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Jennifer Forsberg Meyer is Senior Editor at Horse&Rider Magazine and co-author of TSB’s Reining Essentials with Cowgirl Hall of Fame Inductee Sandy Collier. She wrote key articles about CENTERED RIDING and Sally Swift’s teaching in 1998 and 2000, and here shares her “Lightbulb Moment” in honor of TSB’s 30-year celebration:


“Oops!” My face reddened as I toppled gently forward, landing awkwardly on my horse’s neck. The mare was at a standstill, fortunately, and I was only following directions to grip with my knees while bending at the waist and attempting to touch my horse’s ears with both hands. As a lifelong rider, I knew I wasn’t supposed to grip with my knees, but until attending this Sally Swift clinic in May of 1998, I’d never understood why not.

A moment earlier, under Swift’s direction, I’d been able to grasp those ears easily while inclining securely forward. “Keep your knees relaxed, keep your lower legs under you, and your calves resting on your horse’s sides,” Sally had said, and it worked.

She reinforced this “grounding” in the saddle throughout the two days of lectures, demonstrations, and mounted and unmounted work. I had traveled from California to Brattleboro, Vermont, to attend the clinic as a journalist and participant. My article, “Getting Centered,” appeared in the December 1998 issue of Horse&Rider. I followed that with a profile of her, “Sally Swift Shows Us The Way,” in 2000.

Sally was 85 at the time of the clinic. Frail and stooped, she moved slowly, leaning heavily on two canes. The instant she opened her mouth, however, she morphed from little old lady to general-in-command—her voice and demeanor were that compelling.

One of many important things she taught us at the clinic was how to find our true center of balance, energy, and body control, deep within our abdomens. The concept is central not only to riding but also to martial arts (such as t’ai chi ch’uan), performing arts (ballet), and other sports (skiing and tennis). The ultimate lifelong learner, Sally had discovered these and other key insights—which were to revolutionize riding instruction—during what ordinary folk would call retirement.

By the clinic’s end, I couldn’t wait to get home and try Sally’s methods on my own gelding. And, just as she’d promised, her techniques meshed seamlessly with my own riding instructor’s approach. They simply gave me insights for getting tab A into slot B. I’d heard the whats of riding all my life. Now, finally, I had a line on how.


Share your own CENTERED RIDING memories and “aha” moments online and tag them #CenteredRiding30! And remember, all CENTERED RIDING books and DVDs are 30% off, the entire month of November.

Trafalgar Square Books, the leading publisher of horse books and DVDs, is a small business based on a farm in rural Vermont.

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Don’t miss the April issue of Horse&Rider magazine, available now wherever quality equestrian magazines are sold! Inside you’ll find a featured excerpt from the new TSB book KNOW YOU, KNOW YOUR HORSE by Eunice Rush and Marry Morrow. Eunice and Marry share some of their tips for determining a horse’s character type and how that can impact the training techniques you choose when working with him.

But wait, that’s not all Eunice and Marry have to offer. Their book KNOW YOU, KNOW YOUR HORSE is organized into two distinct sections: one that focuses on the human, and one that focuses on the horse. That’s because they believe it is important to know who you really are (ie, “know thyself”) in order to find a match made in heaven (aka “the perfect horse”), or to simply ride and train the one you have in a way that will help him live and work with you in a happy, healthy way.

But as is, I’m sure, very apparent, getting in touch with your own characteristics and tendencies is only half the equation. You need a practical system that allows you to determine a horse’s personality in a relatively short amount of time, and certainly before you walk down the barn aisle together, into an unknown future!

KnowYouKnowYrHorse250Ready to meet your horsey soul mate…or at the very least learn how to meet your horse, whoever he is, on even terms and solid footing?


And don’t forget to learn more about Eunice and Marry’s ideas for horse-human matchmaking in the April issue of Horse&Rider magazine!

KNOW YOU, KNOW YOUR HORSE is available to order from the TSB online bookstore.


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The July 2012 issue of Horse&Rider Magazine features a great article by Debbie Moors called “The Well-Read Rider.” Debbie names 30 books and DVDs that can help improve your relationship with your horse and your performance in the saddle, with specific choices that pertain to specific levels of horsemanship as well as specific competitive and recreational interests. Be sure to check out the new issue of Horse&Rider for the complete list of Debbie’s recommendations.

TSB is proud to have NINE titles named to the Top 30 list! Check it out:


DRESSAGE 101 by Jane Savoie

RIDING LOGIC by Wilhelm Museler

CLINTON ANDERSON’S DOWNUNDER HORSEMANSHIP by Clinton Anderson with Ami Hendrickson


BOMBPROOF YOUR HORSE by Sgt. Rick Pelicano with Lauren Tjaden

REINING ESSENTIALS by Sandy Collier with Jennifer Forsberg Meyer

TEAM ROPING 101 by Kayla Starnes, Endorsed by the USTRC

Congratulations to all our authors! You can order TSB books and DVDs from the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.

BLOG BONUS!! Enter the coupon code TSBBLOG15 at checkout and get 15% off your entire order!

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BEYOND HORSE MASSAGE by TSB author Jim Masterson is featured in the March issue of Horse&Rider Magazine.

Jim Masterson’s bestselling book BEYOND HORSE MASSAGE is featured in the March issue of Horse&Rider Magazine! Pick up a copy wherever quality magazines are sold and check it out, or take our word for it and get yourself a copy of Jim’s book from the TSB online bookstore today (shipping in the US is always FREE!) Jim’s fabulous DVD by the same name is also available.

Here are some of the things readers are saying about BEYOND HORSE MASSAGE:

The book is written so it is very easy to follow and has some humor thrown in. There are detailed instructions and plenty of pictures. The book is spiral bound so it can be taken it to the barn to review while working on your horse. This book is certainly worth the small investment.”

“This is an excellently formatted textbook introducing the Masterson Method. It has clear descriptions and photos of techniques that will give almost immediate results. Anyone who works with horses and is interested in bodywork to release tension would find it helpful, and for a beginning practitioner it is a revelation.”

“Stefanie Reinhold and Jim Masterson have hit this one out of the ball park. For me, they have won the Grand Prix of bodywork for horses! This book will help you to keep your horse supple, relaxed and in good health. If you have an issue you are trying to solve with your horse, this should be your first go-to resource. Spiral bound and easy to take and use at the barn, the simple and easy to understand step by step instructions, as well as what you’re looking to see happen in your horse give the user exactly what they need to ensure that they are doing this right. This book puts the horse first in regards to health, and the user first in regards to simplicity, understanding and effective execution of the method. Hurray!”

This book is such a treasure. I love how it is structured with a quick overview on one page followed by more in depth descriptions on the following pages. The photos are a big help to explain in great detail the releases. The tips are also very helpful and at times very funny and always insightful.”


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“New to team roping? Or dying to give it a try? Kayla Starnes has written the book for you,” says the review of TEAM ROPING 101 in the January issue of Horse&Rider Magazine.

“Endorsed by the United States Team Roping Championships, and with a foreword by Clinton Anderson, this book has all the facts you need to get your team roping career started,” writes book reviewer Laura Downey. “It provides information on what to look for in a roping horse; what kind of tack, ropes, and other equipment you’ll need; the horsemanship skills you can’t rope without; and of course, simple drills for the roping horse from H&R contributor Clinton Anderson.

“Throughout the book, you’ll also find tips from professional team ropers Speed Williams and Rickey Green. With information covering everything from picking the right horse to roping your first steer, this book will help you on your way to becoming a great team roper.”

TEAM ROPING 101 author and photographer Kayla Starnes signed books at the Hastings in Stephenville, Texas, in November.

Some of you may have had the chance to meet TEAM ROPING 101 author and photographer Kayla Starnes during her November book signing at the Hastings in Stephenville, Texas. “It was my first book signing in my hometown, which was a really fun dynamic,” says Kayla. “I had the opportunity to visit with supportive friends and family, as well as roping enthusiasts. Some of my models for TEAM ROPING 101 are local amateur ropers, and more than one visitor was excited to discover that they recognized friends and family in the pages. That sense of community and devotion to learning about their sport is exactly why I chose to portray everyday ropers, as well as professionals, in this book.”

TEAM ROPING 101 author and photographer Kayla Starnes really enjoyed signing books in her hometown of Stephenville.

TEAM ROPING 101 is available from the TSB online bookstore, where standard shipping in the US is always FREE. CLICK HERE TO ORDER TEAM ROPING 101 NOW.

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