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theIHACHorse Agility is the hottest and fastest growing international equestrian sport! Based on the same concepts as the ever-popular Dog Agility competitions, Horse Agility offers horse lovers everywhere the opportunity to put all that groundwork they’re doing to good use, in a fun, active competitive sport. Beginning on a lead rope and progressing to working through and over obstacles “free,” or at liberty, Horse Agility engages the horse in an activity that helps him think and problem-solve while enjoying his training time—step away from all those repetitive longe and roundpen circles! Plus, Horse Agility is appropriate for people of any age or size, and allows those who may not want to ride to spend time with other like-minded individuals in an exciting setting.

HAwDVDNow, as a follow-up to her bestselling book THE HORSE AGILITY HANDBOOK: A STEP-BY-STEP INTRODUCTION TO THE SPORT, founder of the International Horse Agility Club Vanessa Bee brings us an all-new DVD. HORSE AGILITY—THE DVD provides the same sport fundamentals as THE HORSE AGILITY HANDBOOK, but with “real-time” action and visuals to help you further grasp the basic concepts and skills you and your horse need to get started, and get good!

Check out this video introduction to HORSE AGILITY—THE DVD:

HORSE AGILITY—THE DVD will be shipping February 1, 2013. You can preorder your copy now at the TSB online bookstore.


Hey! Did you know that the International Horse Agility Club is a finalist in the Equestrian Social Media Awards? CLICK HERE to check out the Club’s website and then please cast your vote for Best Equestrian Social Network!



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Well, we’ve all been waiting for Connected Riding Founder Peggy Cummings‘ new book CONNECT WITH YOUR HORSE FROM THE GROUND UP, and today the books finally arrived in our TSB warehouse.

Together with Peggy and her team, including her co-writer Bobbie Jo Lieberman, we tried to bring you the best  of Peggy’s Connected Groundwork lessons in a beautifully turned out, clearly presented, well written package.

“Tightness, bracing patterns, crookedness, and on-the forehand tendencies exist in all horses,” Peggy writes in the Introduction to her book. “Some have these patterns from birth. Others begin acquiring them as soon as a halter is put on their head, a bit goes into their mouth, and a rider gets on their back. The groundwork exercises in this book–which form the prelude and foundation to my Connected Riding method–have restored movement, function, and elasticity to hundreds of horses worldwide.”

Everyone at TSB is thrilled with this book and the way Peggy extends her techniques and theories to all of us in the hopes that a few more horses can move in comfort and perform their best, and a few more riders can communicate more clearly with their riding partner, and in a way that improves their horse’s way of going, general attitude, and longevity.

You can download a sample chapter from CONNECT WITH YOUR HORSE FROM THE GROUND UP by clicking on the SEE INSIDE CLICK HERE option on the book page of the TSB bookstore.

Get your copy now at the TSB bookstore and get 15% off Peggy’s book, DVD, or a book/DVD set, plus FREE SHIPPING! Enter coupon code PCEB31115 when checking out to receive your discount.

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