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KnowYouKnowYrHorse250To start 2013 right, TSB authors Eunice Rush and Marry Morrow have brought us a whole new way to:

– Better understand the horse we may own or ride now.

– Find and/or buy the right horse for who we are, how we ride, and what we want to do.

– Customize our training techniques to best match our equine partner.

In the exciting new book KNOW YOU, KNOW YOUR HORSE (available now from the TSB online bookstore), Eunice and Marry walk us through the four core human personality “Social Styles,” the four core horse personality types, how we can then either “align” ourselves to our horse or find the “best match” for a long-term relationship, and how our horse’s personality should dictate the kinds of training methods we use.

With dozens of quizzes and charts to help us practically apply the book’s lessons, we’re prepared to look at how and why we choose the horses we do in a whole new way. Whether we are most interested in long, quiet trail rides or competing at the highest level of our favorite horse sport, the fact is, by matching our personality to a horse’s we are more likely to meet our riding goals and enable the horse to perform his best—oh yeah, and have a lot more fun along the way!

Check it out for yourself! Take the human and horse personality questionnaires, available as FREE DOWNLOADS by CLICKING HERE.

CLICK HERE to download the FREE human and horse personality questionnaires from the book KNOW YOU, KNOW YOUR HORSE.

CLICK HERE to download the FREE human and horse personality questionnaires from the book KNOW YOU, KNOW YOUR HORSE.

You might be surprised by what you discover about yourself…and about your horse!


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For over a decade, Clinton Anderson has been inspiring the dreams of horsemen through his results-oriented Downunder Horsemanship Method. Trafalgar Square Books is proud to have a role in helping to bring his techniques to riders, trainers, and horse owners everywhere with Clinton’s first book DOWNUNDER HORSEMANSHIP and the terrific followup LESSONS WELL LEARNED.

In 2013, the renowned trainer and clinician is bringing his Method to six Walkabout Tour locations around the country for non-stop, no-holds-barred, two-day learning extravaganzas. Combining his Aussie-wit and easy-to-understand horsemanship philosophy, Clinton presents a weekend full of entertainment and knowledge that will leave equine enthusiasts of all ages empowered to take their horsemanship to the next level. Don’t miss this chance to see Clinton Anderson’s Downunder Horsemanship Method in action!

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2013 Walkabout Tour Schedule:

February 2nd and 3rd – Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar, California


March 9th and 10th – Florida State Fairgrounds, Tampa, Florida


April 6th and 7th – Hooker Creek Event Center, Redmond, Oregon


June 22nd and 23rd – Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, Kentucky


July 13th and 14th – Farm Show Complex & Expo Center, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


August 24th and 25th – National Western Complex, Denver, Colorado


Each two-day tour stop runs from 9 to 5 each day, with doors opening at 8:15 a.m. Autograph and photograph opportunities are available throughout the weekend. Advance tickets are available online or by phone. For more information or to buy tickets, call 888-287-7432 or visit http://www.downunderhorsemanship.com.

Clinton’s bestselling books DOWNUNDER HORSEMANSHIP and LESSONS WELL LEARNED are available from the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.

Enter the coupon code TSBBLOG15 at checkout to get 15% off your entire order!

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Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling rocked the horse training world when he first shared his ways of using his background in theater and dance to communicate via body language with the horse. This charismatic trainer’s methods of working with horses have been embraced by thousands of participants around the globe. His acclaimed first book, Dancing with Horses, has been an overwhelming success throughout Europe and North America. And it is now available in a new paperback edition!

In Dancing with Horses, Hempfling demonstrates his fascinating method of communicating with and teaching the horse. Hempfling uses the visual language of the natural horse herd to develop an innovative and inspirational program for every rider.

If you haven’t yet ventured into the world of Hempfling and his awe-inspiring work, now’s your chance to discover what might just be the missing link between you, your horse, and the ultimate dance partnership.

DANCING WITH HORSES is available in paperback from the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE: CLICK HERE

Hempfling’s DANCING WITH HORSES DVD is also available: CLICK HERE

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Clinton Anderson's best-selling book is now available in Kindle and Epub formats!

Yep, you heard it right–we’ve released Australian horse-training phenom Clinton Anderson’s hit book LESSONS WELL LEARNED in Kindle and Epub formats. So, for all you techie-types or those who are on the road with an ipad more often than they’re home with a bookshelf, you can now bring great equestrian reading with you, wherever you go and however light you plan to pack.

You can order LESSONS WELL LEARNED Kindle edition from Amazon (click HERE).

Find it in Epub format for your laptop, ipad, or iphone from Ebooks.com (click HERE).

And of course, you can always get your hands on the original hardcover version at the TSB bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE (click HERE).

Keep an eye on our blog and website as other new Trafalgar Square titles, as well as some favorites from our popular backlist, are made available in Kindle and Epub formats.

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TSB author Melinda Folse with her Midlife Horses Trace and Rio.

Forget the term “midlife crisis” and all the worn, over-used (and often guy-centric) cliches that go along with it (fast cars, fast women, fast food)…we’re talking Midlife Horses.

Women today are particularly prone to midlife crises. Many of us reach middle age completely exhausted (working mom syndrome). Time for ourselves has plunged to a mere 54 minutes a day, down from 1.6 hours in 1977, according to the Families and Work Institute.  “We are anxious, dissatisfied, insecure and, above all, desperate to stop pleasing others for a single afternoon and start doing something for ourselves,” states The Washington Post.

And what IS that “something else,” exactly?

According to the American Horse Council, of the 9.2 million horses in America today, about 75 percent are owned by women over 40.

Midlife Horses, indeed.

What is it that horses do for women at this time of life that makes them such a draw? Do you know the answer? Do you want to find out? It’s time to join in the discussion, the debate, the camaraderie, and the flat-out FUN, that a group of like-minded women dealing with the same questions, the same struggles, the same challenges as you can promise. Whether you have a horse or not, whether owning a horse of your own is in the near future or remains a hazy and distant dream you can’t quite lay your finger on, TSB author Melinda Folse has created the online hub of information and sharing you’ve craved.

Finding herself to be just one among millions of Baby Boomer women who once dreamed of horses and are now recapturing that dream, Melinda let her own struggles do the talking in her forthcoming book THE SMART WOMAN’S GUIDE TO MIDLIFE HORSES—a tongue-in-cheek account that is a little bit memoir, a little more self-help, a whole lot of practical guidebook, and all heart. This is the book Melinda wishes she had been able to find when she made the bold decision to get back in the saddle at age forty-five.

In the spirit of searching, sharing, and squaring up the reality of owning and caring for a real live horse that her book inspires, Melinda has pulled together a Facebook page and blog centered around being a woman, being a woman in midlife, and being a woman in love with Midlife Horses. Check it out, share your story, offer a tip—we hope this community helps legions of women find their soul’s calling, and find it on the back (or at the side) of a horse.

You can pre-order THE SMART WOMAN’S GUIDE TO MIDLIFE HORSES at the TSB bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.

And while you’re there, sign up to win a $100 gift certificate at www.horseandriderbooks.com! Look for the sweepstakes banner at the bottom of the home page.

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TSB author Kayla Starnes' new colt--a Helluva Chex baby.

TSB author Kayla Starnes had a tough week near the end of April–her new book TEAM ROPING 101: THE COMPLETE SPORT FROM HEADER TO HEELER–was in the final stages of proofing prior to going to print, and her mare was due to foal any minute. She spent several late nights on “pregnant mare watch” while scanning the pages of her book-to-be…and we’re happy to say both were safely delivered in the end!

Playin' with Mama!

What a lovely family portrait!

Kayla’s colt is a palomino overo AQHA/APHA son of the stunning reining stallion Helluva Chex. She shared pics from his first evening of “freedom” out in the pasture with his mama—we think he is an absolute doll!

And her book, TEAM ROPING 101—a fantastic beginner’s guide endorsed by the USTRC—is available for pre-order at the TSB bookstore NOW! Check it out HERE.

Congrats on both your new “babies,” Kayla!

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TSB author and stunt-riding phenomenon Lorenzo stars in this year's Equitana.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people visit Essen, Germany, where EQUITANA, one of the horse world’s premier events and trade fairs is held. With breed pavilions, demonstrations, speakers, and shopping-galore spread over a week-long period–this year, from March 12 through the 20–Equitana is every equestrian’s “happy place.”

An integral part of the Equitana festival, is the HOP TOP Show–an event that is considered an absolute “must see” by many equine enthusiasts. There is no other horse “show” on earth quite like it–each year it features a host of stars from all over Europe who perform amazing acts with their horses to the accompaniment of dramatic lighting, breathtaking backdrops, and rousing music.

TSB author and world-famous liberty trainer Frederic Pignon also stars in Equitana 2011.

This year’s much-anticipated HOP TOP Show “Fabuloso” features two of TSB’s best-selling authors: Frederic Pignon and Lorenzo. Pignon, known for his work alongside his wife Magali Delgado in the hit show Cavalia, is a liberty-work master. He and Delgado share their story and horse training philosophy in the gorgeously illustrated book GALLOP TO FREEDOM, on sale all this month at the TSB bookstore.

We’ve all seen the YouTube clip of Lorenzo “roman riding” his team of eight gray horses along the beach and through the ocean. You can read the story of this impressive stunt-riding phenomenon–his background, education, and how he trains his horses to do what they do together–in LORENZO: THE FLYING FRENCHMAN, also on sale all this month at the TSB bookstore.

We’re recognizing other TSB authors who are presenting at Equitana with 15% off their books and DVDs, plus FREE SHIPPING. Check out our March specials HERE.

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TSB author Clinton Anderson, Chris Cox, and Pat Parelli competed for the 2011 Road to the Horse Legends crown

You gotta love the way the English language is changing, moment by moment, via online discourse and the perma-audience social media has established. Case in point is the Facebook feed regarding the 2011 Road to the Horse Legends Competition, featuring TSB author Clinton Anderson, Chris Cox, and Pat Parelli (and hosted by TSB author and television personality Rick Lamb).

Sunday morning the following was posted on the “Road to the Horse” Facebook page:

“All three guys caught their horses quickly this morning. And are making great progress already. CA is respecting, CC is preparing and PP is relationshipping…great stuff and 3 very different styles. We are so lucky!”

Obviously, RTTH is getting clever with some of the major tenets in each of these trainers’ philosophies. But just for our own peace o’ mind, let’s break this down so we all can see past the lingo for a minute and actually understand what this short-speak means in terms of horse training.

We can all take a page out of the Clinton Anderson books (see the TSB bookstore for more information on DOWNUNDER HORSEMANSHIP and LESSONS WELL LEARNED) and understand a little of what he means by building a mutual RESPECT between horse and handler/rider.

Clinton believes that RESPECT is the basis of FRIENDSHIP. And to get your horse to respect you, all you have to do is get him to move forward, backward, left, and right, and always reward the slightest try.

Chris Cox has another lead principle. He leans on PREPARATION and claims he never asks a horse to do something he hasn’t first prepared it to do. And by PREPARE Chris doesn’t mean DESENSITIZE.He thinks it is okay for your horse to react to something, although if he’s properly prepared he won’t overreact.

In the meantime, Pat Parelli lists “RELATIONSHIP” as the third of his basic principles. He says you can’t get anywhere with a horse without first establishing a relationship with him. And yes, friends, this is where our new verb comes in…introducing RELATIONSHIPPING (your horse, apparently)…don’t ask us what that means exactly, but it happened today, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

We hope that all attendees came away from the event feeling a little closer to understanding horses, a little more confident when getting in the saddle, and a little more fluent in trainer-speak…it is always changing. We at TSB will just try to keep up.

We look forward to hearing where the colts from the 2011 RTTH Competition end up.

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TSB had a chance to catch up with the ever-fun-and-fascinating Rick Lamb on his way back from Equifest of Kansas and before he heads for Murfreesboro, Tennessee, for the 2011 Road to the Horse “Legends” colt-starting competition. For the eighth time (that’s right–he’s seen ’em ALL!) Rick is the emcee, host, and commentator of the event, which this year features the legendary horse training talents of fellow TSB author Clinton Anderson, as well as Chris Cox, and Pat Parelli.

Rick talks horse with Road to the Horse contender Clinton Anderson.

Rick he is truly the “best man for the job” when it comes to providing running commentary for the horse training action ahead. If you haven’t caught his television or radio show, you’re missing out on some of the most informative, well produced horse-related programs available (click on The Horse Show link in our Highly Recommended Links panel for show times).

Rick knows horses, he knows the Natural Horsemanship movement, and he lives and works amongst some of the horse industry’s most learned and influential people. To top it off, the man, frankly, has a way with words. So watch out world, because half the fun February 25, 26, and 27 will be hearin’ what Rick has to say.

Hey, if you’re traveling to Murfreesboro and looking for something to read in the airport or hotel, grab a copy of Rick’s awesome book HUMAN TO HORSEMAN–it’s 40% off through the end of the month at the TSB bookstore!  If you want an honest-to-goodness insider’s look at America’s greatest horsemen and the story of five years of the Road to the Horse competition, this book’s your ticket to being “in the know.”

TSB: You’re about to host the “Road to the Horse” colt-starting competition for the eighth time. This year’s lineup includes Natural Horsemanship heavyweights Clinton Anderson, Chris Cox, and Pat Parelli. What do you think of this year’s competition and what spectators will be able to take away from it?

RL: This will be a master class in colt starting. I recommend that we all pay special attention to how each trainer gains his horse’s trust and gets control of his horse’s feet. What happens early on can have a big effect on the outcome.

TSB: You talk a lot about your experience with “Road to the Horse” in your book Human to Horseman. What are a couple of the most important lessons you’ve learned and been able to apply to your own horses?

RL: 1. Go slowly and don’t scare the horse.  2. Pay special attention to what the horse is saying with his body language and be ready to back off instantly. 3. Don’t worry about anything anyone else is doing.

TSB: What’s new for The Horse Show with Rick Lamb in 2011 and beyond?

RL: We’ll be shooting in Iceland this year so that’s pretty exciting.  Looks like you’ll also see me learn to rope on camera, which is something I’ve always wanted to try with my mare, Candy. I’m also putting a little extra into my radio programs with special guests and topics we’ve never discussed before. I’m blogging like crazy, too, and people seem to enjoy that.  With a little help, I’ve managed to get a strong Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube presence going so we’ll continue all of that, as well.

TSB: If you were trapped on a desert island with a horse and a book, what breed of horse would it be and which book would you choose?

RL: Tough question! I’m a Quarter Horse guy but I also love a good gaited horse. Maybe a Quarter/Rocky Mountain cross? As for the book, it would have to be the complete and unabridged Sherlock Holmes. It’s the book equivalent of comfort food for me!

TSB: What’s in your refrigerator at all times?

RL: Beer.  Nothing but beer.  Just kidding.  Actually, diet coke, frozen veggies, filet mignon, Ezekiel bread, eggs, apples, cheese … and beer.

TSB: What is your idea of perfect happiness?

RL: I define happiness as enjoying the passing of time. I’m sad for people who are always waiting for the future or stewing about the past. That’s not a happy way to live! Happiness is also a choice. I know it sounds clichéd but it’s true. Specific activities that make being happy easier for me are outings with my wife, Diana, playing music, writing, reading, learning, and of course being around horses.

TSB: Tell us about the first time you remember sitting on a horse.

RL: My parents used to take me to Kiddieland, an amusement park in Wichita, Kansas. There was a kid-sized roller coaster, ferris wheel, train, merry-go-round, etc., but my favorite thing was riding the ponies. They went through a little maze without anyone leading them. I felt like I was really riding! I was probably five or six at the time. This was in the late ’50s when Westerns dominated on TV.

TSB: Tell us about the first time you remember falling off a horse.

RL: Actually the first time I fell off was the time I wrote about in Human to Horseman.  Thunder was giving me a rough canter and I spanked him to speed him up and smooth out the gait. He kicked out, I lost my seat and tumbled off, getting stepped on and hurting my back in the process. It took a while to come back from that but I’ve since raced along the beach, jumped through fire, jousted and done mounted shooting. I doubt I’ll ever be a really great rider, but damn, I have fun! The fear of falling off is still there but I’ve thought it through enough now that I think I would handle it better if, God forbid, it did happen again.

TSB: What is the quality you most like in a friend?

RL: I suppose the thing I value most in any relationship is feeling I can totally be myself with the person.  I don’t always have to be smart or funny or even talkative. It takes tremendous pressure off of me to feel I’m accepted as I am.

TSB: What is the quality you most like in a horse?

RL: Willingness to move when I ask for movement and be still when I ask for stillness.

TSB: If you could do one thing on horseback that you haven’t yet done, what would it be?

RL: Dressage. One day, you’ll probably see me trying that on TV, too!

TSB: What is your idea of the perfect meal?

RL: Filet mignon. Steamed asparagus. Small salad. Bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. Blueberry pie a la mode. Coffee.

TSB: What is your idea of the perfect vacation?

RL: A cruise with Diana to just about anywhere.

TSB: If you could have a conversation with one famous person, alive or dead, who would it be?

RL: Ludwig von Beethoven. As brilliant as he was, he was plagued with self-doubt. He was never completely happy with anything he did. I would like to tell him it’s okay. That’s just how the creative process goes for lots of people. I’d also like to talk to the great horse tamer, John Rarey. He was also a tragic figure in that he died at the height of his fame, at just 38 years of age. His motto was patience, kindness, and firmness, a pretty good prescription for the modern horseman.

TSB: What is your motto?

RL: What a difference a day makes. This is a little reminder I use when things are not going so well. Literally overnight everything can change for the better.

You can catch Rick’s latest episode of The Horse Show, featuring a terrific interview with George and Joann Becker of Valley Spring Foxtrotters in Black, Missouri, on The Horse Show website (and if you’re into Foxtrotters, check out our new book by renowned gaited horse trainer Brenda Imus THE GAITED HORSE BIBLE).

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It is really February here in the Northeast. Snow banks are piled high. Rivers are frozen. Horses are still woolly with thick winter coats, and even long underwear and double socks can’t keep you warm in the saddle.

So, it is almost painful to imagine the perfect weather (around 80 degrees) and soft sunshine that those traveling to Hawaii late next week for Linda Tellington-Jones’ TTouch for You and Your Horse Clinic will be experiencing. The clinic–which is full according to Linda’s clinic registrar–features snorkeling in  tropical waters, swimming with wild dolphins, and trail riding on the 12,000-acre Kahua Ranch. Participants learn to connect with horses with an open heart, so that their horses enjoy the relationship with them as much as they enjoy the relationship with their horses.

Linda says that her special week-long clinics at her home in Hawaii introduce the “meat and potatoes” of her Tellington Method techniques, including learning how your thoughts, expectations, intention, and heart affect your relationship with your horse, as well as your horse’s performance. She says these concepts are much more fun when explored together with friends and like-minded horsemen and women (not to mention, very appealing when offered in a tropical paradise in February!) 

Linda has some really amazing ideas, that are not only soul- and body-changing, they are scientifically proven to have an effect on your ability to learn and train your horse, and on your horse’s health, well-being, and performance. If February in Hawaii (with horses AND dolphins, no less!) appeals to you as much as it does to me, watch Linda’s Web site for 2012 clinic dates (see our Highly Recommended Horse-Related Links).

ALSO, while you’re on Linda’s Web site–check out the live telecast she is hosting on February 19th (even if you can’t make it for the telecast, if you enroll, you can download the program to listen to when you have time). The telecast will explain how both the Tellington TTouch and the Playground for Higher Learning  (TTEAM) activate both hemispheres of the horse’s brain, and how Whole Brain function enhances our ability to deal with the world. Linda will also share how she came to the basic concepts that are part of the TTouch philosophy to “act and not react; cooperate rather than compete” as well as how Linda got the idea that “aggression comes from a place of fear.” The telecast includes time at the end for questions and answers from listeners–a great way to learn from a great teacher, and all from the comfort of your own home!

Linda’s best-selling reference of her complete Tellington Method THE ULTIMATE HORSE BEHAVIOR AND TRAINING BOOK is 15% off this month at the TSB storefront HorseandRiderBooks.com.

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