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  • Finally! Resolve Your Horse’s Posture Problems and Poor Movement Patterns

    Finally! Resolve Your Horse’s Posture Problems and Poor Movement Patterns

    Have you found yourself trying to resolve one of the following challenges related to your horse’s posture or performance? • Rebuilding after an injury or extended time off. • Countering an unspecified weakness that prevents him from doing what you ask. • Improving stiff, uncoordinated, or short-strided gaits. • Softening a rigid or hollow topline. • Lightening […]

  • What’s Fascia? And What Does It Have to Do with Your Horse?

    What’s Fascia? And What Does It Have to Do with Your Horse?

    It seems like after decades in the horse industry, all of a sudden, everyone is talking about fascia. This is that thin sheath of fibrous tissue that encloses the muscles and other organs, and apparently, it is really pretty important to your horse’s posture, movement, comfort, and performance. Huh. If you’re like us, all these years […]

  • Is Your Horse 100%?

    Is Your Horse 100%?

    It’s a question we are all faced with, more often than not. Is my horse feeling his best? Is he free from aches, pains, tension, anxiety? It can be difficult for well-meaning owners, riders, and caretakers to pinpoint the real issue when a horse is “off,” “not himself,” or just unable to tap into his […]

  • The Best Horse Books and DVDs of 2016

    Every year as we turn the page on one year and look forward to the next, we glance back through the months prior and the books and DVDs we published. It is always rewarding to review the results of our work and to know that hopefully, there are a few happier, healthier horses out there. […]

  • If Santa Drove a Team of Horses…

      If Santa drove a team of horses, he’d need them completely spook-free. He’d give them a course called Bombproof Your Horse to make them as brave as can be.   If Santa drove a team of horses, they’d have to be ready and willing. Over, Under, and Through with the moon full or new (and […]

  • Withers Wiggle, Anyone? A Two-Finger Exercise Your Horse Will Love

      Have you heard about the Masterson Method yet? This innovative form of bodywork for horses was created by equine massage-bodywork therapist Jim Masterson. In many cases, all it takes is the tiniest of movements on your part to illicit a significant release of tension, stress, and pain in your horse. Here’s an example: The […]

  • It’s All About Balance: Insight from Masterson Method Practitioner Coralie Hughes

    We’re happy to have TSB author, translator, and Masterson Method Practitioner Coralie Hughes discuss the idea of “balance” in the horse, providing insight and ideas from her experiences at a clinic with Dr. Gerd Heuschmann, as well as in her work with Jim Masterson and the Masterson Method of Equine Bodywork. Coralie and Jim’s new […]

  • Yielding to Resistance–A Lesson from the Masterson Method for Horses

    With the Masterson Method of bodywork that relaxes the horse and relieves his body—including muscles and connective tissue—of deep stress and pain, you listen to what the horse’s body has to say and adjust your pressure (your level of touch on targeted Release Points) to get the result you want, which is the release from […]

  • Check Out “Lateral Thinking”–The New Article by Linda Tellington-Jones in the July 2013 Issue of HORSE ILLUSTRATED!

    Be sure to pick up a copy of the July 2013 issue of Horse Illustrated magazine! It features “Lateral Thinking,” an article by world-renowned horse trainer and behaviorist Linda Tellington-Jones about how to combine logic with creativity to solve problem behavior in the dressage arena—and beyond! Adapted in part from Linda’s new book DRESSAGE WITH […]

  • This Valentine’s Day, Linda Tellington-Jones Tells Us How Our Heart Can Improve Our Riding

    In TSB author Linda Tellington-Jones’ new book DRESSAGE WITH MIND, BODY & SOUL, she explains how we have scientific evidence that proves something most of us “knew” already: The heart does more than simply service the human circulatory system as a “blood pump.” In fact, it is in constant communication with the brain in order […]