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Trafalgar Square Books is thrilled to have two new books by two amazing contributors to the equestrian world featured in the May 2013 issues of Dressage Today and Practical Horseman magazines.

Check out the feature excerpt from Linda Tellington-Jones’ new book DRESSAGE WITH MIND, BODY & SOUL in DT. Linda explains some of her training revelations, insights concerning horse behavior, and fresh ways of looking at the Classical Training Scale.

“Foremost in Linda’s technique is the idea of trust,” says Ingrid Klimke in her foreword for DRESSAGE WITH MIND, BODY & SOUL, “inspiring trust in the horse, nurturing that trust, and helping it evolve into a base so strong that your riding partnership can withstand all manner of challenges from without and within.”

You can download a free excerpt from Linda’s new book from the TSB online bookstore (CLICK HERE), and be sure to pick up a copy of the May issue of Dressage Today!

Practical Horseman’s special eventing issue sports a great photo of TSB author Phillip Dutton on the cover, and inside you’ll find an excerpt from the forthcoming book MODERN EVENTING WITH PHILLIP DUTTON. A limited number of pre-release copies of Phillip’s new book will be available at Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event (CLICK HERE to read more about this).

“For a very quiet and humble person, Phillip Dutton has had an enormous impact on producing the best event riders in America, without question,” says US Eventing Team member Boyd Martin in his introduction to MODERN EVENTING WITH PHILLIP DUTTON. “If you look at the top 50 riders in this country at any point in the last ten years, the majority of them have been influenced by the greatest trainer this country has ever seen. No one has matched in American history the number of advanced horses produced by Phillip and no one has come close to his record of USEA Rider of the Year twelve times.”

You can download an additional excerpt from MODERN EVENTING WITH PHILLIP DUTTON from the TSB online bookstore (CLICK HERE).

TSB is proud of its authors and their fabulous new features in these two top equestrian magazines. Pick up your copies of DT and PH wherever quality magazines are sold.

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A limited number of pre-release copies of Phillip Dutton's new book will be available at Rolex Kentucky!

A limited number of pre-release copies of Phillip Dutton’s new book will be available at Rolex Kentucky!

TSB is revving up for a weekend of special giveaways and opportunities to meet Phillip Dutton—12-time USEA Leading Rider of the Year and 5-time Olympian with 2 gold medals—at the 2013 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event April 25 through 28 at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky.

We’re celebrating the publication of the new book MODERN EVENTING WITH PHILLIP DUTTON by Phillip Dutton with Amber Heintzberger. This fabulously illustrated book is the twenty-first-century rider’s go-to guide for everything you need to know about the sport of eventing, with recommendations for training, conditioning, and competing in all three phases: dressage, cross-country, and show jumping.

A limited number of pre-release copies of this incredible new reference will be available at Rolex Kentucky for purchase and signing by Phillip during special appearances. If you’re going to Rolex, be sure to make one of these special pre-release copies your own!

Copies of MODERN EVENTING WITH PHILLIP DUTTON can be bought at the Practical Horseman booth and at Bit of Britain, both located in the Sponsor Village at the Horse Park. Book signings and opportunities to meet Phillip will happen at the Cosequin® booth, also in the Sponsor Village.

Phillip Dutton on Connaught, on their way to winning Rolex Kentucky in 2008.

Phillip Dutton on Connaught, on their way to winning Rolex Kentucky in 2008.

Stop by the Cosequin booth for exact times of Phillip’s appearances, as well as for your chance to sign up for a daily prize drawing to win a selection of TSB books and gift certificates to use at our online bookstore www.HorseandRiderBooks.com. In addition, there will be a Grand Prize drawing at the end of the event for the popular Cosequin bucket full of products, including a copy of MODERN EVENTING WITH PHILLIP DUTTON and a $50 gift certificate to spend at www.HorseandRiderBooks.com.

Phillip Dutton has competed at Rolex Kentucky, the pinnacle of eventing in the United States and one of only six annual Four-Star events in the world, numerous times over the course of his career, winning the event in 2008 on Connaught. We’re excited for this year’s competition and wish all the riders and horses the best of luck.

MODERN EVENTING WITH PHILLIP DUTTON is currently available for pre-order from the TSB online bookstore (www.HorseandRiderBooks.com). Pre-ordered books will ship after the book’s official release at the end of May.


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An entire profession is devoted to designing and building jump courses, but now it can be a little easier to create your own show-quality course at home or at your training/boarding barn. Susan Tinder, hunter rider and owner of Tolland Falls, one of Colorado’s premiere equestrian facilities, brings us JUMP COURSE DESIGN MANUAL, a highly illustrated book that explains—with the aid of hundreds of color photos, diagrams, and tables—the jump components used in different horse show divisions, how course designers select the tracks to be followed, and what factors make a course more or less difficult to ride.

“Susan Tinder has put together a very thoughtful and thorough manual to help anyone in all aspects of course design,” says Geoff Teall, trainer and USEF “R” hunter and hunter equitation licensed judge. “I find the sections designed to help people with their gymnastics and course design for training at home especially helpful—we all find ourselves getting a bit stale with our work at home, and this manual will help us come up with fresh ideas. I love that Ms. Tinder covers all aspects of course design, jump construction, and even storage and maintenance of jumps. I look forward to studying her book in more detail, and putting some of her ideas to use in my own training program.”

samplepages JCDM

JUMP COURSE DESIGN MANUAL is essential for anyone who wants to better understand the concepts of course design, and it is an invaluable training aid for those looking for inspiration when schooling or teaching riders at home. The spiral-bound book is available from the TSB online bookstore (books arrive this week!)


JumpCourseDesignManual bit

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Linda Tellington-Jones teaching at the Xenophon Symposium in 2011.

Linda Tellington-Jones teaching at the Xenophon Symposium in 2011.

Introducing a dressage book like no other.

TSB is thrilled to announce the release of DRESSAGE WITH MIND, BODY & SOUL, the unique and thought-provoking new book from internationally recognized trainer and animal behaviorist Linda Tellington-Jones (books ship February 5, 2013).

Today, we are faced with numerous challenges as we try to train, ride, and compete our dressage horses. We are short on time, high on ambition, and urged and encouraged by those who have met with great success as riders, trainers, judges, and commentators, to numb ourselves to the needs of the horse, to close his stall doors, crank tight his noseband, to turn away from the stress in his eyes as we ride—whether for our own pleasure, or for points, ribbons, and trophies.

Linda Tellington-Jones holds a passionate belief that when humans choose to constrain horses, and force them, it is only out of some kind of necessity—perhaps they don’t have any other means of controlling their mount; they lack the knowledge, experience, and resources to choose other means of attaining a goal. Linda travels throughout the world each year, teaching horsemen and women—some of them top international dressage riders—the fundamentals of her renowned Tellington Method. She knows that most dressage riders and trainers mean well by their horses, and if given the right tools, they can be helped to find better ways to fulfill equestrian ambition while ensuring happy, healthy, willing partners.

“I knew this book could be very different from what is already available to dressage riders,” says Linda. “Over the years I have studied and read about both the scientific and spiritual aspects of our lives—the reasons we are who we are and why we do what we do find their roots in both science and spirituality. Dressage is a wonderful example of how science and spirituality come together. In some ways, there are few sports as demanding of precision, practice, and repetition, as dependent on an understanding of horse and human biomechanics, as dressage. And yet without feel, without soul, without connection, dressage is just a series of mechanical movements. It takes both science and spirituality to produce riding art.”


Linda working with Ingrid Klimke.

Ready to join the revolution? Here are three core lessons from DRESSAGE WITH MIND, BODY & SOUL:

1  Set skepticism aside. As riders and trainers we are willing to try all manner of tack, techniques, and methods, often at any price, in an effort to move up a level, win a medal, or simply “dance” with our horse for a few magical minutes in the quiet light of a summer evening. The tools and techniques of the Tellington Method come without cost and with infinite promise. Why not open our mind and give it a try?

2  Cultivate tolerance and forgiveness. With practice, you can learn to tolerate your own learning curve and that of your horse, and to forgive your mistakes and look forward to the next—improved—attempt. Linda delves deeper here with her lesson in Ho ‘opononpono, an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness that she encourages us to aim inward toward our soul. Forgive yourself for thinking your horse is too flighty, too flat-gaited, too poorly balanced, and ultimately, you can change the outcome of your work together.

3  Dare to reexamine that which you already think you know. In DRESSAGE WITH MIND, BODY & SOUL, Linda asks us to look again at the most basic ways we interact with our horse: how we talk to him, how we groom him, how we care for his fundamental needs. Linda sheds new light on the horsecare practices to which we’ve all long adhered, and shows us how even the minutest of changes can make all the difference in the world to our horse.

Linda Tellington-Jones is the internationally recognized equine expert who developed the Tellington Method approach to training and communicating that can be learned and practiced by horsemen and women of all levels. She was honored as the 1994 Horsewoman of the Year by the North American Horsemen’s Association and presented with the ARICP Lifetime Achievement Award, given annually to a person who profoundly affects the equine world in a positive manner. Linda has worked with many top dressage riders from around the world over the course of her career, including Klaus Balkenhol and his daughter Anabel; Ingrid Klimke and her father, the late Dr. Reiner Klimke; Nicole Uphoff; Kyra Kyrklund; Robert Dover; and Charlotte Bredahl-Baker, to name just a few.

DRESSAGE WITH MIND, BODY & SOUL can be ordered now at the TSB online bookstore (books ship February 5, 2013).



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Frederic Pignon and Linda Tellington-Jones apply TTouches to one of Frederic's horses.

Frederic Pignon and Linda Tellington-Jones apply TTouches to one of Frederic’s horses.

Liberty trainer Frederic Pignon and his wife, dressage rider Magali Delgado, authors of the bestselling book GALLOP TO FREEDOM, are sparkling examples of how, as human beings, we can still come to know and understand our horses in a way that allows us to “dance” together without one dance partner becoming diminished in any way. Frederic and Magali are naturally gifted horsemen who have honed their abilities to keenly read their horses and so train them to accomplish great things and perform wondrous acts—all through the act of “play” rather than through the use of pressure.

One technique that Frederic and Magali have come to use in all their dressage and liberty work is the Tellington TTouch—the form of bodywork developed by word-renowned animal behaviorist and horse trainer Linda Tellington-Jones.

“Linda is one of the finest horsewomen we’ve ever met,” say Frederic and Magali. “It’s not often you meet someone like her. A lot of people want to help horses, but Linda has an ability to instinctively read horses, understand them, and determine what they want and need, and teach others to do what she does. Using her TTouches for a few minutes before you begin work with your horse establishes a fundamental connection at the start of your training session. It’s not only spending time, it’s spending good time.

“Most everything we do with our dressage and liberty horses now includes TTouch. We use it every time we have a little problem, if our horses are tense or seem tired. And even when there isn’t a problem, it helps us establish a deep connection with our horses. It is a part of all our work.”

Magali Delgado and Linda perform TTouches on one of Magali's horses.

Magali Delgado and Linda perform TTouches on one of Magali’s horses.

Frederic and Magali are featured in Linda’s new book DRESSAGE WITH MIND, BODY & SOUL—due out February 1, 2013. Alongside Linda they explore how the idea of “play” can be used in formal dressage training and be an integral part of the development of top performance horses who are sound of mind, healthy in body, and enjoying the sport you pursue together, every step of the way.

Dressage w MBSYou can preorder DRESSAGE WITH MIND, BODY & SOUL at the TSB online bookstore.


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Winston Churchill said, “There’s nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse.”

Fact of the matter is, this could count for double in the world of preteens and teenagers. There’s nothing quite like horse-craziness to instill good work ethic, good sportsmanship, and a healthy body and mind…caring for, riding, and competing horses requires tired muscles, lots of time outdoors, and a willingness to be instructed, learn from mistakes, and put the well-being of another creature first.

There is no expiration date on such valuable lessons. Skills learned in the barn and on the back of a horse are as important today as they were fifty years ago.

That is why we at Trafalgar Square Books are so excited about the new BROOKMEADE YOUNG RIDERS SERIES by Linda Snow McLoon. There’s a timelessness to the stories that speaks to all that young riders dream of, plus beautiful and challenging horses to ride, boys to like, coaches to impress, and jealous enemies to rise above.

“I really enjoyed the characters, the story line, and the writing, and more than anything else, the horsemanship that is woven into Crown Prince and Crown Prince Challenged,” says Susan Harris, Centered Riding Senior Instructor, international clinician, and author of the US Pony Club Manuals of Horsemanship; Horse Gaits, Balance and Movement; Anatomy in Motion DVDs; and Grooming to Win. “I found the characters (especially Sarah Wagner), the horses, and the problems they face, believable and interesting, and the setting (a good boarding and teaching barn) authentic in today’s horse world, right down to the Jack Russell terriers. The reader will learn a lot about horses, good riding and horsemanship through these novels, but it’s part of the story, not a ‘lesson.’ I enjoyed the first book so much that I went right on to the second, and now I’m hoping the author is working on the next one! I highly recommend these books!”

Are you ready to meet the cast of characters in the BROOKMEADE YOUNG RIDERS SERIES? We’ll let the author, Linda Snow McLoon, introduce you:

Brookmeade Farm riders are proud to have former Olympic rider, Jack O’Brien, head up the farm’s lesson program, and his students recognize that even though he makes them work hard, his instruction produces amazing results. The people who ride in his most advanced class, the Young Riders class, include:

Sarah Wagner is a slim girl with dark hair and long-lashed dark eyes who, in her lessons at Brookmeade Farm, has shown she’s a strong natural rider. Being somewhat shy and lacking in self-confidence, Sarah often depends on her best friend, Kayla Romano, to speak up for her. Sarah’s family can’t provide her with a horse of her own, but she can still dream. While her classmates all have their own horses, Sarah rides school horses in her lessons.

Kayla Romano has a chestnut Quarter Horse, Fanfare, whose red coat closely matches Kayla’s own hair color. Kayla isn’t hopeful she can attract a boyfriend until she sheds a few pounds, which she thinks would also improve her riding. Kayla and her mare trailer to Brookmeade for weekly lessons in the advanced Young Riders class and compete at local horse shows.

Paige Romano is a knock-out, with deep violet eyes, a clear complexion, and gorgeous blond hair. Her ever-present sense of humor makes her popular both at school and at Brookmeade Farm, where she rides her dappled gray Thoroughbred, Quarry, in the Young Riders class. Being competitive in nature, Paige is determined to train Quarry to be a successful event horse.

Tim Dixon, who dates Paige and also rides in the Young Riders class, found his horse, Rhodes Scholar, in Canada. Tim is a good-looking guy, tall, with intelligent brown eyes, and any number of girls at the farm and at school would like to trade places with Paige. Tim works hard to prepare his bay gelding to compete at events and horse shows.

Rounding out the Young Riders class is Rita Snyder, the girl who has everything. That includes her splendid black Dutch Warmblood, Chancellor, and a number of other horses that reside on her wealthy father’s estate. With long dark hair and intense green eyes, Rita is an excellent rider who brings out Chancellor’s best in both dressage and jumping – and Rita doesn’t let anyone forget it! She expects her horse to outshine all others, and she feels threatened when there’s a chance he won’t be clearly superior.

Get ready to follow along with the Young Riders as they experience all kinds of adventures in CROWN PRINCE and CROWN PRINCE CHALLENGED, now available for preorder at the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.

And be sure to check out author Linda Snow McLoon’s website http://www.lindasnowmcloon.com.



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In October TSB will publish the first two books in a new fiction series for young horse lovers: CROWN PRINCE and CROWN PRINCE CHALLENGED. Author Linda Snow McLoon manages to accurately and authentically tap the time-tested theme of a horse-crazy young girl named Sarah who finally gets the horse of her dreams—in this case, an unruly off-the-track Thoroughbred bought for a dollar. Facing jealous rivalries and the challenges of managing the retraining of such a horse, Sarah must rely on her faith in her horse’s character and her belief in her ability to make him great in order to find a way to keep him.

“Get ready to fall in love with the story of Crown Prince and Sarah,” says Elizabeth Letts, author of the New York Times Bestseller The Eighty Dollar Champion. “Chock-a-block with accurate equestrian details, well-paced, and full of heart, the story of Sarah and her off-the-track one-dollar purchase is the story of how hard-work, determination and love for horses can make any young rider’s dream come true.”

As Elizabeth knows and has shown in her own wonderful book The Eighty Dollar Champion, the value of a good horse knows no price, and the dream of finding the right equine partner knows no age limit. Regardless of discipline or breed, and whether or not you compete at the top of your equestrian sport or not at all, we are surrounded by comeback stories, horse bought for a song who utlimately went the distance, and the “accidental champions” who may have defied the odds to excel in some way or simply capture our hearts.

Author Elizabeth Letts invites us to share our best horse stories on her blog.

Elizabeth Letts has invited us to share our own “Eighty-Dollar Champion” stories on her blog. She writes:

“You don’t need to win blue ribbons to be a champion. The Next Eighty-Dollar Champion honors every horse who came from humble beginnings or has had a second or third or fourth career. We also honor every man, woman and child who has refused to give up on a horse. We want to hear the story of your Eighty-Dollar Champion! Tell us a little bit about your horse — how you got your horse, what his/her life was like before coming to live with you and your proudest accomplishment as a team. Email me your story (put Blog Entry in the subject line) and one or two photos and we’ll get it posted as soon as possible.”

CLICK HERE to visit Elizabeth’s blog and share your story with the world.

You can preorder CROWN PRINCE and CROWN PRINCE CHALLENGED at the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.

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TSB author Doug Payne announced the syndication of Running Order.

TSB author Doug Payne announced yesterday that he is creating a syndicate for one of the top event horses in his barn: RUNNING ORDER. After only four years together, 2012 has been an impressive one for Doug and RO, with a stellar showing at the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event in April, proving that RO has the ability to compete against the world’s best. At only ten years old, this horse has both time and potential. And with the way he has blossomed and grown with Doug at the helm, their prospects together are truly exciting!

You can read today’s interview with Doug about the world of syndication in EVENTING NATION by clicking HERE.

And check out the terrific time lapse video Doug compiled, demonstrating how far Running Order has come since he stepped off the van into Doug’s life four years ago!

For more information about Doug, Running Order, and your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of a top eventing team, visit Doug’s personal blog and website by clicking HERE.

Looking for more from Doug Payne? Trafalgar Square Books is pleased to announce the new book by Doug is coming soon! Watch WHAT’S COMING on our website www.horseandriderbooks.com for pre-order information and publication updates.

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The revolutionary online horse show site HorseShow.com has launched a new online Young Horse Dressage Evaluation Program with TSB author and renowned FEI and USEF judge Janet Foy.

The new online Young Horse Dressage Evaluation Program is an innovative opportunity for equestrians of all ages and experience to have access to feedback from world-renowned judges by submitting videos from their home arenas. Whether you think your talented youngster may be the next international dressage superstar or would just like to know where your horse stands in terms of his training and make sure he’s on the right track for future success, this is your chance to have your young dressage horse evaluated by an internationally acclaimed judge.

All HorseShow.com members who submit a video of their four-, five-, or six-year-old horse schooling movements under saddle at the walk, trot, and canter will receive a detailed voiceover commentary in real time that includes an evaluation of their horse’s potential as an upper level dressage horse and an assessment of where the horse is in his overall development. In addition, riders who submit a practice ride of an actual young horse test will receive a complete scorecard with marks and comments for each individual task from the test.

Janet Foy is licensed as an FEI 4* judge, USEF “S” Dressage Judge, USEF Sport horse “R” Breeding Judge, and FEI Technical Delegate, and is also a member of the United States Equestrian Federation Dressage Committee and High Performance Dressage Committee. Widely known as an enduring advocate for young horses, Janet serves as Co-Chair of the USEF Young & Developing Horse Dressage Subcommittee, has passed the FEI Exam to be a certified international Young Horse Judge, and has judged the USEF National Young Horse and Developing Horse Championships multiple times.

“I love the idea that riders, owners and breeders will now have an easy-to-use and low-cost option to have their young horses evaluated, regardless of where they live and their accessibility to shows and clinics,” says Janet. “It will also hopefully help riders make sure they have the training of their horses going in the right direction to maximize their future potential.”

Janet’s new book DRESSAGE FOR THE NOT-SO-PERFECT HORSE will be released later this month! You can pre-order your copy now at the TSB online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE.


To learn more about HorseShow.com’s new Young Horse Dressage Evaluation Program and see sample videos with voiceover commentary by Janet Foy, visit http://www.horseshow.com.

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Linda Tellington-Jones, author of the bestselling THE ULTIMATE HORSE BEHAVIOR AND TRAINING BOOK and the forthcoming DRESSAGE WITH MIND, BODY & SOUL has released a fabulous TTouch app that can be viewed on your iPhone or iPad!

“I laughed when I realized that low-tech TTouch [Linda’s world-famous form of bodywork], based on simply using your hands and heart to influence your horse, is going high-tech!” says Linda. “This is such a great opportunity for people to have ‘how-to’ TTouch guidelines right in their phones, especially when faced with a horse emergency. TTouches can be extremely helpful for colic or injury situations while waiting for your veterinarian to arrive.”

The TTouch app contains short video clips of various TTouches, accompanied by Linda’s personal instructions describing how to perform the TTouches and what benefits that particular TTouch, slide, or lift provides. The text included with the app is extensive, explaining how much pressure to use, how to apply the TTouch, lift, or slide, and which TTouch is best suited for particular behavioral, postural, physical, or training issues.

There are TTouches and exercises that help with saddling issues, sore muscles, spookiness, lengthening of stride, increasing confidence, lowering pulse and respiration, overcoming resistance, alleviating pain and shock, releasing tension, reducing stumbling, calming the nervous or frightened horse — the list is extensive. “As they say in the world of technology,” says Linda, “There’s an app for that!”

The TTouch application for your iPhone can be purchased on itunes.

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