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  • Give the Horse You Love a DIY Spa Day

    Give the Horse You Love a DIY Spa Day

    Ah, Valentine’s Day! That Hallmark Holiday we all love to hate and hate to love. But we don’t have to sit around longing for some demonstration of adoration to appear in our mailbox or on our doorstep. Instead, why not treat that best of all faithful and true companions, your horse, to a DIY Spa […]

  • This Is What Top Equestrians Are Thankful For

    In almost every book we publish, we invite our authors to include a page of acknowledgments; this is their chance to thank those who may have had a hand in their careers or the making of their books. While it isn’t every day that we look back through to see who they’ve thanked over the […]

  • Withers Wiggle, Anyone? A Two-Finger Exercise Your Horse Will Love

      Have you heard about the Masterson Method yet? This innovative form of bodywork for horses was created by equine massage-bodywork therapist Jim Masterson. In many cases, all it takes is the tiniest of movements on your part to illicit a significant release of tension, stress, and pain in your horse. Here’s an example: The […]

  • It’s All About Balance: Insight from Masterson Method Practitioner Coralie Hughes

    We’re happy to have TSB author, translator, and Masterson Method Practitioner Coralie Hughes discuss the idea of “balance” in the horse, providing insight and ideas from her experiences at a clinic with Dr. Gerd Heuschmann, as well as in her work with Jim Masterson and the Masterson Method of Equine Bodywork. Coralie and Jim’s new […]

  • Yielding to Resistance–A Lesson from the Masterson Method for Horses

    With the Masterson Method of bodywork that relaxes the horse and relieves his body—including muscles and connective tissue—of deep stress and pain, you listen to what the horse’s body has to say and adjust your pressure (your level of touch on targeted Release Points) to get the result you want, which is the release from […]

  • Absorbine Teams Up with TSB Author Jim Masterson to Promote Wellness in Horses

    We at TSB are thrilled to have Jim Masterson, author of the bestselling book BEYOND HORSE MASSAGE and the accompanying DVD by the same name, as well as the new DVD DRESSAGE MOVEMENTS REVEALED, team up with Absorbine®! Yesterday Absorbine announced their sponsorship of The Masterson Method as an excellent addition to their long tradition […]

  • Check Out TSB Authors at Equine Affaire Ohio April 10-13

      Be sure to catch all the TSB authors who are featured clinicians at the 2014 Equine Affaire at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus this weekend! This year’s EA provides another diverse and inspiring group of leading riders, trainers, and equine experts to help us all learn to be better horsemen and women.   […]

  • TSB’s Top Three Things to Do with Your Horse as Summer Ends and Fall Begins

    It’s official: kids are back in school and for those of us in the northern regions of the riding world, temperatures are dropping, horses are friskier in the morning, and jackets have once again become a necessity. It was a great summer of riding though, right? Whether you’ve had a busy competition schedule or just […]

  • Great New Review of BEYOND HORSE MASSAGE by Jim Masterson with Stefanie Reinhold!

    Check out the new review of BEYOND HORSE MASSAGE by USET massage therapist Jim Masterson with Stefanie Reinhold on the Great Books for Horse Lovers Blog: “BEYOND HORSE MASSAGE is a perfect stable stocking-stuffer for your international champion and your pasture potato, for your riding instructor’s school ponies and the adoptable horses at your local […]

  • Celebrate July Fourth with Four Books & DVDs for Every Kind of Horse Lover

    Happy Independence Day! Celebrate with our JULY FOURTH “FOURS”: four books and DVDs we recommend for riders, trainers, and horse lovers across the nation, and across equestrian disciplines. FOUR BOOKS FOR HORSE LOVERS WHO’D RATHER NOT RIDE The Horse Agility Handbook by Vanessa Bee Horse Training In-Hand by Ellen Schuthof-Lesmeister & Kip Mistral Trick Training […]