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  • Horse Brain, Human Brain at HETI Seoul

    Horse Brain, Human Brain at HETI Seoul

    From June 7 to 11, 2021, TSB author Janet Jones, PhD, whose HORSE BRAIN, HUMAN BRAIN has become a runaway international bestseller since its release last year, was a featured presenter at HETI Seoul. Hosted by the Korea Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (KATH) and Korea Racing Authority (KRA), the 17th HETI International Congress was held […]

  • How Horses Save Humans: The Miraculous World of Equine-Partnered Therapy

    Survivors of trauma, loss, illness, abuse, stress, and depression can face seemingly insurmountable obstacles. But today, a growing body of scientific evidence suggests that horses play a crucial role in therapy for those struggling with significant psychological and emotional challenges. Horses respond to angry, inhibited, heartbroken, defiant, terrified clients in many different ways, often breaking through defensive barriers […]

  • TSB’s 5 Things We’re Thankful We’ve Learned from Horses

    1  It’s okay to stand still, be quiet, and do nothing. 2  Firm can be fair, when the timing is right. 3  A crisp breeze on a fall day is a good reason to run, jump, and reach for the sky. 4  Our closest companions needn’t be beautiful, successful, or brilliant…just present. 5  Forgive. Forgive again. […]

  • TSB’s Top Three Things to Do with Your Horse as Summer Ends and Fall Begins

    It’s official: kids are back in school and for those of us in the northern regions of the riding world, temperatures are dropping, horses are friskier in the morning, and jackets have once again become a necessity. It was a great summer of riding though, right? Whether you’ve had a busy competition schedule or just […]