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Buck Brannaman travels extensively throughout the country and the world each year, teaching an approach to training and riding horses that he learned from spending years as a student of the renowned horsemen Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance. This weekend, Feb 1 thru 3, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Buck is one of the featured clinicians at Legacy of Legends, an event that showcases those who exemplify the spirit and ability to communicate a level of horsemanship introduced and taught by Ray and Tom.

The Legacy of Legends Foundation’s goal is to generate funding for scholarships to deserving students in pursuit of a higher level of consciousness in conjunction with the horse. Clinics at this weekend’s event are intended to promote harmony between horse and rider, and preserve the dignity and well-being of the horse while encouraging the trainer/rider to achieve a higher level of horsemanship.

“What our goal is,” explains Buck, “is that once a year we can have an event that truly displays the very things that Ray and Tom had in mind, done by people that actually were students of Ray and Tom.”

The natural horsemanship approach taught by Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance, and now Buck, benefits all levels and types of riders, and has inspired and revolutionized the equestrian world. Due to the success of the highly acclaimed 2011 documentary BUCK, a new awareness of this methodology has extended far into the mainstream.

In September, 2012, TSB teamed up with Cedar Creek Productions to release 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN, a seven-disc instructional DVD series created from over 300 hours of unused footage shot during the making of the hit film BUCK. With this unique DVD series, viewers have the chance to watch many of Buck’s lessons taught, in real time, at clinics around the country. Here’s a “sneak peek” lesson on getting yourself and your horse centered from Disc 7 of the 7 CLINICS series:

The 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN DVD series is available from the TSB online bookstore.

Check out this great deal! THE ULTIMATE BUCK BRANNAMAN GIFT SET includes the documentary BUCK, the complete series of 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN, Templeton Thompson’s SONGS FROM 7 CLINICS CD of music written for and featured in 7 CLINICS, and a Buck tote bag (not sold separately)!


The 2013 Legacy of Legends poster by artist and horseman Steve Johnson.

The 2013 Legacy of Legends poster by artist and horseman Steve Johnson.

And do you like the 2013 Legacy of Legends poster? The art is by horseman Steve Johnson—you can read a little about him and his family and the adventures we had together at the Padlock Ranch by clicking HERE.

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theIHACHorse Agility is the hottest and fastest growing international equestrian sport! Based on the same concepts as the ever-popular Dog Agility competitions, Horse Agility offers horse lovers everywhere the opportunity to put all that groundwork they’re doing to good use, in a fun, active competitive sport. Beginning on a lead rope and progressing to working through and over obstacles “free,” or at liberty, Horse Agility engages the horse in an activity that helps him think and problem-solve while enjoying his training time—step away from all those repetitive longe and roundpen circles! Plus, Horse Agility is appropriate for people of any age or size, and allows those who may not want to ride to spend time with other like-minded individuals in an exciting setting.

HAwDVDNow, as a follow-up to her bestselling book THE HORSE AGILITY HANDBOOK: A STEP-BY-STEP INTRODUCTION TO THE SPORT, founder of the International Horse Agility Club Vanessa Bee brings us an all-new DVD. HORSE AGILITY—THE DVD provides the same sport fundamentals as THE HORSE AGILITY HANDBOOK, but with “real-time” action and visuals to help you further grasp the basic concepts and skills you and your horse need to get started, and get good!

Check out this video introduction to HORSE AGILITY—THE DVD:

HORSE AGILITY—THE DVD will be shipping February 1, 2013. You can preorder your copy now at the TSB online bookstore.


Hey! Did you know that the International Horse Agility Club is a finalist in the Equestrian Social Media Awards? CLICK HERE to check out the Club’s website and then please cast your vote for Best Equestrian Social Network!



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In September 2012, Cindy Meehl, director of the award-winning documentary BUCK, completed her mission to bring legendary horseman Buck Brannaman’s philosophy and training methods to more people—therefore bettering the lives of more horses—all over the world. The highly anticipated release of 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN, the seven-disc instructional series Cindy created with the unused footage shot during the making of BUCK, proved Cindy’s instincts right: horsemen and women of all ages and experience levels hunger for the intuition, hard-won wisdom, and straight talk Buck Brannaman delivers in his clinics and live appearances.

To put it simply, everyone wants more Buck.

Trafalgar Square Books, the official distributor of 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN, is proud to offer this truly unique DVD series of unparalleled quality for sale at www.HorseandRiderBooks.com. (Resellers and tack shops interested in carrying 7 CLINICS should contact Kim Cook at kimcook@sover.net or 800.423.4525.)

Here’s what some of those who have already seen 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN are saying:

“The 7 CLINICS DVD series is probably the best single investment in ‘horsemanship training’ I have ever made. Every time I watch one of the sessions I pick up a new view of an idea or nuance I didn’t think of before. To say there is a wealth of knowledge in each of the sessions is a gross understatement! 7 CLINICS will keep me busy with my horses from this point forward. It has also increased my passion for helping people and my faith in horses. My horses benefit more from this $150 DVD set than they do my $60,000 trailer and $40,000 truck. Thank you. Thanks Buck.” –Tom Austerman, Serenity Golden Quarter Horses

“I truly believe [7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN] are the very best training videos on the market today.” –Dottie Davis, Buck Brannaman Clinic Sponsor

“These 7 DVDs are a classic.  I think they are one of the most important contributions to horse knowledge and know-how to come along in decades.” –Deb Goldeen, Palo Alto, CA

“ I recently received a copy of [7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN] in Australia and absolutely love it.  I have been to three clinics of Buck’s in Australia and always leave the clinics saddened that it will be another two years or so before Buck returns.  Now I have Buck in my own lounge room (along with Buck’s older DVDs) … I am one VERY HAPPY HAPPY customer!!” –Tamara Watson, Australia

“Thank you so much for the 7 CLINICS DVDs. Every DVD is packed full of great information. The backdrop of the clinics out West are breathtaking.” –Marsha Jessup, Saline, MI

“ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT! A great refresher course that I will review time and time again! I picked up some wonderful new tidbits as well and cannot wait to present them to my horses! The editing was superb!!! Thank you for all the hard work it took to put 7 CLINICS together!” –Mary Wood, Trout Creek, MT


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Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling rocked the horse training world when he first shared his ways of using his background in theater and dance to communicate via body language with the horse. This charismatic trainer’s methods of working with horses have been embraced by thousands of participants around the globe. His acclaimed first book, Dancing with Horses, has been an overwhelming success throughout Europe and North America. And it is now available in a new paperback edition!

In Dancing with Horses, Hempfling demonstrates his fascinating method of communicating with and teaching the horse. Hempfling uses the visual language of the natural horse herd to develop an innovative and inspirational program for every rider.

If you haven’t yet ventured into the world of Hempfling and his awe-inspiring work, now’s your chance to discover what might just be the missing link between you, your horse, and the ultimate dance partnership.

DANCING WITH HORSES is available in paperback from the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE: CLICK HERE

Hempfling’s DANCING WITH HORSES DVD is also available: CLICK HERE

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With Buck’s methods, neither your nor your horse has anything to fear.

When  you’ve worked with and ridden horses long enough, you can usually easily summon at least one metallic-tasting memory of an instance when you were completely and utterly afraid—afraid of getting kicked, bitten, thrown, hurt…afraid of losing control…afraid of not knowing what to do…afraid of where you were in that moment and where you’d be in the next.

I’ve had horses in my life for most of my years, and there are two sharply clear memories that rise to the surface instantly when I think about being scared. In both instances, I was on horseback—once when I was about five years old, and the other later…I was maybe ten. The horses I was on in both scenarios ran away with me, and both times I was frightened enough to throw myself from the saddle in a rough-and-tumble form of an emergency dismount that left me bruised and battered, but alive. (The helmet helped, too.)

And then there was the “afterward”…the fear I battled when I faced those horses again, and when urged by my instructor, I put my foot in the stirrup and swung back up.

Maybe I was lucky because the only times I remember being afraid of a horse I was young enough to conquer fear before it metamorphosed into something large, ugly, and all-consuming. Maybe I was lucky because I had people with me who could support me as I conquered the awful challenge of being suddenly scared of what I’d always loved. Maybe I was lucky because the horses I was afraid of weren’t actually dangerous, or poorly trained, or unmanageable runaways.

Not everyone is so lucky.

“Fear is a big thing,” says Buck Brannaman in the new seven-disc instructional DVD series 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN. “It just owns some people…it can be overwhelming.”

Watch Buck talk about fear in this short video:

“Fear is about despair. It’s about looking into the darkness and not seeing,” he says. “The more things about the horse that become predictable, it’s like you’re slowly turning on the light.”

When you think about that, about that darkness by which you can feel overwhelmed when you work with and ride horses but don’t have the tools you need to understand them and help them to understand you, then the idea of having a light to plug in and turn on is an instant and unbelievable relief.

People around the world have come to discover that Buck Brannaman’s form of horsemanship is the source of this light, and the 7 CLINICS DVD SERIES helps share his methods and philosophies with those who might never have the chance to see him teach in person.

“It is possible to get to the point where you can say, ‘I am absolutely not afraid of any horse, anywhere,'” says Buck.

There’s no reason we can’t all get started right now.

7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN is available from the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.


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We had a chance this week to catch up with Betty Staley—dressage rider and featured trainer and clinic host in the hit documentary BUCK and the all-new instructional DVD series 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN. Betty was kind enough to share a little about how she feels Buck’s philosophy and methodology can help the dressage rider, as well as insight into her own evolution as a dressage trainer and competitor.

7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN, the seven-disc DVD series, is available from the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

TSB: How did you discover the sport/pursuit of dressage? What about it attracted you?

BS: As a lifelong horse nut, I had a general awareness of dressage as a horse training discipline. Seeing a video of German Olympian Reiner Klimke inspired me to become a serious student of dressage. The beauty of horses is an inescapable magnet.

TSB: How did you discover Buck Brannaman and determine that his methods had something to offer you as a student of dressage?

BS: As a fellow student of Ray Hunt, I heard about Buck. Buck’s horses like their work and they perform better than mine!

TSB: What is one of your most vivid memories from the Buck clinics you’ve witnessed?

BS: Watching Buck rope horses; the calmness and focus with which Buck approaches any drama, or crisis. Learning how and why Buck ropes horses saved my life and he wasn’t even there. That’s a vivid memory.

TSB: How did you get involved in the making of the award-winning documentary BUCK and then the instructional DVD series 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN?

BS: A personal assistant to Producer/Director Cindy Meehl called me. Buck’s sponsors are often called upon to adjust to unusual circumstances. Buck’s a remarkable person and because of him, I’ve met people from all over the world. Cindy made a significant life-changing documentary. When Cindy began compiling the footage for the 7 Clinics DVDs, she asked me for feedback. Buck, through his teaching, and Cindy, with her visual prowess are offering the horse community a wonderful resource.

TSB: What would you say to those who ride dressage in order to convince them that Buck’s training methods apply to every horse person, just as the lessons from his life apply to every human being?

BS: Horses, no matter what breed or sport, are all still horses. Buck’s ability to change horses (for the better) is uncanny. Dressage has a wonderful set of methodical building blocks for both horse and rider. But, there are dressage riders, who are struggling with their horses. There are also horses that do not easily fit into the dressage mold, but through adjusting how the rider approaches the horse, that same horse could be a wonderful dressage companion.* Dressage is both grounded and mired in its traditions. A comment from Ray Hunt comes to mind, “If the shoe fits, wear it. If it doesn’t fit, I wasn’t talkin’ to you anyway.”

(*Editor’s note: Betty taught a homebred, full-blooded, Tennessee Walking Horse the upper-level movements of dressage.)

TSB: If you could be sure that viewers take away one lesson from the 7 CLINICS series, what would you like it to be?

BS: Enjoy your horses, enjoy learning.

TSB: If you were trapped on a desert island with a horse and a book, what breed of horse would it be and which book would you choose?

BS: It takes me about five minutes to fall in love with any horse, but I’ll probably die a fan of Tennessee Walking Horses. Light shod, of course. For my book, I’ve got a compendium “do it yourself” type manual. That’d be handy to have on the island. I’d have fun figuring out how to build and fix my hut.

TSB: Tell us about the first time you remember sitting on a horse.

BS: Very young, I was in front of my mother, bareback on a draft horse. Mom lost control of the horse and was knocked off by a tree branch. Much shorter, I stayed aboard. I remember wondering why all the adults were scrambling to catch the horse. Up there, all by myself, I was simply thrilled.

TSB: Tell us about the first time you remember falling off a horse.

BS: My first horse cost me $100. She was unhandled and I didn’t own a saddle, so I rode her bareback, everywhere. Riding cross-country, across a high mountain plateau, we endured one of those blue sky hail storms. Relentlessly pelted with ice, my mare dumped me. But, she didn’t leave me.

TSB: What is the quality you most like in a friend?

BS: Integrity.

TSB: What is the quality you most like in a horse?

BS: Connection.

TSB: If you could do one thing on horseback or with a horse that you haven’t yet done, what would it be?

BS: Shoot. I don’t know. Every day with a horse is a grand day. There is so much to learn.

TSB: If you could have a conversation with one famous person, alive or dead, who would it be?

BS: Jesus. He’s returning on horseback, you know. I’d like a job riding His herd.

TSB: What is your motto?

BS: “No discipline is pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it reaps a harvest of righteousness for those who have been trained by it.” That’s scripture and a pretty long motto. So, I’ll edit that down to: for the willing student, problems are opportunities.

You can hear more from Betty Staley in the seven-disc DVD series 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN.


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Come find 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN at the All American Quarter Horse Congress!

That’s right! You can get your set of the seven-disc instructional DVD series 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN at this year’s Congress. Just find Blue Ribbon Books, Booth #702 in Congress Hall—your set is waiting for you!

Come find the Blue Ribbon Books booth at Congress, #702 in Congress Hall!

The All American Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus, Ohio, is known as the world’s largest single-breed horse show, boasting more than 17,000 entries annually and housing nearly 6,000 registered American Quarter Horses during its three-week duration. Since 1967, it has successfully brought horse and Quarter Horse breed aficionados together in one exciting venue, attracting more than 650,000 people to the Columbus area and bringing more than $180 million to the central Ohio economy each year.

The 2012 Congress promises to be the largest in the show’s 40-year history! Running from October 5 through October 28 at the Ohio Expo Center, it will feature reining, cutting, racing, showmanship, and futurities and sweepstakes, to name just a few popular events. Attendees can also benefit from lectures and demonstrations from top riders, trainers, breeders, and veterinarians, as well as enjoy the massive trade show, with unsurpassed equine shopping opportunities spread over more than seven acres, both indoors and out.

And don’t forget to let us know what you think of 7 CLINICS! Send an email to info@cedarcreekmedia.com or visit 7 CLINICS on Facebook—share a picture of you with your set of 7 CLINICS at Congress and we’ll send the first five people to share a BUCK THE FILM tote bag as a thank-you gift!

Can’t make it to Congress? You can order your set of 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN from the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.


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