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  • Going Back in Order to Go Forward: A Lesson from Alois Podhajsky

    Going Back in Order to Go Forward: A Lesson from Alois Podhajsky

      Colonel Alois Podhajsky was an Olympian and Director of the the Spanish Riding School in Vienna for 26 years. Podhajsky was known to bring out the best in each horse he rode, and to rely on patience, understanding, and affection in the training process. Podhajsky detailed his riding, training, and competitive experiences in the […]

  • How an “Ugly Duckling” Learned to Fly: A Story from the Spanish Riding School

    When I outgrew my first (“free”) pony, my parents, who were not horsey and who didn’t have a lot of money, found an Appy mare that was effectively “out to pasture.” She was unused and unloved, and they could get her cheap. I remember my first reaction, as a child who reveled in the long-maned, […]

  • 3 Messages to Take with You to the Barn This Week

    The sun changes this time of year…the light feels softer, pensive, less insistent. In many places this signals a shift of routine with our horses as competitive seasons wind up and our partners get a few weeks of well-deserved turnout before the frosts hit the late summer grass and fallen leaves hide any remaining morsels […]

  • 5 Great Ideas for Horseplay on a Snowy Day

    Those of you who, like us, reside in the Northeast are waking up to snow this cold Friday morning, with blizzard warnings in the forecast and a weekend ahead that promises shoveling, perhaps skiing, but maybe not SO much riding! So what can you do when winter weather keeps you out of the saddle and […]