TSB Author Susanne von Dietze Scheduled to Present at the 2011 Adequan/USDF National Convention & Symposium

Susanne von Dietze, author of the bestselling book and DVD BALANCE IN MOVEMENT and most recently the book RIDER & HORSE BACK TO BACK and two new follow-up DVDs, is a featured education presenter at the 2011 Adequan/USDF National Convention & Symposium, November 30th through December 4th, in San Diego, California.

Von Dietze describes her session, entitled “Analyzing the Seat of the Rider,” as follows:

“Every rider has his own unique individual conformation and his own way of moving. A correct, balanced and supple seat is the base of effective rider’s aids. To be able to sit correct, the rider needs to balance on top of a moving horse with the least effort. Learning to ride therefore contains many balance reflexes and automatic reactions of the body. Analyzing the rider’s seat is an important tool to understand how a rider can use and train his abilities, how he can find causes for difficulties, ways to correct them, and improve his communication with his horse. In this presentation I want to show ways of how to analyze the rider’s seat by using the criteria rhythm, balance, and suppleness.”

Prior to the Convention & Symposium, von Dietze is giving a clinic at the Middle Ranch in Lake View Terrace, California (November 28-29), and following the Convention & Symposium she has clinics in Chicago (December 8-9) and Springfield, Illinois (December 10-11).

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TSB Will Be at the 2011 NEDA Fall Symposium with Kyra Kyrklund–Will You?

This year's NEDA Fall Symposium features Kyra Kyrklund.

There’s still time to sign up for the New England Dressage Association’s Fall Symposium, featuring Kyra Kyrklund, Saturday and Sunday, November 5 and 6, 2011, at the UMass Hadley Farm in Hadley, Massachusetts. Note: Walk-ins are welcome, but online registration is easy to do at http://www.NEDA.org.

Each year NEDA does their best to bring top riders and trainers to New England, where area dressage enthusiasts can see them at work, up close, ask questions (in person!) and perhaps gain the knowledge and inspiration they need to take their own riding that one step further.

In the same way, Trafalgar Square Books strives to put equestrian teachings to paper, not only to help top trainers and riders travel greater distances on more occasions than would otherwise be possible, but also so those who cannot afford or do not have the time to ride with top trainers on a regular basis can still benefit from the methods and techniques that have brought consistent success. There is nothing like simply reaching for the well worn pages of Centered Riding when you need Sally Swift to remind your body of its position, or That Winning Feeling! when you need Jane Savoie to push you over that mental hurdle and into the show ring, all fears and doubts aside. In print, they are always with you, night or day, whenever you need them.

Hubertus Schmidt teaches a clinic participant at the 2009 NEDA Symposium.

Hubertus Schmidt at the 2009 NEDA Symposium, as clinic attendees look on.

The Trafalgar Square Books booth will again be featured at the NEDA Symposium, and TSB representatives will have Kyra Kyrklund’s bestselling book DRESSAGE WITH KYRA, as well as her popular TRAINING WITH KYRA DVD series on hand. You’ll find other great new titles available at the TSB booth, as well, including the new book and DVDs from Susanne von Dietze, and the new book from Eckart Meyners (which was recently featured in Practical Horseman–click HERE to see excerpted material).

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The much-talked-about meeting between French master Philippe Karl and German trainer Christopher Hess--and the debate over training philosophies.

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