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All this month we’ve been “Remembering Sally Swift” and all her book CENTERED RIDING did for the world of riding horses and teaching people to ride. In celebration of her life and work, we are offering 15% off her books–CENTERED RIDING and CENTERED RIDING 2–and DVDs 1 and 2, through the end of March at the TSB bookstore.

We’ll begin this week with some thoughts from TSB author Peggy Cummings, whose new book CONNECT WITH YOUR HORSE FROM THE GROUND UP is due out this month.

“Sally used to visit my farm every spring and fall for eight years, 1981-1988.  My family and I always looked forward to her visit because she and her little dog, Joy, were delightful guests. Four of my children rode with her, and she had a nice rapport with all six of my kids.

“When my daughter Lindsay was about seven years old, she would sit and watch Sally teach lessons, and at the end of the day, Lindsay would grab her pony and Sally would spend some time answering questions and giving Lindsay her own special ‘Sally time.’ My son Jeff was in Pony Club, and after he began riding with Sally, he did not want to ride with anyone who taught differently than she did!  He was so fond of Sally that he made two little wooden carvings of Sally and Joy, and they remained above her kitchen sink until she passed.

Sally Swift and Peggy Cummings at Sally's home the year before Sally passed away.

“I first met Sally at a New England Dressage Association instructors’ workshop, where she addressed the importance of the use of the rider’s body on the horse. She also spoke about using visualizations to facilitate teaching.  Just hearing her speak, I knew I needed to pursue her work.

“A few months later, I rode with Sally. She showed me how to soften my body in instead of bracing in the saddle. It was such a ‘collision of realities’ with my bracing patterns that I knew I had found an answer I had been seeking.  That is, I had to stop bracing and allow movement in my body as I rode.  This awareness became the keystone to the development of my own work with horses and riders’ bodies (Connected Riding and Connected Groundwork).

“I devoted eight years to working closely with Sally. One year, I took 12 clinics with her, and eventually I was privileged to be the first Centered Riding instructor to teach workshops for other instructors. I was fortunate to pay Sally a visit and meet with her over her kitchen table the year before she died. We reminisced and still had a wonderful connection, and she thanked me for carrying on her work. She will always remain as a mother to me, and of course, as one of my primary mentors.”

–Peggy Cummings, founder of Connected Riding and Connected Groundwork, and author of CONNECT WITH YOUR HORSE FROM THE GROUND UP

You can pre-order a copy of Peggy’s new book at the TSB bookstore.

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I’d say 8 out of 10 of my New Year’s Resolutions this year were inspired by Olympic eventer and Tevis Cup buckle-winner Denny Emerson’s new book HOW GOOD RIDERS GET GOOD (one of the perks of my job is getting to read fantastic material before everyone else…) The ideas he shares are hands-down some of the best I’ve come across, not only in terms of determining the course of your own riding career, but also in terms of deciding who you are going to be in this life–and by this I mean “in general,” whether your actions involve horses or not.

Denny’s theories, stories, and advice are reinforced by some of the top names in equestrian sport, from all kinds of disciplines, including eventing, reining, dressage, endurance, show jumping, driving, and hunters. His book includes “how I did it” profiles and photos from Beezie Madden, James Stierhoff, Anne Gribbons, Gina Miles, Sandy Collier, Georgina Bloomberg, Larry Poulin, Michael Pollard, Clinton Anderson, Laura Kraut, Jane Savoie, Mary King, Havens Schatt, Meg Sleeper, Stacy Westfall, Buck Davidson, Geoff Teall, Callan Solem, Robin Groves, Leslie Law, Louise Serio, Peter Wylde, and Courtney King-Dye.

RIGHT NOW we’re offering a special book release discount to our Facebook friends and visitors. Pop by our Facebook page for the limited offer coupon code and order your copy of HOW GOOD RIDERS GET GOOD today!

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