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  • Busting the Myth of the Perfect “Rider’s Body”

    MYTH: “If you don’t have a ‘rider’s body,’ you’ll never ride well, no matter what you do.” TRUTH: Regardless of how you’re built, riding well takes work and dedication. This is one of the big myths Melinda Folse, author of the bestselling SMART WOMAN’S GUIDE TO MIDLIFE HORSES, makes sure she busts well and good […]

  • Making Time for Horses in Life…When There’s NEVER Enough Time

    A decade ago, if we were asked to name the single universal hurdle that most people must clear in order to have horses in their life, we might have said, “Money.” I think that is changing. Make no mistake, riding horses, buying horses, and caring for horses is still an expensive hobby/habit/obsession/passion…but these days, I find […]

  • For All You Midlife Horsewomen: TSB Author Melinda Folse Starts a New Online Community Devoted to YOU!

    Forget the term “midlife crisis” and all the worn, over-used (and often guy-centric) cliches that go along with it (fast cars, fast women, fast food)…we’re talking Midlife Horses. Women today are particularly prone to midlife crises. Many of us reach middle age completely exhausted (working mom syndrome). Time for ourselves has plunged to a mere 54 minutes […]