TSB Author Menno Kalmann Swaps Stories with Other “Horse Husbands”

Menno Kalmann–author of the holy-moly-that’s-really-funny WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS AND SO ARE THEIR HORSES –sat down via long-distance phone and had a laugh (well, quite a few really) with Glenn the Geek, host of the Stable Scoop Radio Show on Horse Radio Network, and Rick Bergeron, of Right Lead Equestrian Center.

The three “horse husbands” swapped stories about their horse-loving wives…the show is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, wherever you figure in the guy-loves-horse-lovin’-girl dynamic! Check it out:

Stable Scoop Radio: Horse Husbands Episode

Get your copy of WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS AND SO ARE THEIR HORSES at the TSB bookstore–where shipping in the US is ALWAYS FREE!

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