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“There’s no need to take a break from lessons when inclement weather makes it difficult to ride this winter,” says the December 2013 review of THE AMERICAN HUNTER/JUMPER FORWARD RIDING SYSTEM in Practical Horseman Magazine. “This new DVD series from acclaimed rider, coach and clinician Bernie Traurig explores the building blocks of the American Hunter/Jumper Forward Riding System and offers easy-to-follow, step-by-step exercises.

“Each disc in the set details an essential aspect of the system, which focuses on three fundamental principles—rider position, controls and the schooling of the horse. Traurig begins with a basic explanation of the system and a look at its history. He moves on to discuss how to develop perfect position in the saddle and use rein and leg aids to control a horse. Then he demonstrates how to use the skills he has outlined while working over fences at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

“Traurig describes an exercise or position while at the halt, then demonstrates it through various gaits. This approach makes it easy to see the work’s intended effect on both rider and horse.”


For a glimpse at what this terrific new DVD series has to offer, check out the trailer below:


THE AMERICAN HUNTER/JUMPER FORWARD RIDING SYSTEM is available as a COMPLETE SERIES 6-DVD SET, or in three individual parts, from the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is FREE.



TSB loves EquestrianCoach.com! This phenomenal website is a portal to a broad selection of extremely well demonstrated equestrian tips, techniques, and sport-specific know-how.

EquestrianCoach.com was born out of my desire to reach people who are hungry for more riding and training education,” says founder Bernie Traurig.

Check it out HERE

And don’t miss Bernie Traurig at Equine Affaire in Columbus, Ohio, April 10-13, 2014!

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This puts most schooling obstacles to shame! Learn how the cavalry was involved in the evolution of the forward riding system in Bernie Traurig's new DVD series.

This puts most schooling obstacles to shame! Learn how the cavalry was involved in the evolution of the forward riding system in Bernie Traurig’s new DVD series.


How we “get over jumps” on horseback has come a long way since mankind’s earliest attempts. This evolution has enabled us to benefit from the horse’s athleticism as a means of transport, both as a matter of necessity and a matter of sport, as well as over a vast array of obstacles—from basic cavalletti in the beginner arena to fallen logs on the trail to the (sometimes!) heart-poundingly high fences seen in international show jumping and eventing competition.

Esteemed horseman and acclaimed clinician Bernie Traurig has put together a unique series of DVDs that illustrates the results of this jumping evolution: the components of what we now know as the “forward seat riding system.” Three specific areas of focus—rider position, control of the horse, and flatwork schooling—have developed over time as the world’s very best equestrians concentrated their efforts on ensuring safety, grace, efficiency of movement, and optimal performance in their jumping horses. And now, Bernie has provided a high-quality visual education in this system that can bring us all closer to attaining our riding and training goals, whatever our ability or level.

THE AMERICAN FORWARD RIDING HUNTER/JUMPER SYSTEM Complete Series includes a terrific bonus DVD where Bernie traces the history of jumping and gives viewers a glimpse of how the system evolved into what it is today.


“I give kudos to Bernie Traurig, master rider and total horseman, for taking this system of position, control, and schooling to the world,” says former US Show Jumping Team Chef d’Equipe George Morris.


Check out this FREE video preview of the DVDs:



THE AMERICAN FORWARD RIDING HUNTER/JUMPER SYSTEM  is available in one complete series and as individual DVDs from the TSB online bookstore.



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