TSB Author Clinton Anderson Launches His Own Video Streaming Site DownunderHorsemanship.TV on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30

We're counting down to tomorrow's launch of TSB author Clinton Anderson's DownunderHorsemanship.TV video streaming site!

Wow! It just doesn’t get any better than Clinton-Cam, online, anytime. As ever ready to roll with the newest trends in media in order to keep his fans and followers up-to-date with solid, horse training information, Clinton Anderson is launching his own video streaming website tomorrow, Friday, September 30, 2011, at noon CST.

The site, http://www.DownunderHorsemanship.TV (see Recommended Links on right side of page), will feature three episodes of Clinton’s hit RFD-TV show Downunder Horsemanship—the most recent installment followed by the previous two weeks’ episodes. New episodes will be uploaded to the site every Wednesday, following their premier on RFD-TV each Tuesday.

Viewers can stream the show anytime they desire at no charge. The site offers industry best streaming capabilities that sync to individual viewing devices, guaranteeing fewer interruptions and allowing viewers to easily skip ahead with minimal buffering delays. In addition, the site will eventually feature close captioning in five languages: English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

Downunder Horsemanship began airing on RFD-TV in 2001 and quickly became the station’s top-rated equine program. In January 2011, Clinton took his training method to Fox Sports Net, becoming the first trainer to premier on the national broadcast station that reaches 80 million viewers. Clinton sees DownunderHorsemanship.TV as another way to reach horsemen and horsewomen everywhere.

“Now, no matter where you are or what satellite package you have, you’re guaranteed access to the show,” he says.

Both Clinton's bestselling books are available from the TSB online bookstore http://www.horseandriderbooks.com.

TSB published Clinton’s books DOWNUNDER HORSEMANSHIP and LESSONS WELL LEARNED in 2004 and 2009 respectively, and both have become international bestsellers. You can order them at the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.

TSB Author Clinton Anderson Wants to Fix YOUR “Problem Horse”–You May Even Be Featured on His Hit Television Show!

At some point in our life with horses, each one of us has surely been faced with an equine partner that, well, has real trouble being a “partner.” This can manifest as bad behavior, such as poor stable manners (crowding, striking, biting, cribbing) or dangerous action under saddle (bucking, rearing, bolting, shying), to name just a few.

Sometimes, the cause of this bad behavior is fairly easy to ferret out, and the solution within our own reach with the help of a couple of good books or DVDs. In others, the situation escalates until both you and your horse are frustrated and afraid, and the chance of one of the both of you getting hurt is very real.

Luckily, TSB author Clinton Anderson offers very real solutions for your very real horse behavior problems. And now, he’s looking for horses with serious problems—the tougher the case the better—for an upcoming television series. If you have a disrespectful horse with a serious problem, take a moment to hear Clinton explain what he’s looking for in the YouTube click below. Then click on the Problem Horse Application on the Downunder Horsemanship website (see recommended links on the right side of our blog) and send him a video of your horse behaving badly. Clinton may choose YOUR HORSE and work with him for FREE using his Method.

Remember, both of Clinton’s bestselling books LESSONS WELL LEARNED and DOWNUNDER HORSEMANSHIP are available from the TSB bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.

2011 Road to the Horse Introduces a New Verb to Horse Training Vocabulary–and a Three-Time Winner

TSB author Clinton Anderson, Chris Cox, and Pat Parelli competed for the 2011 Road to the Horse Legends crown

You gotta love the way the English language is changing, moment by moment, via online discourse and the perma-audience social media has established. Case in point is the Facebook feed regarding the 2011 Road to the Horse Legends Competition, featuring TSB author Clinton Anderson, Chris Cox, and Pat Parelli (and hosted by TSB author and television personality Rick Lamb).

Sunday morning the following was posted on the “Road to the Horse” Facebook page:

“All three guys caught their horses quickly this morning. And are making great progress already. CA is respecting, CC is preparing and PP is relationshipping…great stuff and 3 very different styles. We are so lucky!”

Obviously, RTTH is getting clever with some of the major tenets in each of these trainers’ philosophies. But just for our own peace o’ mind, let’s break this down so we all can see past the lingo for a minute and actually understand what this short-speak means in terms of horse training.

We can all take a page out of the Clinton Anderson books (see the TSB bookstore for more information on DOWNUNDER HORSEMANSHIP and LESSONS WELL LEARNED) and understand a little of what he means by building a mutual RESPECT between horse and handler/rider.

Clinton believes that RESPECT is the basis of FRIENDSHIP. And to get your horse to respect you, all you have to do is get him to move forward, backward, left, and right, and always reward the slightest try.

Chris Cox has another lead principle. He leans on PREPARATION and claims he never asks a horse to do something he hasn’t first prepared it to do. And by PREPARE Chris doesn’t mean DESENSITIZE.He thinks it is okay for your horse to react to something, although if he’s properly prepared he won’t overreact.

In the meantime, Pat Parelli lists “RELATIONSHIP” as the third of his basic principles. He says you can’t get anywhere with a horse without first establishing a relationship with him. And yes, friends, this is where our new verb comes in…introducing RELATIONSHIPPING (your horse, apparently)…don’t ask us what that means exactly, but it happened today, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

We hope that all attendees came away from the event feeling a little closer to understanding horses, a little more confident when getting in the saddle, and a little more fluent in trainer-speak…it is always changing. We at TSB will just try to keep up.

We look forward to hearing where the colts from the 2011 RTTH Competition end up.