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Join Trafalgar Square Books in making a donation to help support the 23 horses seized from a Woodstock farm last week.

Join Trafalgar Square Books in making a donation to help support the 23 horses seized from a Woodstock farm last week.


On Thursday, November 13, twenty-three Arabian horses were seized from a farm in Woodstock, Vermont, where they were found in dark stalls, standing in several feet of manure, emaciated and eating the wooden doors and siding of the stable in a feeble attempt to sustain themselves. The horses are currently housed on the grounds of Green Mountain Horse Association in South Woodstock, where veterinarians and volunteers are working with the Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society to nurse them back to health in the hopes that most of them will go on to find new homes and better lives.

The Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society is in desperate need of assistance in supporting this effort. Please join Trafalgar Square Books in making a donation–they are seeking monetary aid, volunteers to help care for and handle the horses, as well as feed and bedding.

For details on how you can help CLICK HERE.

We all have so much to be thankful for…let’s join together to pay it forward and give these deserving horses full meals, clean stalls, and kind hands.


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The tiny and (usually) hardly remarkable stream that runs between the Trafalgar Square yard/paddocks and the larger pastures beyond grew to immense proportions on Sunday.

Power returned to many communities by mid-morning today, but turning the lights on didn’t help matters in most cases. Although the flood waters are in most cases receding, they leave in their wake destruction of land and property. Trafalgar Square Farm was blessed to suffer minimally (in comparison) to other properties. Its tiny, tame stream–generally not much more than a pleasant, shallow, gurgle of fresh water that separates the lawn and paddocks from the pastures above, did swell to immense proportions, but luckily destroyed primarily footbridges and fence lines, rather than larger structures.

Our close neighbors of Killington and Strafford, while in opposite directions, both remain isolated by the road and water damage, necessitating emergency aid. The Green Mountain Horse Association (GMHA), of South Woodstock, the home of many of our local equestrian events, has suffered severe damage to its buildings, barns, and show grounds. Today they issued a release canceling the following popular September events:

100/60/40-Mile Ride (Sept. 2-4)

Horse Days Pleasure Rides (Sept. 2-4)

Fall Driving Classic (Sept. 10-11)

September Horse Trials (Sept. 17-18)

Lucinda Green Clinic (Oct. 5-6)

All September Members’ Days (12, 19, 26)

Events due to take place in October are TBD.

TSB author Jane Savoie shared this pic (by Stephanie Landvater). Stephanie's has 16 horses (and a broken foot), so her husband waded out in flood waters up to his neck, found the lead mare, and the rest of the herd followed them to high ground--see the horses in the background (Williston, Vermont).

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Six horses died in the fire that ravaged eventer Boyd Martin's barn at True Prospect Farm early this morning.

We were all stunned and incredibly saddened when we heard that early this morning, a fire destroyed the barn Boyd Martin rented from Phillip Dutton Eventing at True Prospect Farm. Boyd lost six horses from his program in the fire; four others are at the University of Pennsylvania’s New Bolton Center undergoing treatment. We applaud the heroic efforts of Boyd’s groom and two others who put themselves in harm’s way in their effort to rescue as many of the horses as possible. Our thoughts are with Boyd and Silva Martin, Phillip Dutton, and all the owners and riders who may have lost an eventing partner, and a friend, in this tragedy.

Trafalgar Square Books will donate 15% of all online sales at http://www.horseandriderbooks.com in the week ahead to the relief fund set up to help everyone at Windurra LLC and True Prospect Farm, as well as the owners and riders who have been impacted. In addition, TSB and Denny Emerson, author of HOW GOOD RIDERS GET GOOD, will donate a portion of the proceeds from the book sale and signing event to be held this Saturday, June 4, 2011, at the June Horse Trials at the Green Mountain Horse Association in South Woodstock, Vermont. The book signing event will begin around 5:30 pm, at the conclusion of stadium.

You can donate directly to the relief fund by visiting Boyd and Silva’s blog.

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