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  • Kids’ Crafts: Make Your Own Pony Pencil Holder

    Kids’ Crafts: Make Your Own Pony Pencil Holder

    If you are looking for an easy craft to entertain your kids, here’s a fun, free idea! Plus, you probably have all the materials you need already at your fingertips (and if not, simple substitutes can be found around the house). Don’t forget to remind your young crafters that their finished ponies can be customized […]

  • Summer Craft for Horse Kids: Horse Shoe Picture Frame and “Luck Catcher”

    Do you know kids who dream of having a horse of their own? A four-legged friend who comes when they call and nickers when they’re nearby? Who doesn’t judge or pick favorites? Who always listens quietly when they need someone to talk to? When a real horse or pony is still in the future and […]