Celebrate July Fourth with Four Books & DVDs for Every Kind of Horse Lover

Happy Independence Day! Celebrate with our JULY FOURTH “FOURS”: four books and DVDs we recommend for riders, trainers, and horse lovers across the nation, and across equestrian disciplines.


The Horse Agility Handbook by Vanessa Bee

Horse Training In-Hand by Ellen Schuthof-Lesmeister & Kip Mistral

Trick Training for Horses by Bea Borelle with Gudrun Braun

Connect with Your Horse from the Ground Up by Peggy Cummings


Horse Profiling by Kerry Thomas with Calvin Carter

Where Does My Horse Hurt? by Renee Tucker, DVM

Beyond Horse Massage by Jim Masterson with Stefanie Reinhold BOOK and DVD


Tex by Dorie McCullough Lawson

Buck the Film from Cedar Creek Productions

The Modern Horseman’s Countdown to Broke by Sean Patrick the BOOK and the 4-DISC DVD SET


The Seven Deadly Sins of Dressage by Douglas Puterbaugh with Lance Wills

Meditation for Two by Dominique Barbier & Keron Psillas

Gallop to Freedom by Frederic Pignon & Magali Delgado

If Horses Could Speak DVD by Dr. Gerd Heuschmann

All these titles, and more, are available at the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.


PLUS, stop by the TSB online bookstore to take advantage of our SUMMER CLEARANCE SALE, running July 3 through July 8, 2012, with special savings on select titles!


TSB Authors Featured at Western States Horse Expo June 8-10, 2012

The Western States Horse Expo is right around the corner! Don’t miss THREE EXCITING DAYS of horse education and entertainment in Sacramento, California, featuring THREE TRAFALGAR SQUARE AUTHORS, to boot! The fun runs from 9 am to 7 pm, June 8 through June 10, 2012, and includes great events for horse fans of every age and every discipline preference.

JIM MASTERSON, USET massage therapist and author of BEYOND HORSE MASSAGE (the BOOK and the DVD), will be teaching attendees how “finding the release” in your horse via his Masterson Method can free your horse from hidden sources of tension and make him more comfortable while ultimately improving his performance.

LYNN PALM, winner of four “Superhorse” Championships and author of THE RIDER’S GUIDE TO REAL COLLECTION, is presenting all three days, with clinics focused around show ring performance, rider attitude, and the benefits of training bridleless.

PEGGY CUMMINGS, creator of Connected Riding and author of CONNECT WITH YOUR HORSE FROM THE GROUNDWORK, will share her methods of correcting horse and rider posture for a better, “connected” ride and a much happier horse!

Check out all the TSB authors at the WESTERN STATES HORSE EXPO this coming weekend!

And don’t forget, you can order their books and DVDs from the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE. BLOG BONUS!! Enter the coupon code TSBBLOG15 at checkout and save 15% on your entire order!

TSB Author Peggy Cummings, Founder of Connected Riding, Explains a Great Exercise to Relieve Tension in Your Horse’s Poll and Neck

Peggy Cummings' book and DVD are available from the Trafalgar Square Books online bookstore http://www.horseandriderbooks.com.

In her book CONNECT WITH YOUR HORSE FROM THE GROUND UP, Connected Riding Founder Peggy Cummings provides a thorough introduction to her Connected Groundwork techniques, easy ways to radically improve how your horse moves. Check out this sample exercise:


The Chin Rest relieves tension in the horse’s poll and upper regions of his neck. It also helps reeducate horses that tend to go behind the vertical by encouraging them to open their throatlatch and stretch into contact. Here’s how you do it:

1  Stand on the left side of your horse at his head, facing forward. Gently cup your right hand under the horse’s chin groove and “meet” the weight of his head in your hand. Support the weight of the head for 10 to 90 seconds—longer if the horse shows signs of relaxation by closing his eyes and “giving you” his head to hold. Make sure you support the head, but do not lift it, as that would hollow the horse’s neck.

2  Slowly release the weight of the head from your hand. Allow the horse time to process what just happened before repeating the exercise two to four times. Watch for signs of relaxation: closed eyes, “sleepiness,” a deep breath, flaring nostrils, a good snort, or shaking of the neck or entire body. When you slowly release the horse’s head, it often lowers farther than it was before, and frequently the horse stretches it all the way to the ground.

Here’s a short video demonstration of Peggy Cummings performing the Chin Rest:

You can find more of these terrific exercises in Peggy’s book CONNECT WITH YOUR HORSE FROM THE GROUND UP and her DVD CONNECTED RIDING & GROUNDWORK, available from the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.

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A Look Back at the Best Horse Books and DVDs of 2011

Last year I drafted a similar retrospective of the year’s accomplishments in print, and I remember at that time feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of titles Trafalgar Square Books had managed to release in 2010. This year I’m similarly impressed (albeit admittedly biased, seeing as I’m heavily involved in the production of our list!), and perhaps even a little prouder, as I do honestly believe 2011 saw some of our best content, by our best authors, come to life in very exciting ways.

In case you missed them, here is a look back at TSB’s year in books and DVDs—there’s a little something here for everyone! All our books and DVDs are available from the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE!

February 2011

CONNECT WITH YOUR HORSE FROM THE GROUND UP by Peggy Cummings with Bobbie Jo Liebermann

Peggy really does have a very different way of handling and working the horse from the ground that can have a significant impact on his way of going under saddle. The before-and-after case studies featured in the book are astounding proof of just how much good her work can do.

March 2011


I don’t know that I can find sufficient words to describe the value of this fantastic book. Denny’s brilliant, no-nonsense advice is what we all wish we had when we were just starting our competitive riding careers. For some, his book will jumpstart a faltering riding habit. For others, his writing will inspire true dedication to the sport they love. Whoever you are, whatever your state of equestrian latency or possibility, this book is the Magic Mirror sure to tell you whether you really are giving it all you’ve got. And, Denny’s truths are easily applied to more than just riding and horsemanship.

April 2011


A special new edition of Jane’s phenomenal CROSS-TRAIN YOUR HORSE and MORE CROSS-TRAINING, which are no longer in print. The only book you need on dressage basics and flatwork, whatever your equestrian discipline.

May 2011


Spiral-bound, fabulously illustrated, Dr. Tucker’s guide to 27 body checkups YOU can do to determine if your horse hurts, where he hurts, and whether you need to call the veterinarian, farrier, chiropractor, or saddle-fitting expert is one of the most useful books I’ve seen in my years at TSB. You can do your horse a lot of good with this book.

June 2011


A terrific kids’ starter book, offering a guide to cultivating a gentle awareness when handling and riding horses through world-renowned bahaviorist Linda Tellington-Jones’ TTouch and TTEAM methods. Absolutely fantasic photos in this book.

TEAM ROPING 101 by Kayla Starnes

Endorsed by the USTRC and featuring tips from champion ropers Speed Williams, Rickey Green, and horse trainer Clinton Anderson, this book has all you need to get started in this fast-growing, family friendly sport.

July 2011


People always say they can come back to horses, and when women hit 40, or around there, give or take, it seems they are finally finding the time to invest their money wisely…in a horse of their own. Melinda’s bestselling book provides all the returnee or first-timer needs to find her way to the barn at last, with lots of laughs along the way. Melinda’s book is a huge e-book seller (available in both Kindle and ePub formats via Amazon.com and ebooks.com).

September 2011

RIDER & HORSE BACK TO BACK by Susanne von Dietze

Susanne made a name for herself with her terrific bestselling book and DVD BALANCE IN MOVEMENT. Now she’s back in a big way, with this new book, the DVD by the same name, as well as BALANCE IN MOVEMENT 2 on DVD. Susanne presented at the USDF Symposium in San Diego at the end of 2011.


This book is about REAL rider fitness—this isn’t some generic workout packaged to look equestrian-specific. The exercises are deceptively easy, and hugely rewarding when it comes to improving your ability to ride well and communicate with your horse in an accurate and efficient manner he can understand.

October 2011

TEX by Dorie McCullough Lawson

A personal favorite, this completely adorable kids’ picture book brings the mystique of the cowboy and the hard-work-equals-good-work mentality to life for the under-five set. Authentic photos make it a crowd-pleaser, and the main character falling asleep at the end make it a parent-pleaser. You can’t go wrong with this one.

ANNE KURSINSKI’S RIDING & JUMPING CLINIC by Anne Kursinski with Miranda Lorraine

We’ve brought this great classic back in print, this time in paperback. Anne’s exercises on the flat and over fences, introductory and advanced, are beautifully spelled out. This book promises to be used well, and used often.

November 2011

MEDITATION FOR TWO by Dominique Barbier with Keron Psillas

A lovely book—gorgeous photos and deep thoughts for the thinking rider. Certain to appeal to the dressage rider, the classicist, or the city-dwelling horse lover with a nice coffee table and a little time for reading on quiet evenings…

RIDING FREE by Andrea and Markus Eschbach

As proponents for riding horses with minimal tack, Andrea and Markus do a marvelous job explaining how to prepare your horse with proper training so you can ride him safely without a bit, without a bridle, without a saddle, or even without all three! Inspiring reading with practical applications for those who dream of being with their horse in as natural a way as possible.

BEYOND HORSE MASSAGE by Jim Masterson with Stefanie Reinhold

Jim’s groundbreaking Masterson Method, now explained in this spiral-bound book and the DVD by the same name, has people talking. The pictures of the horses he’s worked say it all–they are obviously more comfortable after he has worked on them. Now, he tells you how YOU can give your horse the same level of comfort and release he can.

December 2011


This introduction to this exciting new horse sport is by the founder of the International Horse Agility Club. You may have seen the recent excerpt in EQUUS Magazine—we are all really looking forward to seeing Horse Agility take off as a super-fun alternative to riding competitions!


A terrifically useful resource with over 10,000 common words and phrases.

Here’s to a great year ahead, with dreams chased and dreams fulfilled, in horses and in life.

–Rebecca Didier, Senior Editor

Download a FREE SAMPLE CHAPTER from Peggy Cummings’ Much Anticipated New Book!

Well, we’ve all been waiting for Connected Riding Founder Peggy Cummings‘ new book CONNECT WITH YOUR HORSE FROM THE GROUND UP, and today the books finally arrived in our TSB warehouse.

Together with Peggy and her team, including her co-writer Bobbie Jo Lieberman, we tried to bring you the best  of Peggy’s Connected Groundwork lessons in a beautifully turned out, clearly presented, well written package.

“Tightness, bracing patterns, crookedness, and on-the forehand tendencies exist in all horses,” Peggy writes in the Introduction to her book. “Some have these patterns from birth. Others begin acquiring them as soon as a halter is put on their head, a bit goes into their mouth, and a rider gets on their back. The groundwork exercises in this book–which form the prelude and foundation to my Connected Riding method–have restored movement, function, and elasticity to hundreds of horses worldwide.”

Everyone at TSB is thrilled with this book and the way Peggy extends her techniques and theories to all of us in the hopes that a few more horses can move in comfort and perform their best, and a few more riders can communicate more clearly with their riding partner, and in a way that improves their horse’s way of going, general attitude, and longevity.

You can download a sample chapter from CONNECT WITH YOUR HORSE FROM THE GROUND UP by clicking on the SEE INSIDE CLICK HERE option on the book page of the TSB bookstore.

Get your copy now at the TSB bookstore and get 15% off Peggy’s book, DVD, or a book/DVD set, plus FREE SHIPPING! Enter coupon code PCEB31115 when checking out to receive your discount.

TSB Author Peggy Cummings Shares Her Fondest Memories of Sally Swift

All this month we’ve been “Remembering Sally Swift” and all her book CENTERED RIDING did for the world of riding horses and teaching people to ride. In celebration of her life and work, we are offering 15% off her books–CENTERED RIDING and CENTERED RIDING 2–and DVDs 1 and 2, through the end of March at the TSB bookstore.

We’ll begin this week with some thoughts from TSB author Peggy Cummings, whose new book CONNECT WITH YOUR HORSE FROM THE GROUND UP is due out this month.

“Sally used to visit my farm every spring and fall for eight years, 1981-1988.  My family and I always looked forward to her visit because she and her little dog, Joy, were delightful guests. Four of my children rode with her, and she had a nice rapport with all six of my kids.

“When my daughter Lindsay was about seven years old, she would sit and watch Sally teach lessons, and at the end of the day, Lindsay would grab her pony and Sally would spend some time answering questions and giving Lindsay her own special ‘Sally time.’ My son Jeff was in Pony Club, and after he began riding with Sally, he did not want to ride with anyone who taught differently than she did!  He was so fond of Sally that he made two little wooden carvings of Sally and Joy, and they remained above her kitchen sink until she passed.

Sally Swift and Peggy Cummings at Sally's home the year before Sally passed away.

“I first met Sally at a New England Dressage Association instructors’ workshop, where she addressed the importance of the use of the rider’s body on the horse. She also spoke about using visualizations to facilitate teaching.  Just hearing her speak, I knew I needed to pursue her work.

“A few months later, I rode with Sally. She showed me how to soften my body in instead of bracing in the saddle. It was such a ‘collision of realities’ with my bracing patterns that I knew I had found an answer I had been seeking.  That is, I had to stop bracing and allow movement in my body as I rode.  This awareness became the keystone to the development of my own work with horses and riders’ bodies (Connected Riding and Connected Groundwork).

“I devoted eight years to working closely with Sally. One year, I took 12 clinics with her, and eventually I was privileged to be the first Centered Riding instructor to teach workshops for other instructors. I was fortunate to pay Sally a visit and meet with her over her kitchen table the year before she died. We reminisced and still had a wonderful connection, and she thanked me for carrying on her work. She will always remain as a mother to me, and of course, as one of my primary mentors.”

–Peggy Cummings, founder of Connected Riding and Connected Groundwork, and author of CONNECT WITH YOUR HORSE FROM THE GROUND UP

You can pre-order a copy of Peggy’s new book at the TSB bookstore.

All-New HUGE Selection of Horse DVDs: Classical Dressage, Driving, Vaulting, Trick Training, Friesians, and MUCH MORE

The much-talked-about meeting between French master Philippe Karl and German trainer Christopher Hess--and the debate over training philosophies.

TSB just added a huge new selection of horse training and riding DVDs to its bookstore. We’re honored to now be the exclusive North American distributor for the highly respected equestrian filmmaker Pferdia TV.

Aspiring vaulters can now learn from the best!

Featuring internationally renowned riders and trainers such as Philippe Karl, Dr. Reiner and Ingrid Klimke, Linda Tellington-Jones, Anja Beran, Peggy Cummings, Richard Hinrichs, and many others, these DVDs are a “who’s who” of movers and shakers in a number of equestrian disciplines. You’ll find titles on classical and competitive dressage, starting young horses, driving, vaulting, in-hand work, long-reining, and trick training, as well as a number of incredible films focusing on breeds, including Friesians, and famous stallions, such as Donnerhall.

TSB now has a whole selection of DVDs for the Friesian fan.

THERE’S SO MUCH TO SEE HERE! Check out our NEW Pferdia TV section at the TSB bookstore NOW.