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  • Saying Goodbye to the Horse You Love

    Saying Goodbye to the Horse You Love

    When you truly love someone, it isn’t just about holding on. It is also about letting go. This Valentine’s Day remember those who are no longer part of your life, as well as those who now fill it. Be thankful for the time you’ve had with every human, horse, dog, cat, or other being that […]

  • TSB’s Top 5 Ways You Know You’ve Truly Connected with Your Horse

      We all crave “connection” with our horses—you know, that special “something” that made The Black follow Alec Ramsay off the island and swim out to the ship that would “rescue” them both from the lonely beach that had borne their friendship. Perhaps you spend hours trailing your horse around his pasture. Maybe at night […]

  • Learning to “Read” Your Horse with Liberty Trainer Frederic Pignon

    “I think Frédéric Pignon and [his wife] Magali Delgado have done a tremendous amount for equestrian sport in a way everyone can appreciate. The liberty work Frédéric does is just incredible. It really does take the beauty of the horse to everyone,” said Hilda Gurney, American dressage pioneer, Olympian, trainer, and judge after seeing the hit […]

  • Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado, Authors of GALLOP TO FREEDOM, Star in New Show MAGNIFICO

    Beginning this August, Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado, the authors of the best-selling book GALLOP TO FREEDOM and the former stars of the hit North American show CAVALIA, have become the Equestrian Directors of an extraordinary new show in Germany–MAGNIFICO. As in the past, Frederic and Magali are lending their considerable creative and training/riding talents […]