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Teskey's Saddle Shop is internationally known for its incredible selection of Western saddles and equipment.

Teskey’s Saddle Shop is internationally known for its incredible selection of Western saddles and equipment.

We got to Teskey’s just past the eight o’clock hour…the doors were open but the parking lot had yet to be filled with customers. And yes, it is all everyone promised it would be: more Western saddles in more colors, shapes, styles, and patterns than I’ve ever seen under one roof. Not to mention the boot section! It was definitely good shopping. And, Melinda Folse, author of the bestselling THE SMART WOMAN’S GUIDE TO MIDLIFE HORSES met up with us for a farewell coffee and chat about her NEXT BOOK!! Stay tuned to find out what that might be…

Teskey’s had a really terrific book and DVD section, with a really nice selection of titles on different subjects, from riding, training, and competing, to cooking, history, and Western lifestyle. We’d like to give a shout-out to a such a great store with friendly staff and an interest in selling educational books to those who love horses and live the Western life. We hope we get to visit again really soon!

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From there, it was a flat-out race to the airport (because who can leave a tack shop at the exact time planned??) We dodged downtown construction and GPS pitfalls just agilely enough to make our flight, so now here we are, in West Palm Beach, Florida. Tomorrow, we’re headed to the Palm Beach Dressage Derby and we’ll be sure to share photos and news from the event.

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Here at TSB, we are great fans of Dr. Joyce Harman’s books and DVDs on English and Western saddle-fit. We feel that more conscientious attention to saddle fitting by all riders, regardless of riding level or discipline, would ensure happier, healthier, better performing horses the world over.

So we are especially thrilled to see the new review of Dr. Harman’s first book THE HORSE’S PAIN-FREE BACK AND SADDLE-FIT BOOK in the September 2012 issue of Horse Journal. Check out this excerpt from the review:

“Some books are classics that should be on every rider’s book shelf. This book is one of them…Like George Morris’s classic Hunter Seat Equitation for hunter/jumper riders, Dr. Harman’s book is the Bible for saddle fit.”

You can read the entire review in the September 2012 issue of Horse Journal, and you can order THE HORSE’S PAIN-FREE BACK AND SADDLE-FIT BOOK, as well as Dr. Harman’s other saddle-fitting book and DVDs, at the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.

CLICK HERE to check out all of Dr. Harman’s saddle-fitting books and DVDs from http://www.HorseandRiderBooks.com.

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