up with more than one Barbie doll, and again, it […]

  • Is There Such a Thing as the “Perfect Riding Body”?

    I remember the first time I read the description of the ideal body for riding horses—it said something about long legs and a short waist, and may have specified “slender”—and how I immediately analyzed my own physical attributes to determine whether or not I qualified as perfectly formed for my chosen pursuit. I failed in […]

  • “Instead” Horsemanship

      QUICK! Take this short quiz: 1  Do you often hear yourself saying: “My best riding years are behind me,” or “I missed my chance to ride with so-and-so,” or “My life led me away from horses”? 2  When it comes to horses and riding, do you define yourself more by what you aren’t anymore, […]