Visit to King’s Saddlery and Museum–Sheridan, Wyoming

Those of you that have heard of and/or are following our blog about our trip to Ranchester, Wyoming, know that right now, this week, at this very minute we are experiencing a sort of unprecedented bliss in the great wide expanse of land and sky they call the Padlock Ranch (you can read more about the bliss-factor HERE).

But while in Sheridan, we felt it important to pay a trip to the famous King’s Saddlery and Museum–there we tried on hats, looked over the boots, and thoroughly enjoyed the collection of riding and cowboy memorabilia (I highly recommend you visit should you ever find yourself shuffling down the main street in Sheridan).

We looked through the huge supply of ropes and saddles, and admired–as has become customary in Wyoming–the taxidermy. The standouts at King’s are a full-size giraffe (I’m not kidding) and a large bear outfitted in a saddle and bridle.

I feel as though I’ve made it to another riding mecca…and miraculously, my pocketbook lived to tell about it.

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