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  • The Truth About Transitions

    The Truth About Transitions

    In Jessica Black’s book COWBOY DRESSAGE, she explains Eitan Beth-Halachmy’s riding and training philosophy. One point they do an excellent job clarifying involves transitions: what they are, how to prepare for them, and how to make them good. Anytime the horse changes his gait or frame, he performs a transition. Going from the walk to […]

  • Get Engaged! How Any Horse Can Develop Beautiful, Balanced Forward Motion

    Get Engaged! How Any Horse Can Develop Beautiful, Balanced Forward Motion

    The United States Dressage Federation (USDF) defines engagement as “increased flexion of the lumbosacral joint and the joints of the hind leg during the weight-bearing (stance) phase of the movement, thus lowering the croup relative to the forehand (‘lightening the forehand’).” Engagement is a prerequisite to impulsion (thrust): the “releasing of the energy stored by […]

  • 5 Tips to Train Your Horse Turn-on-the-Haunches

    In the book COWBOY DRESSAGE, readers not only discover the story of how and why this new discipline has secured such an avid and expanding fanbase, they also learn the movements recommended by Cowboy Dressage founder Eitan Beth-Halachmy as beneficial to the development of horse-and-rider partnership. Here are his tips for adding the turn-on-the-haunches to […]

  • A Look Back at Horse Books in 2015

      Each year, as we flip the last pages of December in anticipation for the beginning of January, we at TSB take some time to pause and consider the books we published over the past months. Not only does this process provide an important review of content in preparation for future titles, it also gets […]

  • Racing Against Wild Boars in Spain and Why We’re Lucky to Have Both Western and Cowboy Dressage: An Interview with TSB Author Jessica Black

    “Cowboy Dressage is really starting to take hold,” says Reining Hall of Fame Inductee Jack Brainard, and this, according to Brainard and renowned author and father of imprint training Dr. Robert Miller, is a good thing—for people and horses. Care for the horse’s welfare is part of what’s making Cowboy Dressage a success: “[People] are […]

  • The Cowboy Dressage Handshake: A Symbol of Community and Partnership

    The equestrian pursuit known as Cowboy Dressage was born of a desire to meld the best of Western riding traditions and classical dressage in the pursuit of a harmonious relationship with a horse. Intended to be accessible to all, Cowboy Dressage is open to all breeds and all levels of riders; there isn’t a set […]