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We at TSB are very honored to have been part of the team that brought the 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN DVD SET to life. Together with Director Cindy Meehl and Cedar Creek Productions, we immersed ourselves in this remarkable horseman’s world of working with horses and the people who want to be with them. Along the way, you can’t help but notice what a fine orator Brannaman is, and when you randomly pull snippets from his lessons, you find that every thought, even shared in a different venue, in a different state, at a different time, with different students, flows seamlessly into his overarching message. Here, then, find 20 of Buck Brannaman’s best quotes. When you’ve read them all, don’t be surprised if you feel like you learned a little something. Even after hearing them and reading them again and again, we still do.


“The essence of preparation is to position your horse to where the one thing that he’s most likely to do is exactly what you had in mind…which makes it a perfect time to ask him.”

2  “The horse needs to respect you, but sometimes people confuse respect and fear. And they’re not the same at all.”

3  “Make sure that every time you take a hold of the horse, you have a point; you have a legitimate reason for doing it rather than it just being accidental or you not being aware.”

4  “When riding, ask yourself, ‘What will my horse get out of this if I get what I want?’ Many times, human nature is to take and to not give anything back.“

5  “It’s just like learning how to dance with another human being. You might think you’re really getting something done when you’ve both mastered the hokey-pokey, but depending on how much you want to dance and your passion for dancing, you’re probably going to work your way through the hokey-pokey and move on to something else.”

6  “I don’t believe in waiting for a horse to do the wrong thing and then punishing him after the fact. You can’t just say ‘No’ to a horse. You have to redirect a negative behavior with a positive one—something that works for both of you. It’s as though you’re saying, ‘Instead of doing that, we can do this…together.’”

7  “Fear has to do with helplessness. The only thing that conquers it is knowledge. When you learn about how a horse thinks and makes decisions, that helplessness goes away.”

8  “I’m just trying to get people to understand horses. You have to be consistent and logical, use your brain, and not be emotional and not lose your temper.”

9  “Feel for the horse. I can’t stress how important this is.”

10  “Respect the fact that he’s thinking, that he’s searching… if he ever found that out about you, he wouldn’t dream of bucking you off.”


11  “You can be a leader without being intimidating. The horse can be your partner without being your slave. I’m trying to keep the best part of the horse in there. I’m not trying to take anything away from him.”

12  “The horse isn’t so different from us. In order to learn, you have to make mistakes. Then you recalibrate, make a decision, try something different, and try again.”

13  “To me, there’s nothing more beautiful than seeing a horse think…and someone allowing a horse to think.”

14  “The idea with a horse is when you see things going in the wrong direction, then you redirect his mind. You don’t wait for him to get into trouble…you try to keep him out of trouble.”

15  “A lot of people, they want it all to be fuzzy and warm and cosmic, but it’s no different with a horse than with a kid…You can’t always be the kid’s best friend. First you have to be the parent.”

16  “You can be strict, but that doesn’t mean you have to be unfair.”

17  “The horse responds to comfort, they respond to peace better than about anything else you could do. So if the horse responds to you and you give him a little peace and comfort that means more to him than anything.”

18  “Where you end up your ride on a horse is so important. It’s a little bit like when you were young and you were dating—that last two minutes of the date can be a real deal breaker. With these horses it’s the same thing…You got to quit on a good note.”

19  “I’ve always wanted to do the right thing by a horse, that’s never changed, its just that as my knowledge grew I’ve been able to offer the horse a better human being.”

20  “I’m still on the move, I’m getting better because I’m still studying. I still want to be a better horseman.”

7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN is available from the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is FREE.

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Trafalgar Square Books, the leading publisher of equestrian books and DVDs, is a small business based on a farm in rural Vermont.

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7 Clinics Telly Graphic

TSB is thrilled to announce that 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN, seven-disc DVD series based on instructional footage from the hit documentary BUCK, has won two Telly Awards!

2013 People’s Telly Bronze Award: Non-Broadcast Productions – Non-Broadcast Production

2013 Bronze Award: Non-Broadcast Productions – How-To/Instructional

The Telly Awards is the premier award honoring the finest film and video productions, groundbreaking web commercials, videos and films, and outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs. The 34th Annual Telly Awards (2013) received over 12,000 entries from all 50 states and 5 continents.

“The biggest challenge in creating the feature film BUCK was taking 300 hours of footage and cutting it down to 88 minutes,” says filmmaker Cindy Meehl. “We had so many wonderful interviews with amazing people…so much of Buck on the subject of life as well as horses…it was extremely hard to lose great scenes and stick to our story arc.”

So a year after BUCK won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival and enjoyed wide release nationwide to critical acclaim, Cindy went back into the vaults, sifting through hours of unused footage from all the Buck Brannaman clinics filmed in different parts of the country over a period of four years, searching for the gems that didn’t make the final cut.

The result was 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN, a DVD series that viewers say is “like having Buck teaching you in person, right in your living room.” Viewers travel to several Buck Brannaman clinics to learn important groundwork and riding techniques, including: hooking on, leading, halter work, bridling, saddling, backing up, working in circles and half-circles, using the flag, firming up, good riding form and position, finding the release and a soft feel, attaining collection, moving off the leg, riding serpentines, “getting the life up” (finding animation), perfecting the stop, turn-on-the-haunches, transitions, jumping, and finding the feel.

In addition, Buck provides ways to solve problems, including crowding, biting, striking, fidgeting, rushing, anxiousness and sensitivity, and bad attitudes. The series ends with Buck’s best advice, tips, and ideas about working with, riding, and training horses, as he best tells it—forthright, honest, and with the integrity the world has come to expect of one of the finest horsemen of our time.

Check out this sneak peek from the DVD series:


7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN is available from the TSB online bookstore.


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As Cindy Meehl, director of the award-winning documentary BUCK, was putting the final touches on the follow-up release to the film—the bestselling 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN instructional DVD series—we absolutely loved the addition of music from Nashville singer/songwriter Templeton Thompson and her husband Sam Gay. Their moody, bluesy guitar and vocals, mixed with lyrics that hit home for the horse-lover, gave the 7 CLINICS DVDs (which were created from much of the unused footage shot while filming the documentary BUCK) a certain “feel,” evoking both dirt and dust and wide open grasslands, inspiring a sense of both hard work and hope, and the unbelievable partnerships that can be the result.

Cindy and Templeton then teamed up to create a music video for “When I Get That Pony Rode”—one of the songs featured in the 7 CLINICS DVDs. This was a pretty special first-time experience, for both of them.

“Getting to make the video was a dream come true for me,” says Templeton. “I’ve only ever been a ‘fly on the wall’ on a music video set like that…but I’m plannin’ on doin’ MORE of THAT! I like it A LOT and I’m dreamin’ BIG!!”

“It was so much fun working with Templeton and her horses (who double as the ‘difficult horse’ in the video),” adds Cindy. “The only problem was when we were trying to make them look wild and troubled, they only wanted to hook on to her and love their mom!”

Just a month ago, the video premiered on CMT.com as part of their Independents Day feature. By the next day, “When I Get That Pony Rode” was the Number One Most Watched Video on CMT.com, over many other major country artists and Templeton was promoted to the CMT.com front page as part of the “CMT Video Spotlight.”

Earlier this month, “When I Get That Pony Rode” premiered on the Great American Country (GAC) Daily Countdown, and again, due to views and requests, Templeton was promoted to GACTV.com front page as part of their “Must See Music Videos” list.

Now, we are so excited to announce that due to incredible number of requests, “When I Get That Pony Rode” is re-airing on the GAC Daily Countdown today and tomorrow (March 20 & 21) at noon and 6:00 p.m. Be sure to tune in and vote—there are many ways to do it!

CALL: 1-855-504-2288
EMAIL: requests@gactv.com
TWEET using #GACDailyCountdown

Just make sure to mention Templeton Thompson and “When I Get That Pony Rode.”

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 11.27.15 AM


It’s been a great ride so far…help us keep it going! Haven’t seen the video for “When I Get That Pony Rode” yet? Check it out here, and make sure to tell GAC how much you like it!



And watch for “When I Get That Pony Rode” on TNN (The Nashville Network)! The video will soon be featured on “Country Music Today” (weekdays at 2:00 p.m.) and “Third Shift” (from 2:00 a.m.–7:00 a.m.).


Templeton Thompson’s most recent release SONGS FROM 7 CLINICS, which includes “When I Get That Pony Rode,” is available from the TSB online bookstore. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN, the seven-disc DVD series of Buck’s best teaching moments from clinics around the country, is available in three individually priced sets or as a complete series. CLICK HERE TO ORDER


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We were all sorts of excited when we first heard that Cindy Meehl, Director of the award-winning documentary BUCK and the instructional DVD series 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN, was directing Nashville singer and songwriter Templeton Thompson’s new music video! And now the video for “When I Get That Pony Rode,” which is featured on the 7 CLINICS DVD series and Tempy’s SONGS FROM 7 CLINICS CD, is premiering on CMT.com (CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT NOW!)

Here’s what Tempy had to say about making the video for “When I Get That Pony Rode”:

Singer/songwriter Templeton Thompson during the filming of her new music video.

Singer/songwriter Templeton Thompson during the filming of her new music video.

‘When I Get That Pony Rode’ is one of the songs we re-recorded exclusively for the 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN project. It was inspired by Buck’s book, The Faraway Horses. At a point in the book, Buck talks about ‘the consequences of a fast turn,’ and we actually tried writing a song with that title, but it just wasn’t working. And then, magically, like they often tend to do, the title ‘When I Get That Pony Rode’ appeared…the song is for everyone out there working their tails off doing what they LOVE and what they’re passionate about and knowing, really knowing, that they really are going to have somethin’ to show when they ‘get that pony rode.’ The song is a metaphor for that journey and everything that goes with it—the joy and the pain of it all, what ya gotta go through to ‘get there.’

“Making the video with Cindy and her team was AMAZING!! I still can’t believe the opportunity and gift that Cindy has given us…it was an absolute honor to work with the crème de la crème of the music video world.  And, I am such a PROUD mama cowgirl of my big, beautiful Jane and Beau [Tempy’s two Quarter Horses, who appear in the video]. They shined like the diamonds they are on the screen.

“Getting to make the video for ‘When I Get That Pony Rode’ was a dream come true for me.”



Tempy’s wonderful collection of songs inspired by and written for the 7 CLINICS DVD SERIES are available on the CD SONGS FROM 7 CLINICS, which is available from the TSB online bookstore.


And if you haven’t checked out the 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN DVD series, be sure to visit the TSB online bookstore to view trailers and order your copy!

Thanks to Jen Stamps for the fabulous photos from the video shoot!

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Buck Brannaman travels extensively throughout the country and the world each year, teaching an approach to training and riding horses that he learned from spending years as a student of the renowned horsemen Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance. This weekend, Feb 1 thru 3, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Buck is one of the featured clinicians at Legacy of Legends, an event that showcases those who exemplify the spirit and ability to communicate a level of horsemanship introduced and taught by Ray and Tom.

The Legacy of Legends Foundation’s goal is to generate funding for scholarships to deserving students in pursuit of a higher level of consciousness in conjunction with the horse. Clinics at this weekend’s event are intended to promote harmony between horse and rider, and preserve the dignity and well-being of the horse while encouraging the trainer/rider to achieve a higher level of horsemanship.

“What our goal is,” explains Buck, “is that once a year we can have an event that truly displays the very things that Ray and Tom had in mind, done by people that actually were students of Ray and Tom.”

The natural horsemanship approach taught by Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance, and now Buck, benefits all levels and types of riders, and has inspired and revolutionized the equestrian world. Due to the success of the highly acclaimed 2011 documentary BUCK, a new awareness of this methodology has extended far into the mainstream.

In September, 2012, TSB teamed up with Cedar Creek Productions to release 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN, a seven-disc instructional DVD series created from over 300 hours of unused footage shot during the making of the hit film BUCK. With this unique DVD series, viewers have the chance to watch many of Buck’s lessons taught, in real time, at clinics around the country. Here’s a “sneak peek” lesson on getting yourself and your horse centered from Disc 7 of the 7 CLINICS series:

The 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN DVD series is available from the TSB online bookstore.

Check out this great deal! THE ULTIMATE BUCK BRANNAMAN GIFT SET includes the documentary BUCK, the complete series of 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN, Templeton Thompson’s SONGS FROM 7 CLINICS CD of music written for and featured in 7 CLINICS, and a Buck tote bag (not sold separately)!


The 2013 Legacy of Legends poster by artist and horseman Steve Johnson.

The 2013 Legacy of Legends poster by artist and horseman Steve Johnson.

And do you like the 2013 Legacy of Legends poster? The art is by horseman Steve Johnson—you can read a little about him and his family and the adventures we had together at the Padlock Ranch by clicking HERE.

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Check out this new SNEAK PEEK from Disc 3 of the 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN DVD SERIES! Buck talks about how important it is to make sure there is always something in it for the horse—namely, the release of pressure every once in a while. Otherwise, you might as well be sitting on Old Faithful!



7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN is made up of seven DVDs full of the unused footage shot during the making of the award-winning documentary BUCK. 7 CLINICS has been hailed by fans as “like having Buck Brannaman in your living room,” and Western Horseman magazine wrote, “Brannaman’s message from the documentary rings true in the seven-disc package: Do better by the horse in order to do better in life.”

You can order your complete series today at the TSB online bookstore.


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Check out this new SNEAK PEEK from Disc 1 of the 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN DVD series—Buck breaks down the Circle Exercise on the ground.

7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN is available from the TSB online bookstore.



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Let’s aim for a fluid, upward transition into the New Year, shall we? Check out this “Sneak Peek” from Disc 4 of the hit instructional DVD series 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN: Buck talks about the importance of knowing the pattern of your horse’s footfalls in all gaits, and how understanding where his feet are (and being able to “feel” what they’re doing), can help you achieve smooth canter transitions.

7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN is available from the TSB online bookstore.

Take advantage of our annual FOR ME SALE and get an additional 15% off your purchase! Check out sale details HERE and hurry! The FOR ME SALE ends tomorrow!


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Check out this sneak peek from Disc 5 of the 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN DVD series–part of Buck’s lesson “Back & Across.”

You can still order 7 CLINICS along with hundreds of other bestselling Trafalgar Square horse books and DVDs and get FREE SHIPPING IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS!




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With Buck’s methods, neither your nor your horse has anything to fear.

When  you’ve worked with and ridden horses long enough, you can usually easily summon at least one metallic-tasting memory of an instance when you were completely and utterly afraid—afraid of getting kicked, bitten, thrown, hurt…afraid of losing control…afraid of not knowing what to do…afraid of where you were in that moment and where you’d be in the next.

I’ve had horses in my life for most of my years, and there are two sharply clear memories that rise to the surface instantly when I think about being scared. In both instances, I was on horseback—once when I was about five years old, and the other later…I was maybe ten. The horses I was on in both scenarios ran away with me, and both times I was frightened enough to throw myself from the saddle in a rough-and-tumble form of an emergency dismount that left me bruised and battered, but alive. (The helmet helped, too.)

And then there was the “afterward”…the fear I battled when I faced those horses again, and when urged by my instructor, I put my foot in the stirrup and swung back up.

Maybe I was lucky because the only times I remember being afraid of a horse I was young enough to conquer fear before it metamorphosed into something large, ugly, and all-consuming. Maybe I was lucky because I had people with me who could support me as I conquered the awful challenge of being suddenly scared of what I’d always loved. Maybe I was lucky because the horses I was afraid of weren’t actually dangerous, or poorly trained, or unmanageable runaways.

Not everyone is so lucky.

“Fear is a big thing,” says Buck Brannaman in the new seven-disc instructional DVD series 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN. “It just owns some people…it can be overwhelming.”

Watch Buck talk about fear in this short video:

“Fear is about despair. It’s about looking into the darkness and not seeing,” he says. “The more things about the horse that become predictable, it’s like you’re slowly turning on the light.”

When you think about that, about that darkness by which you can feel overwhelmed when you work with and ride horses but don’t have the tools you need to understand them and help them to understand you, then the idea of having a light to plug in and turn on is an instant and unbelievable relief.

People around the world have come to discover that Buck Brannaman’s form of horsemanship is the source of this light, and the 7 CLINICS DVD SERIES helps share his methods and philosophies with those who might never have the chance to see him teach in person.

“It is possible to get to the point where you can say, ‘I am absolutely not afraid of any horse, anywhere,'” says Buck.

There’s no reason we can’t all get started right now.

7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN is available from the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.


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