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Are you ready to live YOUR dream? A three-day women's retreat--with horses!--could be just what you need to start Your Life: Part Two.

TSB author Melinda Folse says that just about the time we blow out that midlife birthday candle, a little classic questioning begins:

What about all those things I always thought I would get to do “someday”?

Is it my turn yet? Is it “someday” now?

If not now, when? And if now, how?

Melinda, author of THE SMART WOMAN’S GUIDE TO MIDLIFE HORSES, says that at midlife, “someday” is ours to name, and whatever old dreams that may have gathered dust on the back shelves of busy lives need only a breath of fresh clarity to find new and meaningful expression. With this in mind, and with the knowledge that horses can provide the link from the “here and now” to what’s just around the bend, as well as provide a healthy base from which friendship and kinship can blossom, Melinda has organized a fabulous new three-day women’s retreat at the luxurious Wildcatter Ranch Resort and Spa in Graham, Texas. This long weekend, April 13 thru the 15, offers a special opportunity to pull those dusty dreams of yours off the shelf and take another look. It will help spur new decisions to bring the unbridled joy of living your dream, whatever it may be, in what you’ll come to think of as Your Life: Part Two.

Make plans now to join a limited number of women invited to a pivotal weekend of renewing, reconnecting with, and revitalizing your goals for continued self-growth and limitless self-confidence. The Dust Off Your Dreams Retreat features a series of mini workshops, including:

Building self-awareness, confidence, and courage through equine-assisted learning (no horse experience required!)

Gaining clarity and direction through guided journaling, meditation, and centering exercises.

Increasing body awareness, strength, and flexibility through Pilates.

Improving your relationships in business and with friends and family through horses.

This life-changing weekend at the fabulous Wildcatter Ranch Resort and Spa will bring:

Clarity regarding which dreams are really yours, and which dreams you really want to pursue.

Confidence to remove the obstacles that keep getting in the way.

Concrete action steps to shape your first steps to making your dream come true.

Courage to declare that “someday” has finally arrived in your life.

Space is limited and the deadline to register is coming up! Visit www.dustoffyourdreamsretreats.com for more information on the retreat and to register.

And order your copy of Melinda’s bestselling book THE SMART WOMAN’S GUIDE TO MIDLIFE HORSES at the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.


“There’s a reason why guests fly in from Britain and the Netherlands to holiday at Wildcatter Ranch, 90 miles northwest of Fort Worth: It’s a cowboy-hat-wearing, yee-haw-worthy adventure. With 35 horses and more than 20 miles of trails, riding is the choice activity, though skeet shooting, spa treatments and A.T.V. trips — with stops for canoeing and archery — can also be scheduled. ‘And I’m not opposed to free help in the barn,’ Jay Brewer, the barn manager and a former bullfighter, said with a laugh. Horseback rides take guests through the property’s 1,500 acres, where riders spot armadillos and turkeys. Guests retire to cabins with tasteful Western décor, kick off muddy boots on the back porch and sink into rocking chairs to watch the sunset. Tip: The Buffalo and the Butterfield Stage cabins are the best rooms to book for log-framed or converted wagon beds.”


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Sales of e-readers were predicted to be astronomical this holiday season. TSB (HorseandRiderBooks.com) plans to make its bestselling list of equestrian books available in Kindle and epub formats.

Forecasters predicted that this would be the biggest Christmas ever for e-book readers under the tree. If Santa brought you one of the many reading devices now available and you’re wondering what your first e-book downloads should be, put a horse book at the top of your list!

Trafalgar Square Books, leading publisher of horse-related books and DVDs, is going digital. With a focus still on high quality, full-color print books, TSB can’t ignore the industry and social trends that tell us more and more people are reading books digitally. We want our authors—the top riders, trainers, and horse care experts in the world—and their tips, techniques, and ground-breaking methods to be available to a broad-range of equestrians, anywhere in the world.

TSB‘s backlist of bestselling horse books numbers in the hundreds, so we will be making titles available via e-book formats gradually, as we can. Currently, the following three books are available in Kindle and epub formats:


LESSONS WELL LEARNED by Clinton Anderson


Kindle and epub formats of these three top-sellers can be purchased on Amazon.com and eBooks.com.

Sign up to follow our blog (see link on right side of page), where new titles are announced and where we’ll keep you notified as to which of our books can be downloaded onto your new e-reader. More titles coming soon!

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TSB author Melinda Folse delves into the four “F Words” of Midlife Horsemanship—Fun, Friendship, Fitness, and Fulfillment—in her bestselling book THE SMART WOMAN’S GUIDE TO MIDLIFE HORSES (available in print, Kindle, and ePub formats). Melinda’s book is the ultimate source of self-help for the dreamer who always wanted a horse but never had a chance to have one, or the grown-up-girl who used to ride but gave it up for career and family….only to find herself back in the saddle once the kids go to college.

Now, you can hear a little bit from Melinda and other midlife horsewomen about why they’ve made horses part of their focus now that their Life, Part Two, has begun. Check out these short videos highlighting the four “F Words” of Midlife Horsemanship—what is it YOU’RE looking for?

Get your copy of THE SMART WOMAN’S GUIDE TO MIDLIFE HORSES from the TSB online bookstore where shipping in the US is always FREE, and where you can get 15% off your entire order now through the holidays!





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With Thanksgiving over, many of us have entered the fun-filled season dedicated to holiday shopping…and what wasn’t purchased on Black Friday can always be bought on Cyber Monday!

Still not sure what to get the horsey friend or family member when you’re on a budget? Here are five SUPER books for five different kinds of horsemen or women, and all for less than $30.

1  For the grownup girl who always wanted a horse, but maybe never got one….


Funny, smart, self-help with a shot of reality, a dash of dreams, and a whole lotta horse.

2  For the ambitious young rider with big-time competitive dreams…


Whatever the discipline, whatever the finances, here’s the how-to for going somewhere both in riding, and in life.

3  For the Western rider with a passion for fun, family, and the rush of roping…

TEAM ROPING 101 by Kayla Starnes, endorsed by the USTRC

All you need to know about the exciting, big-money sport of team roping—how to get started, and get good.

4  For the philosopher-in-the-saddle, the dressage aficionado, the classicist…

MEDITATIONS FOR TWO by Dominique Barbier and Keron Psillas

Beautiful, poignant, poetic, and deep—a book to ponder and move you.

5  For the son, daughter, grandchild, niece, or nephew…

TEX by Dorie McCullough Lawson

A beautiful children’s picture book about hard work, the American West, and sleep! (See a short video HERE) Through January 1, 2012, 10% of all online sales of TEX from HorseandRiderBooks.com will go to the Pajama Program—join us in our efforts to give warm pajamas and good books to the children who need them most! Read about TSB’s donation HERE.

These books, and many more, can be found at the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE, and where you can get 15% your order all this week by entering the coupon code THANKS15 at checkout.

Offer ends 12-2-11 and cannot be combined with other offers.

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THE SMART WOMAN'S GUIDE TO MIDLIFE HORSES by Melinda Folse is featured in the Nov/Dec 2011 issue of COWGIRL MAGAZINE.

Don’t miss the FAB issue of COWGIRL MAGAZINE out now! November/December 2011 features an excerpt from THE SMART WOMAN’S GUIDE TO MIDLIFE HORSES by Melinda Folse, the hot book for every woman who put horses and riding aside for family and career…until now. You’ve seen the features in EQUUS, HORSE&RIDER and AMERICA’S HORSE–take a look at COWGIRL. You’ll get a real idea of what this book is all about…no kidding, it’s about YOU, and making your (dusty) dreams come true (FINALLY).

And don’t forget to stop by the Trafalgar Square Books booth at Equine Affaire Massachusetts this coming week! We’ll be at the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, Massachusetts, November 10 through the 13, 2011. Come find us at stand #843-844 in the Better Living Center, where we’ll have great books by great authors, special appearances and signings, giveaways, and sales!

See you there!

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According to my October issue of Boston Magazine, horses are HOT in home design. “Equine imagery appeals to the untamed beast in all of us,” says the monthly mag.

The October issue of Boston Magazine says horses are HOT right now.

So how can you cash in on the equestrian trend without spending a lotta dough?

You can add just the right touch of “horseyness” to your abode, while keeping your checking account intact, with an equine-themed book or two, prominently positioned on an end table, coffee table, or bookshelf. And here are five affordable options that will help you say different things about your equestrian interests while melding in easily with your current decor:


Have you seen the cover of this book? Who doesn’t want a cute guy in tight pants riding a team of white horses through their living room? (See our earlier post comparing Lorenzo to Brad Pitt HERE.) The pictures inside this book are stunning, and the story of this French stunt rider is biographical in nature, and certain to interest the most casual reader, as well as the studied horseman.


Poems, prose, and “deep thoughts” about the relationship between man (or woman) and horse, beautifully accented by the stunning photography. This book perfectly walks the line between dramatic coffee-table book and philosophical fireside reading.

3  TEX

A kid’s picture book, yes, but charming as all get-out. Full of authentic photographs of the American West, and the boot-stomping explorations of one very serious little cowboy, this book says, “I like children. I like cowboys. I love our country and the great outdoors.” The cover will grab you–or whoever it is passing through your apartment.


Okay, so if you’re 24 this might not be the choice for you. But any older than that, and especially if you’re one of those grown-up-girls who used to be a horse-crazy little girl…but never quite got the horse….this is the self-help, make time, make-it-happen, you-can-do-it guide to one day seeing your horse dreams become reality. Even if it can’t be right now, this book will help you plan for when it can. And, it is a far more intriguing choice for the end table than the usual diet-relationship-money-making bestseller-list fare.


Didn’t you know, everyone’s talking about this book! Denny Emerson lays it all out for you with the character traits he knows make the difference between being a “wannabe” and a “gonnabe.” Yeah, all the examples are horse-specific, and success stories are for the most part those of top riders, but the really cool thing about this book is that Denny’s advice translates seamlessly to the rest of your life. Trust me. I read it. And I reevaluated a whole lotta “stuff” after I did, which led to changes that I believe will bring me success. FYI, I don’t own a horse right now, so we’re talking general application here.

Don’t miss out on the equestrian fad–it’s too fun to be part of it, and horses are too fascinating to not take a closer look, even for a little while.

You can find all of the books mentioned above at the Trafalgar Square Books online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.

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TSB author Melinda Folse’s new hit book THE SMART WOMAN’S GUIDE TO MIDLIFE HORSES made an appearance at the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame Induction Luncheon on Wednesday, October 26, 2011, where it was specially featured as an attendee gift on one of the guest tables. Since TSB’s own Sandy Collier–author of REINING ESSENTIALS–was one of the 2011 Hall of Fame inductees (for a complete list, see our earlier post about the event HERE), we were thrilled to be present in “book spirit.”

THE SMART WOMAN’S GUIDE TO MIDLIFE HORSES, your key to living those horsey dreams you’ve always had (with a little helpful advice and guidance) is available now at the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.

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