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  • Denny Emerson to Be Inducted Into Hall of Fame

    Denny Emerson to Be Inducted Into Hall of Fame

    On Thursday, February 28, 2019, TSB author Denny Emerson will be inducted into the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo Hall of Fame, during their first annual induction ceremony, taking place at the National Western Complex in Denver, Colorado. Other 2019 inductees include Julie Goodnight Horsemanship, Meredith Hodges, Pat Parelli Ranch, Richard Shrake, and Dr. Robert Miller. […]

  • Is Your Horse the Love of Your Life, but Completely Wrong for You?

    In his newest book KNOW BETTER TO DO BETTER, horseman, Tevis-Cup-Buckle-winner, and gold medalist in eventing Denny Emerson examines the question of whether or not you keep the horse that is the love of your life…but is completely wrong for you. Read on: Hesnogoodbutilovehimsoicantgetridofhim If your mental machete is sharp enough to hack through the […]