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  • 10 Books for Horse Lovers

    10 Books for Horse Lovers

    It is that gifty time of year, and in the scramble to make “just right” purchases, we can feel overwhelmed by the costs, the choices, and what’s good for the world and our favorite people. We know this feeling all too well, so in the spirit of the kinds of gifts that will keep on […]

  • TSB Author Cathy Woods on Yoga, Riding in the Smoky Mountains, and Finding the “Super Chill”

    TSB Author Cathy Woods on Yoga, Riding in the Smoky Mountains, and Finding the “Super Chill”

    It is always so interesting what we bring to our horse lives in terms of experience. Our pursuits or interactions with the world outside the barn are destined to impact those inside it. Consider what an argument with a colleague can mean to your lesson later that day, or how traffic can add tension to […]

  • So a Rider Walked into a Bar…

    Apparently, equestrians played a key role in popular bar design. Never mind the obvious (sometimes a horse girl needs a drink)—theory has it, back pain, likely related to hours in the saddle, was the key influencer in this equation. “Back pain affects four outĀ of five people at some time during their lives,” explains retired neurosurgeon […]

  • Busy Rider? Find Yourself a “Clinic in the Cloud”

    I’m guessing I’m like a lot of you–a job, a family, a gym I try to frequent, friends I try to see, books I try to read, promises I try to keep, and oh yeah…horses. Needless to say, the above list is not compiled in order of preference. So how, when one is so dang […]

  • Quick Quiz: Riding Position Puzzle

    Quick Quiz: Riding Position Puzzle

    Can you tell which movement this rider is “riding” from the correct position in the left photo above, and the common mistakes depicted in the middle and on the right? When correctly positioned (left photo), the rider is looking to the inside, her shoulders and pelvis are likewise turned to the inside and aligned. The […]

  • Stretch Your Neck to Ride Better

    Stretch Your Neck to Ride Better

      Many riders have neck and shoulder tension, which derives from the body’s reaction of “turning on” the trapezius muscle (see illustration above) in their daily lives. When there is a neuromuscular “highway” to an unproductive area such as the trapezius, there will be an almost automatic physical reaction, collecting tension in that area, regardless […]