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Don’t miss the April issue of Horse&Rider magazine, available now wherever quality equestrian magazines are sold! Inside you’ll find a featured excerpt from the new TSB book KNOW YOU, KNOW YOUR HORSE by Eunice Rush and Marry Morrow. Eunice and Marry share some of their tips for determining a horse’s character type and how that can impact the training techniques you choose when working with him.

But wait, that’s not all Eunice and Marry have to offer. Their book KNOW YOU, KNOW YOUR HORSE is organized into two distinct sections: one that focuses on the human, and one that focuses on the horse. That’s because they believe it is important to know who you really are (ie, “know thyself”) in order to find a match made in heaven (aka “the perfect horse”), or to simply ride and train the one you have in a way that will help him live and work with you in a happy, healthy way.

But as is, I’m sure, very apparent, getting in touch with your own characteristics and tendencies is only half the equation. You need a practical system that allows you to determine a horse’s personality in a relatively short amount of time, and certainly before you walk down the barn aisle together, into an unknown future!

KnowYouKnowYrHorse250Ready to meet your horsey soul mate…or at the very least learn how to meet your horse, whoever he is, on even terms and solid footing?


And don’t forget to learn more about Eunice and Marry’s ideas for horse-human matchmaking in the April issue of Horse&Rider magazine!

KNOW YOU, KNOW YOUR HORSE is available to order from the TSB online bookstore.


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Carla from Florida sent Eunice Rush and Marry Morrow, authors of the just-released KNOW YOU, KNOW YOUR HORSE, this amazing review of their book—check it out!

“I read…and thoroughly enjoyed every page of your book. I feel so much more savvy after learning about my personality, combined with my three horses. I have already used what I learned, and I am sincerely grateful.

“I would have never imagined that I would be a POWERFUL! I was shocked. I always think of myself as being kind of wimpy. I now understand why Moonie and I had such a rough start. Moonie is a THINKER…thus my broken wrist, ribs and front teeth. LOL! After five years of trial and error…we ‘get’each other…and we know how to work together. I love my old girl and she is bombproof. She is my ‘easy keeper’ and I trust her.

Carla on Hearts.

Carla on Hearts.

“My little Paint, Hearts, has been a lot of work for me. Now, I know why! Hearts is a TALKER. I have spent countless hours trying to get her to collect and stand still. The girl needs to move. We had our best ride ever today. She may never be the right horse for me…but, as long as she is with me, I will be a better rider and owner. I now ‘get’ her.

“And now, I have Frank Sinatra. I fell in love with this horse at the barn. He is a three-year-old cremello Quarter Horse. His former owner quit paying board. I got Frank by paying the back board. I had neer been on him…but, I had a feeling. I spent a week in the arena with him. He was cooperative, but I could tell he wasn’t crazy about arena work. I would walk him around the ranch just to build our bond. He did whatever I asked…and I taught him to side-pass in 15 minutes. I knew this would be a good horse for me.

“After only two rides on this guy…I can say that I have found my perfect match! POWERFUL/WORKER…go figure! Now that I know what I have…and I understand who I am…working with my horses is so much more enjoyable.

“This morning I had arranged to ride with a friend from work. He had been on horses, but it had been a few years. I rode Hearts, the Talker…and I put my friend on Frank, the Worker. Perfect ride, thanks to your book! We kept their feet moving at a brisk walk and had a great day. Hearts and Frank make a great trail duo and I look forward to getting them out together soon. I would have never been able to manage these differing horses prior to your book.

“Although all three of my horses are pussycats, they all operate differently. A Thinker, a Talker, and a Worker. I feel so empowered by your book. Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge. Happy Trails to me!

KnowYouKnowYrHorse250“Your book has changed the way I will communicate with horses for the rest of my life. The fact that I got IMMEDIATE results, means so much to me and the horses. I don’t think I will ever ride in fear again. Amen!”

Are YOU ready to “know” what Carla now knows? KNOW YOU, KNOW YOUR HORSE is available from the TSB online bookstore.


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