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  • Bestselling Equestrian DVDs Now Streaming!

    Bestselling Equestrian DVDs Now Streaming!

    The way we watch our favorite television shows and movies is changing—we want access to the programming we love where and when it works in our busy lives. Nothing could be truer for the active horseperson: Whether we want to illustrate a point for a student on our smartphones, cue up a training video on […]

  • TSB Wants to Meet YOU! Come See Us at Equine Affaire MA!

    TSB Wants to Meet YOU! Come See Us at Equine Affaire MA!

    That’s right…it’s that time of year again. We’re loading the books and DVDs in the horse trailer (yes, literally) and getting ready to head south on Interstate 91 for four days of horse-centric fun at Equine Affaire in West Springfield, Massachusetts. From Thursday November 9 through Sunday November 12, 2017, the Eastern States Exposition is […]

  • Use This Easy Test to See if Your Knees Are Inhibiting Your Horse’s Forward Movement

    Use This Easy Test to See if Your Knees Are Inhibiting Your Horse’s Forward Movement

    Did you know your knees can obstruct your horse’s ability to go forward? It’s weird to think about—but true! Your seat bones and feet  play a role, as well, but they are secondary to the knees. You can use this easy test with an exercise ball to identify bad habits that may explain why your […]

  • The Booty Happy Test: Does Your Backside Smile or Frown in the Saddle?

    Popular clinician and biomechanics expert Wendy Murdoch has a way with words…and body parts. In 40 5-MINUTE JUMPING FIXES, the second book in her bestselling 5-Minute Fixes Series, she talks booty happiness—that is, the “Smiley Butt” vs. “Frowny Butt” phenomenon. “There is an anatomical limit as to how much space the rider’s seat can offer […]

  • “Toning” Your Calves for Better Leg Aids

    A few of us might picture a buff blonde in a bathing suit when we see the words “toned calves”…but don’t worry, this particular post is about riding better—not about muscle development! You can “give greater strength or firmness” to any muscle, momentarily, to change the way it feels, works, and impacts your movement (or lack of […]

  • 2015 Equitana Featuring More than 10 TSB Authors—See Who Will Be There!

    Equitana 2015 in Essen, Germany, is just around the corner! Join more than 10 TSB authors March 14-22 for a spectacular event, combining education and entertainment in an exciting European setting. TSB authors presenting and exhibiting at this year’s Equitana include: Uta Graf: See her new DVD FINE RIDING as well as the JOY OF […]

  • With This Ring Finger, I Thee Ride Better

    In her book 40 5-MINUTE JUMPING FIXES, expert riding instructor Wendy Murdoch explains the “Ring Finger Connection” when you hold the reins while riding. According to Murdoch, when you hold the reins and activate your thumb and index finger, there is a pinching action. This action causes the front of your body to flex forward; […]

  • TSB’s 2014 Horse Books & DVDs: A Quick Glimpse Back Before We Ride Forward

      As we wrap another year in the Trafalgar Square Books offices here in Vermont, it feels good to pause and look back at the results of our hard work, as well as ponder the things we learned about horses and horsemanship over the last 12 months. We take great pride in our authors and […]

  • 5 Reasons to Visit the TSB Booth #846/847 at the 2014 Equine Affaire in MA

      The 50th Annual Equine Affaire in West Springfield, Massachusetts, is just around the corner! Make sure you make time to visit the Eastern States Exposition Grounds November 13-16, 2014, for four days of superior equestrian education (not to mention all the fantastic pre-holiday shopping). The staff at Trafalgar Square Books will be on-site with […]

  • Soften Your Jaw to Improve Your Rein Contact

    I’m a tooth grinder, a jaw clencher, a cheek-chewer—my masseters are where anxiety and pressure get together and wrestle, while frustration punches the walls of my mouth in the background. I know I can blame my afternoon headaches on this tension lollapalooza going on right below my brain, but it never occurred to me my horse might […]