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Each year around this time, we ask some of our authors to share what they are thankful for, and it is always a fine reminder to open our hearts and minds to all that surrounds us, and greet each day—and the people and animals in it—with a smile.


“What I love about horses is understanding their minds, and through their minds, learning to understand how they move. The mind and the feet have always been connected. And when you are in tune with these you find yourself becoming one with the horse, with your mental and physical energies coming together. This is when you truly feel ‘freedom,’ and it is something I am very thankful for.” Marry Morrow, Horse Trainer and Co-Author of KNOW YOU, KNOW YOUR HORSE


“I have so much to be thankful for it is hard to narrow it down, especially in the wake of the tornadoes that recently ripped through my home state. The town just 12 miles south had major damage and many homes are just gone—I am thankful that my family is okay and that in all the nearby devastation, not one life was lost.

“On a more basic level, I am thankful for my family, friends, health, and of course my animals, and the freedom to worship in the church of my choice without persecution. For a beautiful spring morning with birds singing, bright sunshine and green grass and a wonderful horse to ride through it all. My blessings are truly too numerous to list.”  Eunice Rush, Co-Author of KNOW YOU, KNOW YOUR HORSE


“I am thankful for the 16 years I got to spend with my incredible dogs, Max and Luna. I lost them both within a few weeks of each other this past month. It broke my heart to lose them, but I am so grateful and honored that they shared their lives with me. The joy they brought is beyond measure. Thank you Max and Luna ~ you are forever in my heart!” Cindy Meehl, Director of BUCK the Documentary and 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN


“I am eternally grateful to Caroline Robbins and Martha Cook from Trafalgar Square Books for 20 years of creating my books to share with horse and companion animal lovers. And for the gift of having TSB senior editor, Rebecca Didier, as my co-author on my 20th and one of my most prized books yet, DRESSAGE WITH MIND, BODY & SOUL. My thanks to Trafalgar for all the years of support and encouragement of my work.

“And I am thankful for my husband, Roland Kleger, and my family and friends, and all the people and their horses and dogs that I have had the good fortune to meet and share Tellington TTouch with this year—in trainings, on FaceBook, on YouTube, and on my blog. May the support from your Guardian Angels continue to bless your lives.”  Linda Tellington-Jones, Creator of the Tellington Method and Author of DRESSAGE WITH MIND, BODY & SOUL and THE ULTIMATE HORSE BEHAVIOR AND TRAINING BOOK


We are thankful to live and work in a beautiful place--- Trafalgar Square Farm.

We are thankful to live and work in a beautiful place— Trafalgar Square Farm.


“I am thankful first for my good health. Being healthy is something no one should take for granted. I am also thankful for my wonderful supportive husband, who always has a good sense of humor about my horsie adventures!”  Janet Foy, FEI/USEF Dressage Judge and Author of DRESSAGE FOR THE NOT-SO-PERFECT HORSE


“I am thankful that my recent major surgery was successful and is behind me. I look forward to hitting the trails soon.” Linda Snow McLoon, Author of CROWN PRINCE and CROWN PRINCE CHALLENGED


“I have a lot in my life to be thankful for. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the love and support of my parents. They instilled in me the work ethic and determination that have made it possible to live my dream. I’m thankful for my loyal and talented team that allows me to share my horse training method with the world and for all the horse lovers out there who are committed to becoming better horsemen.” Clinton Anderson, Trainer, Clinician, and Author of PHILOSOPHY, LESSONS WELL LEARNED, and DOWNUNDER HORSEMANSHIP


“I am very thankful for the small things life has to offer and thankful for any opportunity to be a positive influence for others. If you’ve made someone smile, or laugh, or feel good about themselves, then you’ve had a successful day.” Kerry Thomas, Pioneering Researcher and Co-Author of HORSE PROFILING


“I’m thankful that my family, students, and publisher encourage me to believe in myself and write my new book PRESSURE PROOF YOUR RIDING.”  Daniel Stewart, Coach, Sport Psychologist, and Author of PRESSURE PROOF YOUR RIDING


And finally, a Thanksgiving poem from writer Laura Chester, author of RIDING BARRANCA:

I’m thankful for my health

despite unhealthy ways.

I’m thankful for my horses

who are thankful for their hay.

Thankful for my new book

“May it be read by all,” she prays.

I’m thankful for my children,

who still light up my days.

Grateful for this life we share

in tranquility and blaze.


We wish all safe travel and a very happy Thanksgiving.

—The TSB Staff

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Don’t miss the April issue of Horse&Rider magazine, available now wherever quality equestrian magazines are sold! Inside you’ll find a featured excerpt from the new TSB book KNOW YOU, KNOW YOUR HORSE by Eunice Rush and Marry Morrow. Eunice and Marry share some of their tips for determining a horse’s character type and how that can impact the training techniques you choose when working with him.

But wait, that’s not all Eunice and Marry have to offer. Their book KNOW YOU, KNOW YOUR HORSE is organized into two distinct sections: one that focuses on the human, and one that focuses on the horse. That’s because they believe it is important to know who you really are (ie, “know thyself”) in order to find a match made in heaven (aka “the perfect horse”), or to simply ride and train the one you have in a way that will help him live and work with you in a happy, healthy way.

But as is, I’m sure, very apparent, getting in touch with your own characteristics and tendencies is only half the equation. You need a practical system that allows you to determine a horse’s personality in a relatively short amount of time, and certainly before you walk down the barn aisle together, into an unknown future!

KnowYouKnowYrHorse250Ready to meet your horsey soul mate…or at the very least learn how to meet your horse, whoever he is, on even terms and solid footing?


And don’t forget to learn more about Eunice and Marry’s ideas for horse-human matchmaking in the April issue of Horse&Rider magazine!

KNOW YOU, KNOW YOUR HORSE is available to order from the TSB online bookstore.


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Carla from Florida sent Eunice Rush and Marry Morrow, authors of the just-released KNOW YOU, KNOW YOUR HORSE, this amazing review of their book—check it out!

“I read…and thoroughly enjoyed every page of your book. I feel so much more savvy after learning about my personality, combined with my three horses. I have already used what I learned, and I am sincerely grateful.

“I would have never imagined that I would be a POWERFUL! I was shocked. I always think of myself as being kind of wimpy. I now understand why Moonie and I had such a rough start. Moonie is a THINKER…thus my broken wrist, ribs and front teeth. LOL! After five years of trial and error…we ‘get’each other…and we know how to work together. I love my old girl and she is bombproof. She is my ‘easy keeper’ and I trust her.

Carla on Hearts.

Carla on Hearts.

“My little Paint, Hearts, has been a lot of work for me. Now, I know why! Hearts is a TALKER. I have spent countless hours trying to get her to collect and stand still. The girl needs to move. We had our best ride ever today. She may never be the right horse for me…but, as long as she is with me, I will be a better rider and owner. I now ‘get’ her.

“And now, I have Frank Sinatra. I fell in love with this horse at the barn. He is a three-year-old cremello Quarter Horse. His former owner quit paying board. I got Frank by paying the back board. I had neer been on him…but, I had a feeling. I spent a week in the arena with him. He was cooperative, but I could tell he wasn’t crazy about arena work. I would walk him around the ranch just to build our bond. He did whatever I asked…and I taught him to side-pass in 15 minutes. I knew this would be a good horse for me.

“After only two rides on this guy…I can say that I have found my perfect match! POWERFUL/WORKER…go figure! Now that I know what I have…and I understand who I am…working with my horses is so much more enjoyable.

“This morning I had arranged to ride with a friend from work. He had been on horses, but it had been a few years. I rode Hearts, the Talker…and I put my friend on Frank, the Worker. Perfect ride, thanks to your book! We kept their feet moving at a brisk walk and had a great day. Hearts and Frank make a great trail duo and I look forward to getting them out together soon. I would have never been able to manage these differing horses prior to your book.

“Although all three of my horses are pussycats, they all operate differently. A Thinker, a Talker, and a Worker. I feel so empowered by your book. Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge. Happy Trails to me!

KnowYouKnowYrHorse250“Your book has changed the way I will communicate with horses for the rest of my life. The fact that I got IMMEDIATE results, means so much to me and the horses. I don’t think I will ever ride in fear again. Amen!”

Are YOU ready to “know” what Carla now knows? KNOW YOU, KNOW YOUR HORSE is available from the TSB online bookstore.


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Last week we talked to Eunice Rush and Marry Morrow about their brand new book KNOW YOU, KNOW YOUR HORSE, what inspired them to write the book together, and what they hope readers can take away from its pages. KNOW YOU, KNOW YOUR HORSE, the new must-have book on human and horse personality, is available now from the TSB online bookstore (CLICK HERE TO ORDER).

TSB:  How long have you two known each other and combined forces in terms of aligning horse and human personalities?

ER: We have known each other for about six or seven years.  I met Marry when I attended one of her clinics. We have been working on the concept of combining personalities for about three years now.  It has been an exciting and educational process—and we are thrilled to see our book in print!

TSB: KNOW YOU, KNOW YOUR HORSE is such an interesting book with information that can apply not only to any horse person, and any riding discipline, but also to other areas of your life. How did you write the book together and determine what kind of information on human and horse personality should be included?

ER: I have worked with human personalities and how to use the information to improve personal relationships in the work place to improve sales and enhance team performance for over 20 years.  Likewise, Marry has used her knowledge of horse personalities to enhance her training methods for over 20 years.  Once we decided there might be a connection, we first researched to see if anyone else had used the same approach, and finding nothing, we started our research to confirm our theory.  Once we felt we had done so, we felt the information could help everyone that dealt with horses.  It became a passion to make the information available.

Writing the book was an adventure in itself.  We started by determining the parts of the human personality that had components similar to the horse.  That gave us the template.  Marry put together her parts and I put together mine.  Then to keep the writing style consistent, I wrote the book but worked closely with Marry every step of the way on the horse side to make sure the information was accurate. Finally, Caroline Robbins, the publisher at Trafalgar Square Books and our editor, helped us both smooth it all out, take out what we didn’t need, and clarify what we had.

The writing process was a real challenge because I am a “Powerful” and Marry is an “Analyst” (see the free download of the Human Social Style Questionnaire to find out what you are—CLICK HERE).  I just wanted to get to book written and out there.  Marry wanted to make sure every person in every case was covered.  Thanks to our mutual understanding of human personalities (covered in the book), we were able to get it done without killing each other!

TSB: Eunice, you are responsible for the “human side” of the book—can you tell us a little about your experiences analyzing human personality in your career in sales and business?

ER: For many years I taught sales teams how to “read” their potential customer, align their own personality to their customer’s, and then initiate the sale.  Understanding the whole human makes the sales cycle more successful.  I taught people about learning styles so they presented materials in a way that made sense to the client. We also took into account color combinations when building presentations.  A lot of people don’t think about colors, but not only do different colors incite different feelings, men and women are naturally drawn to different colors [TSB editor’s note: You can learn more about using color theory in your work with your horse in the forthcoming book from Linda Tellington-Jones, DRESSAGE WITH MIND, BODY & SOUL].  I also conducted team-building courses and taught many leadership courses.  All these things required a complete understanding of how the human personality worked.

TSB author Eunice Rush and her horses.

TSB author Eunice Rush and her horses.

TSB: Marry, you are responsible for the “horse side” of the book—can you tell us a little about your experiences analyzing horse personality in your work training horses and training people to train their own horses?

MM:  In my clinics, the number-one priority for me is to keep people and their horses safe.  In order to do this, I feel I have to be able to understand quickly the personality of each horse; then I can understand where to begin working with that horse. Once I understand the horse, then I need to understand the human so I can help him or her take home and use what I am teaching them at a clinic.  The other passion I have is working with problem or rescue horses. Ray Hunt used to say, “Take the time it takes,” and I think most people understand that this means you should take off your watch and not train on a timeframe, which is correct, but I think there is more to it. “Take the time,” to me, means find out how the horse learns, how he understands what you are asking of him. Get to know his personality before you begin.

TSB:  If you could be sure that readers take away one lesson from KNOW YOU, KNOW YOUR HORSE, what would you hope it would be?

ER: I know you only want one but I am going to give you two because I feel strongly about each.

Lesson 1: We want to make sure that when there is a match between personalities, both human AND horse are happier.

Lesson 2: You can’t use a cookie cutter training method for every horse. Just as an example: It was such an eye-opener to me that not every horse has to stop and put his nose on something to get over being afraid of it. Every trainer I have ever studied says if your horse is afraid of something, work with him to stop and approach until he can put his nose on it. Because just about every horse I have ever owned has been an Extrovert, this has led to a lot of failed moments of training for me and frustration for my horses.  I thank Marry for teaching me about the extroverted horse and how he learns best.

MM: I want readers to firmly grasp that horses have a personality, just like humans. If you don’t have a personality that matches your horse’s, then can you learn to adapt. Or, if you can’t, then it’s okay to say, “We don’t match up,” and give both yourself and the horse a chance to find your perfect match.

TSB: Tell us about the first time you remember sitting on a horse.

ER: I was probably about three.  My parents had friends who had a daughter who had ponies.  One day when they were visiting, my parents let me ride one of the ponies.

MM: I was very young, I really don’t remember the first time. What I do remember is sitting on a horse’s back and reading  books by CW Anderson—then naming the horse “Blaze.”

TSB: Tell us about the first time you remember falling off a horse.

ER: Well, it wasn’t the first time I left my horse but the first time I was bucked off, and that is different than falling off.  I was about 15 and I went to see the movie Miracle of the White Stallions.  In that movie the young girls that were training to ride had to be able to balance well enough to jump a horse with their arms out to their sides.  I was so impressed I went right home and set up a jump, got on my horse and gave it a try.  All I remember about the jump was seeing four horse feet fly over my body as I was flat on my back next to the jump bar. And by the way, that horse was 17 hands tall! I never tried that again. I guess the girls in the movie must have done a little pre-work before trying the jump!

MM: Again, I’m not sure if it was the first time, but the most memorable time was my first jumping lesson. I was 11 or 12 years old. We were in an arena with a jump set up in the middle. I was on a larger pony, and I headed down the middle of the arena, flew over the jump, then couldn’t stop him as we approached the far end of the arena. The pony tried to jump out of the arena and got halfway over and was stuck. I,on the other hand, made it over the arena wall just fine. It took a couple large men to get the pony off the wall and back in the arena.

TSB: What is the quality you most like in a friend?

ER: A friend should be a friend no matter what. She or he should stand by you in good times and in bad.

MM: I like friends who are passionate about what they do.

TSB: What is the quality you most like in a horse?

ER: I want a horse that enjoys going long distances and exploring as much as I do, and preferably with a nice ground-covering walk or gait.

MM: Being  curious.

TSB: If you could do one thing on horseback or with a horse that you haven’t yet done, what would it be?

ER: Boy that’s hard because I have done just about everything I have wanted to do with horses.   However, while it is still trail riding, the one thing I have always said I wanted to do is go to California and ride among the giant Sequoia trees. That has to be so amazingly humbling.

MM: I’d like to have Stacy Westfall’s  bitless and bridleless championship ride.

TSB Marry Morrow and her horses.

TSB author Marry Morrow and her horses.

TSB: If you were trapped on a desert island with a horse and a book, what breed of horse would it be and which book would you choose?

ER: For survival, the right answer would probably be an Arab for a desert island but I have to go with a gaited one that matched my personality so I would have my best buddy horse with me.

As for the book, the Bible.

MM: The breed of horse would be a Lusitano. The book would be a really big survival guide.

TSB: What’s in your refrigerator at all times?

ER: Banamine and penicillin for the horses…chocolate for me.

MM: Apples, carrots , lemons, and water.

TSB: What is your idea of perfect happiness?

ER: Just me and my best bud horse on a perfect day on a beautiful trail just enjoying all of God’s glory.   I rode half way across the state of Michigan on my horse Bo right after I retired.  It was a 125 mile trip and I loved it.

MM: A good horse, a nice barn, lots of pasture, and a good man who agrees with that.

TSB: What is your idea of the perfect meal?

ER: What I want to eat or what I should eat?  What I want is pizza and something chocolate with a big Diet Coke (obviously, this falls on the what-I-shouldn’t-eat side).

MM: I love stirfry with lots of vegetables.

TSB: What is your idea of the perfect vacation?

ER: If you had ask what “would be” perfect, it would be a horse trip with my husband, son, and daughter-in-law.  However, no one in my family but me rides, so I actually have two.  The first and most important would be any vacation with my family.  Since none of them are horse people, I would prefer to do some canoeing or almost anything outdoors, as long as it is warm.  My second would be a long vacation camping and riding across several states with good friends and good horses.  Last year I did that with my standard riding group.  We rode in six states over several weeks.  We all rode to the top of Mt. Rushmore.  Fun times!  It is so much fun to meet new people at various campgrounds and add them to your riding group.

MM: Anyplace with warm (not hot) temperatures, water, and horses.

TSB: If you could have a conversation with one famous person, alive or dead, who would it be?

ER: George Washington

MM: It’s a tossup: Tom Dorrance or Marguerite Henry.

KnowYouKnowYrHorse250TSB: What is your motto?

ER: All things are possible through God who strengthens me.

MM: “Open your hands and it will open your heart.” This is what I tell all my clients, because when you are tight on the reins, you have no feel, the horse is tense. Open your hands so you are light on the reins and your horse will respond with love.

For FREE DOWNLOADS of the human and horse personality quizzes, as well as an excerpt from the new book KNOW YOU, KNOW YOUR HORSE, CLICK HERE.

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KnowYouKnowYrHorse250To start 2013 right, TSB authors Eunice Rush and Marry Morrow have brought us a whole new way to:

– Better understand the horse we may own or ride now.

– Find and/or buy the right horse for who we are, how we ride, and what we want to do.

– Customize our training techniques to best match our equine partner.

In the exciting new book KNOW YOU, KNOW YOUR HORSE (available now from the TSB online bookstore), Eunice and Marry walk us through the four core human personality “Social Styles,” the four core horse personality types, how we can then either “align” ourselves to our horse or find the “best match” for a long-term relationship, and how our horse’s personality should dictate the kinds of training methods we use.

With dozens of quizzes and charts to help us practically apply the book’s lessons, we’re prepared to look at how and why we choose the horses we do in a whole new way. Whether we are most interested in long, quiet trail rides or competing at the highest level of our favorite horse sport, the fact is, by matching our personality to a horse’s we are more likely to meet our riding goals and enable the horse to perform his best—oh yeah, and have a lot more fun along the way!

Check it out for yourself! Take the human and horse personality questionnaires, available as FREE DOWNLOADS by CLICKING HERE.

CLICK HERE to download the FREE human and horse personality questionnaires from the book KNOW YOU, KNOW YOUR HORSE.

CLICK HERE to download the FREE human and horse personality questionnaires from the book KNOW YOU, KNOW YOUR HORSE.

You might be surprised by what you discover about yourself…and about your horse!


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