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  • Get Great Savings All Weekend from Our Online Bookstore!

    Get Great Savings All Weekend from Our Online Bookstore!

    Thanksgiving is over…let the shopping begin! At TSB, we’ve joined the Black Friday (Etc) Party by kicking off a big, end-of-the-year sale today, and it will run straight through Small Business Saturday (did you know TSB has a staff of SEVEN?), and (why not?) Cyber Monday, to boot. Just visit our online bookstore at HorseandRiderBooks.com […]

  • Bestselling Equestrian DVDs Now Streaming!

    Bestselling Equestrian DVDs Now Streaming!

    The way we watch our favorite television shows and movies is changing—we want access to the programming we love where and when it works in our busy lives. Nothing could be truer for the active horseperson: Whether we want to illustrate a point for a student on our smartphones, cue up a training video on […]

  • The Best Horse Books of 2017

    The Best Horse Books of 2017

    Believe it or not, in the TSB offices, shuttered from the frigid air that currently has central Vermonters cornered by a deep freeze, we’re already working on the horse books and DVDs we’ll be releasing Fall of 2018. In an industry where the production calendar races to meet an aggressive series of deadlines and it […]

  • TSB Wants to Meet YOU! Come See Us at Equine Affaire MA!

    TSB Wants to Meet YOU! Come See Us at Equine Affaire MA!

    That’s right…it’s that time of year again. We’re loading the books and DVDs in the horse trailer (yes, literally) and getting ready to head south on Interstate 91 for four days of horse-centric fun at Equine Affaire in West Springfield, Massachusetts. From Thursday November 9 through Sunday November 12, 2017, the Eastern States Exposition is […]

  • An All New Look for Great Horse Books

    An All New Look for Great Horse Books

    For over 30 years, a small group of horse people based on a farm in rural Vermont has produced books and DVDs on all things horse. An enterprise that began with Sally Swift’s now classic CENTERED RIDING—one of the bestselling equestrian books of all time—soon included titles spanning all breeds and disciplines. Today, Trafalgar Square […]

  • The Best Horse Books and DVDs of 2016

    Every year as we turn the page on one year and look forward to the next, we glance back through the months prior and the books and DVDs we published. It is always rewarding to review the results of our work and to know that hopefully, there are a few happier, healthier horses out there. […]

  • If Santa Drove a Team of Horses…

      If Santa drove a team of horses, he’d need them completely spook-free. He’d give them a course called Bombproof Your Horse to make them as brave as can be.   If Santa drove a team of horses, they’d have to be ready and willing. Over, Under, and Through with the moon full or new (and […]

  • Persuading Your Horse’s Inside Hind to Take Weight: A Cavalletti Exercise with Olympian Ingrid Klimke

    Who doesn’t get bored going in circles? Olympic Equestrian and TSB author Ingrid Klimke says that riding over cavalletti on circles and half-circles can be a welcome change, not only improving the rider’s seat so it is more secure and balanced, but developing “feel,” as well. And there are many benefits for the horse. “Cavalletti […]

  • “I still have my first Centered Riding videos—even though they have to be played on a VCR, not a DVD player!”

    Sue Tinder is owner and manager of Tolland Falls Equestrian Center in Sedalia, Colorado, and author of THE JUMP COURSE DESIGN MANUAL. In sharing her CENTERED RIDING memory, Sue admitted still owning videocassettes—a retro CENTERED RIDING anniversary moment! “The CENTERED RIDING videos were the first horse-related videos I ever purchased,” says Sue. “I really found […]

  • When It Comes to Horses, Remember These Magic Words: Forget Deadlines

    “Ability to make deadlines.” This is the kind of positive review we might expect to receive from a supervisor, or it’s a bulleted point we add to a resume. As a society, we value an individual’s commitment to doing what he or she says he or she will do “on time”—we schedule meetings we expect others to attend; […]