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Teskey's Saddle Shop is internationally known for its incredible selection of Western saddles and equipment.

Teskey’s Saddle Shop is internationally known for its incredible selection of Western saddles and equipment.

We got to Teskey’s just past the eight o’clock hour…the doors were open but the parking lot had yet to be filled with customers. And yes, it is all everyone promised it would be: more Western saddles in more colors, shapes, styles, and patterns than I’ve ever seen under one roof. Not to mention the boot section! It was definitely good shopping. And, Melinda Folse, author of the bestselling THE SMART WOMAN’S GUIDE TO MIDLIFE HORSES met up with us for a farewell coffee and chat about her NEXT BOOK!! Stay tuned to find out what that might be…

Teskey’s had a really terrific book and DVD section, with a really nice selection of titles on different subjects, from riding, training, and competing, to cooking, history, and Western lifestyle. We’d like to give a shout-out to a such a great store with friendly staff and an interest in selling educational books to those who love horses and live the Western life. We hope we get to visit again really soon!

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From there, it was a flat-out race to the airport (because who can leave a tack shop at the exact time planned??) We dodged downtown construction and GPS pitfalls just agilely enough to make our flight, so now here we are, in West Palm Beach, Florida. Tomorrow, we’re headed to the Palm Beach Dressage Derby and we’ll be sure to share photos and news from the event.

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The July 2012 issue of Horse&Rider Magazine features a great article by Debbie Moors called “The Well-Read Rider.” Debbie names 30 books and DVDs that can help improve your relationship with your horse and your performance in the saddle, with specific choices that pertain to specific levels of horsemanship as well as specific competitive and recreational interests. Be sure to check out the new issue of Horse&Rider for the complete list of Debbie’s recommendations.

TSB is proud to have NINE titles named to the Top 30 list! Check it out:


DRESSAGE 101 by Jane Savoie

RIDING LOGIC by Wilhelm Museler

CLINTON ANDERSON’S DOWNUNDER HORSEMANSHIP by Clinton Anderson with Ami Hendrickson


BOMBPROOF YOUR HORSE by Sgt. Rick Pelicano with Lauren Tjaden

REINING ESSENTIALS by Sandy Collier with Jennifer Forsberg Meyer

TEAM ROPING 101 by Kayla Starnes, Endorsed by the USTRC

Congratulations to all our authors! You can order TSB books and DVDs from the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.

BLOG BONUS!! Enter the coupon code TSBBLOG15 at checkout and get 15% off your entire order!

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TSB author Sean Patrick will be a guest on “Horse Talk Live” on Rural TV June 8, 2012. The show will air at 3 pm and again at 9 pm EST.

Each weekday, “Horse Talk Live” host Lizzie Iversen spends an hour with featured guests from all areas of the equine industry, taking live calls from viewers at home. Each episode of “Horse Talk Live” highlights something new and excited in the world of horses and covers both English and Western disciplines, as well as all breeds and specialty interests.

Sean began his career as a high-country guide in the west Chilcotin Region of British Columbia, Canada. There he guided international clientele into the rugged mountains of the Pacific Coastal Range for weeklong pack excursions, led fly anglers on the Chilko River and Lake, and escorted big game hunters into the alpine on horseback.

Sean completed his degree at Trent University in Peterborough, Canada, as well as his Horseshoeing Certificate from Oklahoma Horseshoeing School in Purcell. He furthered his studies by training with John Lyons in Parachute, Colorado, where he met his wife, Alisha.

Sean and Alisha now run a horse training business focusing on performance training, colt starting, and horsemanship instruction (www.seanpatricktraining.com), and Sean is a Senior Contributor for Trail Blazer Magazine. His bestselling book THE MODERN HORSEMAN’S COUNTDOWN TO BROKE has garnered rave reviews and been called “a true masterpiece in the world of horse training.” Due to high demand, he released a companion 4-DVD set by the same name to allow readers to follow along as he takes one of his own horses through the 33-step Countdown.

You can order your copy of THE MODERN HORSEMAN’S COUNTDOWN TO BROKE BOOK or 4-DVD set at the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.

And don’t miss Sean on “Horse Talk Live” on June 8!


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Sean Patrick, author of the bestselling book and 4-disk DVD set entitled THE MODERN HORSEMAN’S COUNTDOWN TO BROKE, offers great clinics all year long in his sunny New Smyrna, Florida, facility. Who doesn’t think Florida sounds good at the end of January?

Sean spent over a decade as a high-country guide and packer, and now focuses on performance horse training, colt starting, working with challenging horses, horsemanship instruction, and writing. His book is praised as “superbly organized” and “one of the best books for starting horses that is currently on the market,” and the four DVDs featuring progressive lessons are the perfect complement, allowing you to follow along in “real time” as Sean works with one of his own horses through his 33-step Countdown.

Both Sean’s book and DVD set are available from the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.

Check out what’s ahead at Pioneer Trail Reserve:

February 11, 2012: One-day clinic—Sack out saturday!  $84

February 18, 2012: One-day clinic—Control points  $84

March 2-4, 2012: Three-day riding clinic—General horsemanship  $300

March 11-16, 2012: Five-day riding clinic—General horsemanship $500

March 24, 2012: One-day clinic—Groundwork  $84

April 14, 2012: One-day clinic—Stopping & backing  $84

April 28, 2012: One-day clinic—Relaxation & rhythm  $84

May 12, 2012: One-day clinic—Hip engagement  $84

May 25-27, 2012: Three-day riding clinic—General horsemanship  $300

June 8-10, 2012: Three-day ground clinic—Groundwork  $300

June 23, 2012: One-day clinic—Sack out saturday!  $84

For more information about Sean and his Florida clinic schedule, or to schedule a clinic in your area, visit Sean’s website at http://www.seanpatricktraining.com (see link in our Recommended Links on right side of page).

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TSB is still taking online orders and shipping for Christmas. All orders made before midnight on December 18 will ship for FREE with delivery by Christmas. There is no guarantee on orders placed after the 18th unless arrangements are made for expedited shipping—call to confirm expedited shipping costs and arrival dates toll free at 800.423.4525.

TSB is accepting holiday orders through December 21st. Orders placed after the 21st will not arrive in time for Christmas.

AND we’re offering 15% off your order now through the holidays! Don’t miss this opportunity to save money on a great gift!

Our Top 5 TSB Gift Recommendations are:


You may not know this, but Trafalgar Square Books published a fabulous photographic field guide for New England and it just won the National Outdoor Book Award for best new nature guide! It is IN STOCK and will SHIP IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS from our website. CLICK HERE TO ORDER NATURALLY CURIOUS NOW.

2  TEX by Dorie McCullough Lawson

This wonderful illustrated children’s book uses ranch life and the splendor of the American West as a backdrop for a bedtime book that instills work ethic and the value of animals as companions. Click HERE to listen to the interview with author Dorie McCullough Lawson on the Horse Radio Network. TSB is donating 10% of all online sales of TEX through January 1 to the Pajama Program, which provides books and warm jammies to children in need. CLICK HERE TO ORDER A SIGNED COPY OF TEX NOW.

3  RIDER & HORSE BACK TO BACK by Susanne von Dietze

Susanne just presented at the USDF Symposium in San Diego, California, where her new book (and the new DVD by the same name) were a huge hit. A great purchase for the dressage rider in your life. CLICK HERE TO ORDER RIDER & HORSE BACK TO BACK NOW.

4  HOW GOOD RIDERS GET GOOD by Denny Emerson

There is no other book like this for the aspiring equestrian competitor, whatever their chosen discipline. This is a no-nonsense, self-empowering guide to navigating the horse industry and succeeding. Click HERE to check out Denny’s blog and what some of the top names in the world of horses are saying about his blog. CLICK HERE TO ORDER HOW GOOD RIDERS GET GOOD NOW.


Sean’s book by the same name is a bestseller, with readers and reviewers claiming it teaches training fundamentals like no book out there. Here, Sean has taken his winning “Countdown” and demonstrated the 33 steps in live action—the perfect complement to the book or a wonderful way to aid the visual learner in his or her pursuit of better horse-and-handler communication. CLICK HERE TO ORDER THE COUNTDOWN TO BROKE 4-DISK DVD SET NOW.

For more gift recommendations, checkout our holiday shopping lists HERE.

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TSB author and clinican Sean Patrick has one of the best book and DVD sets available for those who REALLY want to train their own horse.

Author and clinician Sean Patrick and I have a sort of running contest going…who can take cuter pictures of their kids? His daughter, Madilyn, was born not so many months after my son, so I guess we can reassure each other that parenthood is indeed the only thing better than horses!

Sean & Alisha Patrick's daughter, Madilyn--she wins the blue ribbon for cuteness this month!

Sean tells me he and his wife Alicia will have a shiny new website up and running soon (keep an eye on http://www.seanpatricktraining.com) and he’s also posted his upcoming clinic schedule for 2011 and on into 2012. If you are anywhere near the New Smyrna Beach, Florida, area, plan to stop by for one of Sean’s clinics, or maybe just to meet him and his family.


One-Day Clinic $84

July 9, 2011 – Sack Out Saturday!

July 16, 2011 – Round Pen Reasoning

July 30, 2011 – Transitions

August 13, 2011 – Round Pen Reasoning

August 20, 2011 – Quality of Movement

September 17, 2011 – Round Pen Reasoning

October 1, 2011 – Early Hip Movements

October 15, 2011 – Early Shoulder Movements

October 29, 2011 – Gentling & Halter Breaking

November 5, 2011 – Teaching Forward

December 10, 2011 – Speed Control

December 27, 2011 – Focus & Timing

December 29, 2011 – Round Pen Reasoning

January 7, 2012 – Round Pen Reasoning

February 11, 2012 – Sack Out Saturday!

February 18, 2012 – Control Points

March 24, 2012 – Round Pen Reasoning

April 14, 2012 – Stopping & Backing

April 28, 2012 – Relaxation & Rhythm

May 12, 2012 – Hip Engagement

June 23, 2012 – Sack Out Saturday!

3-Day Riding Clinic $300

September 2, 3 & 4, 2011

March 2, 3 & 4, 2012

May 25, 26 & 27

3-Day Ground Clinic $300

June 8, 9 & 10, 2012

5-Day Riding Clinic $500

October 9-14, 2011

March 11-16, 2012

6-Day Colt-Starting Clinic $600

January 9-14, 2012

January 16-21, 2012

Sean’s book and DVD set THE MODERN HORSEMAN’S COUNTDOWN TO BROKE continues to garner great acclaim as some of the best, most thorough teachings available for the do-it-yourselfer who just wants to do right by his or her horse, while at the same time getting the best horse possible. Both the book and DVD set are available at the TSB bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.

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This month TSB talked to Sean Patrick, author of THE MODERN HORSEMAN’S COUNTDOWN TO BROKE BOOK and the new companion DVD SET about his idea of the perfect meal, and what his 18-month-old daughter thinks of horses.

TSB: You have an 18-month-old daughter. Does she like horses? Has she been in the saddle yet?

SP: Madilyn loves spending time with the horses.  While Dad is a bit more reluctant, Mom takes her riding often.

TSB: What are your personal goals for 2011?

SP: I want to spend more time on better horses.

TSB author Sean Patrick.

TSB: If you were trapped on a desert island with a horse and a book, what breed of horse would it be and which book would you choose?

SP: I would choose a 15.1-hand, chocolate-colored, easy-going, cow-bred, Quarter Horse gelding.  I would read Living Alone and Loving It by Barbara Feldon.

TSB: What’s in your refrigerator at all times?

SP: Half-and-half.  Coffee without it is wrong.

TSB: What is your idea of perfect happiness?

SP: When a horse stays between your hands and legs.

Sean riding Belle without a bridle.

TSB: Tell us about the first time you remember sitting on a horse.

SP: Behind my childhood home was a large park where the local annual fair was held.  I “borrowed” 50 pennies out of Dad’s missionary jar and ordered one pony ride around the pen.  I’ve since repented for the “borrowing” and repaid that debt.

TSB: Tell us about the first time you remember falling off a horse.

SP: I was just a kid and sitting backward on an un-haltered broodmare.  After tolerating my antics for a few minutes, she simply launched me into the air.  She never took a step.

TSB: What is the quality you most like in a friend?

SP: I admire and befriend gracious people.

TSB: What is the quality you most like in a horse?

SP: A horse that naturally looks for the answer without protest.

TSB: If you could do one thing on horseback that you haven’t yet done, what would it be?

SP: Ride the range with Buck Brannaman.

TSB: What is your idea of the perfect meal?

SP: I’ve had it!  We were late getting into camp.  It had been a long day climbing in the mountains with new horses.  It was well below freezing with the wind carrying a few flakes.  Everyone was spent.  But, by the time those grilled pork chops were served, it was heaven.  I’ll never forget that day.

TSB: What is your idea of the perfect vacation?

SP: A big mountain with a lot of snow and a chairlift to the top.

TSB: If you could have a conversation with one famous person, alive or dead, who would it be?

SP: Winston Churchill.

TSB: What is your motto?

SP: Ask more questions than you answer.

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