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  • “Is My Horse’s Hoof-Pastern Axis BROKEN?” Here’s How You Can Tell

    “Is My Horse’s Hoof-Pastern Axis BROKEN?” Here’s How You Can Tell

    Did you know the hoof-pastern axis is how the angle of the dorsal wall of the horse’s hoof compares to the angle of the pastern bone? According to horsewoman Susan Kauffmann and certified trimmer Christina Cline in their brand new guide THE ESSENTIAL HOOF BOOK, ideally, these two will be parallel to one another. “This […]

  • Is Your Horse a Righty or a Lefty?

    Is Your Horse a Righty or a Lefty?

    Has it ever crossed your mind that your horse might be “left-” or “right-handed”? According to Gabriele Rachen-Schöneich and Klaus Schöneich in their book STRAIGHTENING THE CROOKED HORSE, every horse is either left- or right-handed, and this “handedness” or “sidedness” is almost identical to that of the human population in terms of occurrence (70-90 percent […]

  • Mounting Anxiety?

    Mounting Anxiety?

    How do you think your horse feels about being mounted? Does he fidget? Throw his head up? Drop his back? Root at the bit? It is easy to unbalance your horse when you mount him, and you can also unbalance him when you dismount. Learning to take your time in the process of mounting and dismounting […]

  • Is Your Horse 100%?

    Is Your Horse 100%?

    It’s a question we are all faced with, more often than not. Is my horse feeling his best? Is he free from aches, pains, tension, anxiety? It can be difficult for well-meaning owners, riders, and caretakers to pinpoint the real issue when a horse is “off,” “not himself,” or just unable to tap into his […]

  • This Is What Top Equestrians Are Thankful For

    In almost every book we publish, we invite our authors to include a page of acknowledgments; this is their chance to thank those who may have had a hand in their careers or the making of their books. While it isn’t every day that we look back through to see who they’ve thanked over the […]

  • Quick Horsemanship Tip: 6 Steps to Roll a Leather Lead Like a Pro

    In the bestselling WORLD-CLASS GROOMING FOR HORSES, professional grooms Cat Hill and Emma Ford show us dozens of horsemanship tips and top techniques to give our horses at home the same conscientious and correct level of care the world’s best riders and trainers give theirs. It’s the little things that make the difference and set […]

  • Finding the Cause of Slightly, Sorta, Mysteriously, Kinda, Just-A-Little-Bit Lame

    In her bestselling book WHERE DOES MY HORSE HURT? Dr. Renee Tucker provides 27 simple body checkups you can do on your horse—a DIY method of determining when and where your horse hurts, and the best professional to call to help him feel better. Here’s how you might be able to pinpoint the cause of […]

  • Lead Chains Gone Wrong: Pro Groom Tips for Safe, Appropriate Use

    In WORLD-CLASS GROOMING FOR HORSES, professional grooms Cat Hill and Emma Ford provide much-needed horsemanship guidance—it’s like having an internationally renowned equine care expert by your side, in the barn, ensuring your horse is given the same top-level management as our Olympic competitors! Along with lots of ways to care for horses the right way, […]

  • Toothbrushing–Good Horsekeeping or Barnyard Myth?

    The TSB Managing Director has been spending her time in interesting ways of late. She’s been brushing her Morgan gelding’s teeth. “The vet recommended at least once a day,” she says, “but I’m feeling pretty good if I manage it a couple times a week.” Brushing his teeth? Now where in my old Pony Club […]

  • TSB Author Melinda Folse and Her New Book THE SMART WOMAN’S GUIDE TO MIDLIFE HORSES Featured on “Horses in the Morning” on the Horse Radio Network

    Midlife horsewoman Melinda Folse talks about her brand new book THE SMART WOMAN’S GUIDE TO MIDLIFE HORSES on “Horses in the Morning” with hosts Jamie and Glenn the Geek on the Horse Radio Network. Don’t miss this great interview that summarizes the depth of material Melinda covers, and how it can help YOU finally follow […]