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  • Busy Rider? Find Yourself a “Clinic in the Cloud”

    I’m guessing I’m like a lot of you–a job, a family, a gym I try to frequent, friends I try to see, books I try to read, promises I try to keep, and oh yeah…horses. Needless to say, the above list is not compiled in order of preference. So how, when one is so dang […]

  • Come See Us at Equine Affaire in MA!

    Come See Us at Equine Affaire in MA!

    As soon as we turn back the clocks, we all know it is almost that time again…time for Equine Affaire at the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, Massachusetts! Tomorrow we’re loading up the horse trailer with our bestselling books and DVDs, as well as all our newest releases, and heading south down Route 91, […]

  • Join TSB Authors at Equine Affaire Ohio!

    Join TSB Authors at Equine Affaire Ohio!

      Are you headed to the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, Ohio, for Equine Affaire this weekend? April 12-15, you’ll find a crew of TSB authors collected in one place and presenting on the subjects they know and love best, along with many other experts from across the equine industry. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity […]

  • From Struggling to Sit the Trot to USDF Silver—Here’s How

    A lot of things can happen in 10 years of riding. Common goals shared by most riders are to have improved their seat; advanced the training of their horses while maintaining soundness; and nurtured connection and communication with their equine partners—that is, find harmony. There was a time Janice Dulak couldn’t sit a trot. She […]

  • “When Sally’s book was published, it was a breakthrough moment–for ALL riders.”

    Last week, TSB author and acclaimed dancer and choreographer Paula Josa-Jones explained how CENTERED RIDING transformed how she thought about and felt her body while on horseback. Another of our authors comes from a professional dance background: Janice Dulak, dressage rider and Pilates instructor, and author of PILATES FOR THE DRESSAGE RIDER and NINE PILATES […]

  • TSB Author Janice Dulak Talks About Discovering Pilates, Finding Your Middle Abdominals, and Ray Bradbury

    This month Trafalgar Square Books had a chance to catch up with Janice Dulak, creator of the all new DVD NINE PILATES ESSENTIALS FOR THE BALANCED RIDER and author of the bestselling PILATES FOR THE DRESSAGE RIDER. We asked her how she came to be a Pilates instructor for dressage riders and what it’s like […]