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  • “I hear her in my mind when I ride!” A Tribute to Jane Savoie from Lynn Palm

    “I hear her in my mind when I ride!” A Tribute to Jane Savoie from Lynn Palm

    One of our favorite things at TSB is when our amazing and inspiring authors connect. What better than to see the people we know, admire, learn from, and care about find common ground in their love for the horse? That’s what happened with our friend and author, Jane Savoie, who we lost to cancer in […]

  • Our Friend Jane Savoie

    Our Friend Jane Savoie

    I first met Jane Savoie when I was 19. I was home from college and looking for a horse job to counter the nights I spent waitressing. Jane needed a groom. She had Eastwood, aka “Woody,” then–a big chestnut with lots of chrome. It was a long time ago but certain moments are still incredibly […]

  • New Releases from Jane Savoie and Anne Kursinski

    New Releases from Jane Savoie and Anne Kursinski

    The winter months are ahead and wouldn’t it be FAB if you could train with renowned coach and master of motivation Jane Savoie and Olympian Anne Kursinski, all for less than the cost of a week’s worth of Starbucks lattes? The good news is YOU CAN! JANE SAVOIE’S DRESSAGE BETWEEN THE JUMPS and ANNE KURSINSKI’S […]

  • Lessons in True Collection from a Cowboy

    Lessons in True Collection from a Cowboy

    Collection—what it is and what it isn’t—is regularly debated in most horsey circles. While there is a tendency to segregate ourselves by discipline, the truth is, the base philosophy should really be the same, whatever saddle you ride in or sport you pursue. In her bestselling reference DRESSAGE 101, renowned dressage coach and motivational speaker […]

  • Like Audiobooks? Here’s a Great One for Riders!

    Like Audiobooks? Here’s a Great One for Riders!

    TSB is proud to release our first audiobook with one of our original bestselling authors: IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT THE RIBBONS, written and read by renowned rider, coach, and motivational speaker Jane Savoie, is now available from the TSB online bookstore! We know horse people lead busy lives, often juggling work, family, and riding, so […]

  • Half-Halts Everyone Can Understand (No, Really)

    Half-Halts Everyone Can Understand (No, Really)

    No one can give us the skinny on how to do an honest-to-goodness half-halt like motivational speaker and dressage rider Jane Savoie. She gets that this integral part of, well, basically EVERY riding activity, can be difficult to understand and tough to put into practice in a way that it actually (really and truly) works. […]

  • This Is What Top Equestrians Are Thankful For

    In almost every book we publish, we invite our authors to include a page of acknowledgments; this is their chance to thank those who may have had a hand in their careers or the making of their books. While it isn’t every day that we look back through to see who they’ve thanked over the […]

  • Centered Riding “opened my eyes to the true power of visualization”

    Popular riding clinician and motivational speaker Jane Savoie (www.janesavoie.com) was the Reserve Rider for the US Dressage Team at the 1992 Olympic Games, coached at the Olympic Games in 1996, 2000, and 2004, and is the author of a number of bestselling books and DVDs. In honor of the 30th anniversary of the publication of […]

  • A Filly Named “Patriot” Takes on the Colts–Our Local Star in the Making

    Huntington Farm of South Strafford, Vermont, is just over two hills and across a river from the TSB offices. We’ve ridden there, competed there, worked there, filmed DVDs and photographed books there. It is a beautiful spot in the quintessential Vermont valley, and in the spring, it is customary to plan a roundabout drive just […]

  • Rider Resilience: The “Bounce-Back” Secret to Success in the Saddle

    We were lucky enough to spend time with dressage rider, author, motivational speaker, and (now) dancing queen Jane Savoie while attending Equine Affaire in Massachusetts last week. Her vitality, enthusiasm, and vibrant energy reminded us why TSB is so proud to have published her books, including JANE SAVOIE’S DRESSAGE 101, THAT WINNING FEELING!, and IT’S […]