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Check out this new SNEAK PEEK from Disc 3 of the 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN DVD SERIES! Buck talks about how important it is to make sure there is always something in it for the horse—namely, the release of pressure every once in a while. Otherwise, you might as well be sitting on Old Faithful!



7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN is made up of seven DVDs full of the unused footage shot during the making of the award-winning documentary BUCK. 7 CLINICS has been hailed by fans as “like having Buck Brannaman in your living room,” and Western Horseman magazine wrote, “Brannaman’s message from the documentary rings true in the seven-disc package: Do better by the horse in order to do better in life.”

You can order your complete series today at the TSB online bookstore.


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In September 2012, Cindy Meehl, director of the award-winning documentary BUCK, completed her mission to bring legendary horseman Buck Brannaman’s philosophy and training methods to more people—therefore bettering the lives of more horses—all over the world. The highly anticipated release of 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN, the seven-disc instructional series Cindy created with the unused footage shot during the making of BUCK, proved Cindy’s instincts right: horsemen and women of all ages and experience levels hunger for the intuition, hard-won wisdom, and straight talk Buck Brannaman delivers in his clinics and live appearances.

To put it simply, everyone wants more Buck.

Trafalgar Square Books, the official distributor of 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN, is proud to offer this truly unique DVD series of unparalleled quality for sale at www.HorseandRiderBooks.com. (Resellers and tack shops interested in carrying 7 CLINICS should contact Kim Cook at kimcook@sover.net or 800.423.4525.)

Here’s what some of those who have already seen 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN are saying:

“The 7 CLINICS DVD series is probably the best single investment in ‘horsemanship training’ I have ever made. Every time I watch one of the sessions I pick up a new view of an idea or nuance I didn’t think of before. To say there is a wealth of knowledge in each of the sessions is a gross understatement! 7 CLINICS will keep me busy with my horses from this point forward. It has also increased my passion for helping people and my faith in horses. My horses benefit more from this $150 DVD set than they do my $60,000 trailer and $40,000 truck. Thank you. Thanks Buck.” –Tom Austerman, Serenity Golden Quarter Horses

“I truly believe [7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN] are the very best training videos on the market today.” –Dottie Davis, Buck Brannaman Clinic Sponsor

“These 7 DVDs are a classic.  I think they are one of the most important contributions to horse knowledge and know-how to come along in decades.” –Deb Goldeen, Palo Alto, CA

“ I recently received a copy of [7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN] in Australia and absolutely love it.  I have been to three clinics of Buck’s in Australia and always leave the clinics saddened that it will be another two years or so before Buck returns.  Now I have Buck in my own lounge room (along with Buck’s older DVDs) … I am one VERY HAPPY HAPPY customer!!” –Tamara Watson, Australia

“Thank you so much for the 7 CLINICS DVDs. Every DVD is packed full of great information. The backdrop of the clinics out West are breathtaking.” –Marsha Jessup, Saline, MI

“ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT! A great refresher course that I will review time and time again! I picked up some wonderful new tidbits as well and cannot wait to present them to my horses! The editing was superb!!! Thank you for all the hard work it took to put 7 CLINICS together!” –Mary Wood, Trout Creek, MT


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There are ONLY FIVE DAYS LEFT until the release of the 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN DVD series! All preorders ship by our official release date, which is next Monday, September 17, 2012. Don’t wait until everyone else has already seen them…preorder now and avoid the release-date rush by CLICKING HERE.

PLUS, we are really excited to announce the launch of the all new 7CLINICS.COM website, where you can find complete information about the DVD series and watch video SNEAK PEEKS from each of the seven discs.

7CLINICS.COM and the 7 CLINICS FACEBOOK page will keep you posted on all related news and announcements, including upcoming events, contests, and unique opportunities to share your thoughts and experiences.

Check them both out today! And don’t forget…ONLY FIVE DAYS LEFT until the release of 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN!

7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN is available from the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.


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Holy smokes! Check out the territory covered in the seven-disc DVD series 7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN, available for preorder NOW at the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.


DVD chapter listings on Set One: Discs 1 & 2

DVD chapter listings on Set Two: Discs 3 & 4

DVD chapter listings for Set Three: Discs 5-7

7 CLINICS WITH BUCK BRANNAMAN is available in three individually-priced sets or as one complete series:

Set One: Groundwork

2 DVDs • 152 minutes • 978 1 57076 587 2 • $49.95

Set Two: Lessons on Horseback

2 DVDs • 195 minutes • 978 1 57076 588 9 • $49.95

Set Three: Lessons on Horseback, Problem Solving, & Words of Wisdom

3 DVDs • 254 minutes • 978 1 57076 589 6 • $59.95

Complete Series

7 DVDs • 10 hours • $145.00

Trouble seeing the chapter listings above? CLICK HERE to view them on the 7 Clinics Facebook page—and don’t forget to “Like” 7 Clinics while you’re there!

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