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Lynn Palm—2007 American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) Horsewoman of the Year and the Women’s Athletic Association Female Equestrian of the Year, with over 34 AQHA World and Reserve World Championships to her name—has announced what will be featured on the new season of her HRTV® show. HRTV, the “Network for Horse Sports,” regularly features Lynn’s show “Palm Training,” which promises upcoming episodes that include two series: Successfully Traveling with Horses and the Trail Ability Training Series, focusing on natural obstacles both in hand and under saddle.

By popular demand, Lynn’s upcoming shows will feature Unforgettable Rugged Lark, AQHA Hall of Fame inductee, and his owner/breeder and AQHA Hall of Fame member, Carol Harris. “Palm Training” airs on HRTV Dish 404 Tuesday evenings, with additional airings throughout the week and on demand at HRTVlive.com.Visit HRTV on the web, or Lynn’s website (see our links on the right-hand side of the page) for information.

Lynn’s new book THE RIDER’S GUIDE TO REAL COLLECTION is a masterful mix of down-to-earth instruction and legitimate exercises to attain collection with any horse—and especially stock-type horses, whose conformation can often make reaching the goal of collection more of a challenge.

THE RIDER’S GUIDE TO REAL COLLECTION is available from the TSB bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.

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World famous trainer Lynn Palm on What About Lark

Sand flying. The sound of approaching surf almost drowning the muffled staccato of hooves-on-beach. Bareback and bridleless, your hands buried in your horse’s mane, sun on your skin and wind in your hair–who HASN’T indulged in this riding fantasy?

Although your geographic location may indeed identify surf and beach as purely fantastic, a bridleless romp on horseback that is all about fun and freedom and not at all about hold-on-and-pray-for-your-dear-life is completely within the realm of reality. It all comes down to a little from you (that is, your body control and balance) and a whole lot from that thousand-plus-pound horse of yours (his body control and balance).

World famous horse trainer Lynn Palm (winner of 34 World and Reserve World Championships, and four “Superhorse” titles, among others) maintains that “collection” is the key to getting your horse to be light, balanced, and willing, and ready to take on any riding challenge with you on board. This isn’t just about a headset–this is about changing your horse’s way of going incrementally, and through TOTALLY doable exercises.

Too many of us engage in the push-pull, “kick the horse into the bridle” while sawing his nose down, mistakenly thinking that the result is at all desirable or ideal for the horse. This usually isn’t our fault, as until now collection has been misinterpreted, poorly defined, and badly taught at all levels and in all disciplines. Lynn is striving to change all that through her clinics (catch her at Equine Affaire in Ohio, April 7-10, 2011) and her latest book THE RIDER’S GUIDE TO REAL COLLECTION…on sale this month at the TSB bookstore (along with other great horse training titles–check ’em out HERE).

Lynn performed bridleless at the 2010 World Equestrian Games in Lexington, Kentucky, on her gorgeous stallion Rugged Painted Lark:

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