Tag: 10th Anniversary

  • From Struggling to Sit the Trot to USDF Silver—Here’s How

    A lot of things can happen in 10 years of riding. Common goals shared by most riders are to have improved their seat; advanced the training of their horses while maintaining soundness; and nurtured connection and communication with their equine partners—that is, find harmony. There was a time Janice Dulak couldn’t sit a trot. She […]

  • 24 Hours in the Life of Horseman Clinton Anderson

    Ever wondered what a day-in-the-life of a top horse professional is like? Ever wish you were a fly on the wall of an indoor at a top trainer’s barn? At Trafalgar Square Books, we’re asking our top authors to give us the blow-by-blow, nitty-gritty of what it’s really like to “be them” on a regular […]