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  • The Best Horse Books and DVDs of 2016

    Every year as we turn the page on one year and look forward to the next, we glance back through the months prior and the books and DVDs we published. It is always rewarding to review the results of our work and to know that hopefully, there are a few happier, healthier horses out there. […]

  • If Santa Drove a Team of Horses…

      If Santa drove a team of horses, he’d need them completely spook-free. He’d give them a course called Bombproof Your Horse to make them as brave as can be.   If Santa drove a team of horses, they’d have to be ready and willing. Over, Under, and Through with the moon full or new (and […]

  • Is George Morris Making Magic in Brazil?

    As we watch the Olympic Team Jumping Qualification and the jubilation in the Brazilian camp as members rack up clear rounds in search of a place on the podium in front of their home crowd, we are no doubt a little sad to acknowledge that in Rio, George Morris is focused on the success of someone other […]

  • Persuading Your Horse’s Inside Hind to Take Weight: A Cavalletti Exercise with Olympian Ingrid Klimke

    Who doesn’t get bored going in circles? Olympic Equestrian and TSB author Ingrid Klimke says that riding over cavalletti on circles and half-circles can be a welcome change, not only improving the rider’s seat so it is more secure and balanced, but developing “feel,” as well. And there are many benefits for the horse. “Cavalletti […]

  • Ever Wonder What Makes George Morris Cry?

      Ever wonder…   What makes George Morris laugh? What makes him cry? How many dates he’s been on? Whether he’s ever gotten high?   If he loved his mom? If he ever poled a horse? When he first fell in love? If he’s ever gone off course?   We’ve waited so long for George […]

  • A Lesson in Lengthening and Shortening Stride with Anne Kursinski

    In her acclaimed book ANNE KURSINSKI’S RIDING & JUMPING CLINIC, the five-time Olympian and two-time Olympic silver-medalist provides step-by-step descriptions of 20 exercises to improve your position and your feel. We can all—whatever discipline we favor or breed of horse we ride—put the following lesson in lengthening and shortening the horse’s stride into practice: Once […]

  • TSB’s 2014 Horse Books & DVDs: A Quick Glimpse Back Before We Ride Forward

      As we wrap another year in the Trafalgar Square Books offices here in Vermont, it feels good to pause and look back at the results of our hard work, as well as ponder the things we learned about horses and horsemanship over the last 12 months. We take great pride in our authors and […]

  • A Thank You Gift to All Trafalgar Square Books Blog Readers!

      As we cross into the land of “hundreds of thousands” of faithful blog readers, TSB just wants to say thank you! We hope your visits to the TSB blog provide you great riding, training, and horse-care tips, as well as information about exciting equine events around the world, fun glimpses behind-the-barn-doors in the lives […]

  • 11 Things Learned at the 2014 Dressage Festival of Champions

      Trafalgar Square Books (www.horseandriderbooks.com) is just back from a weekend on the hallowed ground of the United States Equestrian Team’s (USET) headquarters in Gladstone, New Jersey. There some of our nation’s best dressage riders, horses, judges, and luminaries gathered to award our national championships, and to select the short list of rider-horse combinations who […]

  • Check Out the Video Preview of the New DVD Series from Renowned Horseman Bernie Traurig

      How we “get over jumps” on horseback has come a long way since mankind’s earliest attempts. This evolution has enabled us to benefit from the horse’s athleticism as a means of transport, both as a matter of necessity and a matter of sport, as well as over a vast array of obstacles—from basic cavalletti […]